The Human Heart

A beautiful little message from those who speak through me was given the other day and I wanted to share it with you here. In the midst of heated political arguments on both sides of the Atlantic, suffering and crisis in many regions of the world, and after a long period of great changes in many people’s lives, this feels like a reminder to us all of our capacity for overcoming, evolving, lifting higher and setting ourselves free.

There has been much strife on Earth. There has been much fighting, much friction, much opposition. As you live in these turbulent times you can see the fire energy ravaging the Earth. There have been many wars, many fights, many battles, much suffering, much infighting, jealousy, much opposition against others. In the midst of this, in the midst of the fire, the chaos, the sorrow, the anger, the hatred lies the human heart. There is still the human heart. And the human heart is beautiful. We knew when creating a place of duality, of such a wide spectrum of emotion, where people would experience such terrible suffering and deep, deep challenges, that at the core of each human being there had to be a heart. A heart with great capacity. A heart with great ability. A heart with great compassion. For in a place with such traumas, such betrayals, such hatred and such grief, the human heart had to be able to overcome all this. For without the capacity to overcome, to transcend, and to create joy out of sorrow, there could be no evolution. 

The human heart was created with such capacity for transcendence, for forgiveness, for pure love, for enduring, for suffering and letting go. It is a beautiful heart, it is a beautiful core. For the core of you, each of you, is your heart. Without it you cannot live, cannot function. And without a whole heart, a compassionate heart, a loving heart, you cannot thrive. For the heart holds all things; it holds all your experiences and more. Your heart holds your life – your past, present and your future. For all that you have been through lives in your heart, and all that your are engaging with today lives in your heart and all your dreams and hopes for the future live in your heart. So it truly is the core of you. Therefore, take care of your heart. Nurture it, tend to it, look after it well. It is the most valuable possession you have. Without a heart what is life? Do not ignore it, do not silence it, do not punish it. Your heart is your true voice, your heart is your soul’s voice. Do not imprison it, my dear.  Set it free. Set your heart free and you will set yourself free. Let it all out, let your heart speak and be heard. Let your soul speak, my dear. 

For the heart needs to be free in order to thrive. The heart needs to be free in order to shine. The heart needs to be free in order to guide you safely through life; through the challenges, through the overcoming, the transcendence, the forgiveness, the compassion and the letting go. For there can be no evolution without the heart’s evolution, no freedom without the heart’s freedom, no truth without the heart’s truth. So set your heart free my dear. It is your birthright, it is the true right of every human being on Earth. Liberate yourself, my dear, and let your heart guide you.

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