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Dear friends

It wasn’t long since my last newsletter but here we are already, well into the final quarter of this year and approaching the next decade at lightning speed. I am enjoying planning some fabulous new events for 2020 with absolutely brilliant guest speakers who I am thrilled to be able invite to Salisbury.

But I also want to hear from you what kind of themes and topics you are most interested in, so here is your chance to have a say on upcoming events! 


Below I have compiled a brief list of potential topics for you to vote on. Please contact me indicating the topics you would be interested in coming to hear about, but please feel free to add your own comments and suggestions too!

Healthy living in harmony with the Earth
Optimising health, harmony and resilience for people and planet by detoxing our living environment of harmful everyday chemicals, EMF exposure and toxic mould, and creating healthy homes, healthy families and a healthy Earth.

Making sense of the times we live in
Chaos, destruction, extremism and heightened conflict are escalating while at the same new voices, new ways and radical new ideas are emerging all around the globe. We are living in a time that will go down in history as one of the most important and transformative eras, but how can we best make sense of – and navigate – the tectonic shifts happening in our world, and perhaps in our personal lives, at this time?

Healthy boundaries
What does it really mean and how do we develop healthy boundaries? How can we find a harmonious balance in our relationship with ourself and with others?

Sacred rage – constructive anger
How can we work with the emotions of anger and rage in healthy and constructive ways, and allow this fire energy to become a driver for positive change in our life and in the world? (I gave a talk about Sacred Rage earlier this year which I have been asked to do more of so here is your chance to vote for another talk on this subject)

Co-creating with the divine
What does this mean? How do I combine my free will and my ability to create my future with surrendering to the divine? Is there a divine plan for my life, and if so how much power do I have to influence or embody it?

Guided meditations
If you would be interested in more guided meditations like the one coming up this Saturday (see below) please let me know.

Live channelling
‘Open mic’ for the divine to work through me in whatever way they choose – speaking, channelling energy or soul languages / sounding. We never know what might happen at these events but they always feel beautiful and sacred.

Any other themes or topics you would be interested in that relate to these categories?
Spiritual / energy work / channelling / mysticism & esoteric knowledge
Personal development and motivation
Business and leadership

Please specify any particular areas of interest…

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and ideas!

And finally, don’t forget we have a beautiful guided meditation coming up this Saturday and a talk about Spiritual Narcissism on the 22nd Oct which I highly recommend! Please read more below.


Saturday 12th October
10.45am – 12.00pm

Journey into the ocean

A guided meditation to take us on a beautiful journey underwater and discover what may await us there. Alongside some of our friends from the animal kingdom we explore the beauty, magic and mystery of the oceans through time. An hour of blissful flow – perhaps leading to new found insights, ideas or thoughts, or simply a relaxing morning hour for your own enjoyment. 

If you would like to join me for this meditation please let me know and I will send you a confirmation email with further details. 

This event will take place near Salisbury and is £10 per person.
Please bring a yoga mat or something else comfortable to lie on.
Payments may be made through this PayPal link or cash on the day.


..and don’t forget to save the date for Tuesday 22nd October!

Spiritual Narcissism

This will be an evening talk in collaboration with wonderful guest speaker Bridget Woodward where we will take a deeper look at what narcissism really is, and how it can manifest in different ways on a spectrum from ‘everyday narcissism’ to the more extreme behaviours within a personality disorder. We will take a particular look at how narcissism can play out in spiritual contexts in a variety of ways, including the extreme end of the spectrum that is often seen in spiritual cults. Bridget has a wealth of knowledge on this topic from her own experience of having been in a cult and her subsequent healing process. She also has a deep understanding of psychology in general due her work as a child counsellor.

More information to follow, but if you are interested in coming to this event I would be grateful if you could let me know and I can get an estimate of the numbers. Thank you!

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon at one of the upcoming events!

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