The Festival of The Heart

The Festival of The Heart
The Heart of the Earth – The Heart of Me

Theresa Dahl
Janet Treloar channelling Zac / Djwal Khul


As we enter the new era, reorient our lives and are ready to start new adventures, take on new responsibilities, play new roles, expand our energy into the New Earth, here is my offering to you.

The festival of the Heart has been alchemised into becoming a world in itself, a world I have created for the transition from the old into the new, a world for exploration, transformation, adventure; for helping you set your sails towards the new – on the highest possible path, with the highest possible potential, with the highest possible love, peace and harmony.

The World of the Festival of the Heart is a world of the alchemy of love. Just like in your heart, there are many hidden treasures here. There is alchemy for the past and alchemy for the future. There is the alchemy of freedom, the alchemy of harmony and the alchemy of peace.

But more than anything, there is the alchemy of The New Earth.

In the World of the Festival of the Heart we go back in time to the ancient Levant, to the ancient Mesopotamia, to a past that holds the seeds of potential for the deepest, truest alchemy for the future; through our deep soul remembering we can reconnect to the alchemy of the soul, the alchemy of the heart and the alchemy of the Earth.

It is a world that invites you to go on an adventure. It is a world with limitless paths. It is a world that can be as grand and magical as you wish. And just like the heart has alchemy within it, so does this world. For every heart is an alchemist, and the world I have created is full of alchemy – true alchemy.

The more time you spend in the World of the Festival of the Heart, the more you will find that there are hidden treasures here. The clues will reveal themselves to you when you look and listen with your heart. This is an adventure for your soul as much as for your heart and your mind. It can take you to places you had never even dreamt of. It can lead you to treasures you do not yet know exit.

If you come back to this world time and time again, you will find more clues and more paths each time. Together your mind and your heart will synergise this and begin to take you on your own magical adventure.


Listen to track 1 – The World of the Festival of the Heart


The Festival of the Heart consists of 6 mp3 tracks,
designed to take you on a journey in chronological order:

1. The World of the Festival of the Heart

2. The Goddess’s Story

3. The Gardens

4. The Ancient Heart Alchemist – Part 1

5. The Ancient Heart Alchemist – Part 2

6. The New Earth

In total 4 hours audio, including storytelling, alchemical guided meditation and channelling


GBP £33.33
4 hours audio recordings
If you enter the magical codeword
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The heart is a powerful creator. And what we need in the world now is powerful creation that comes from the heart. The mind and the heart are equally important to us. They work together, they are not separate, they are not opposing forces – unless we make them so. When the mind and the heart work together in unison, they achieve more. They complement each other. They reach new heights together. But so often the heart gets the shorter straw, or is forgotten about altogether. The voice of the heart is not heard.

So this is a celebration of the heart. For the heart does a lot of the heavy lifting without ever getting the credit it deserves. But it is not just a celebration. It is also an experience of the heart in its full magnificence; an experience of the power of the heart – the power it has to create, and the beauty, the love and the magic of the heart. For the heart is more powerful, more expansive, more capable and more magical than you could ever imagine!

This is an experience you can have at home, but more than that – it is a world in itself. I have created a world – the World of the Festival of the Heart. It exists in its own space, it exists independently of anything else, yet it is connected to everything – just like our own individual hearts exist on their own but are connected to all there is. You could say, that this world I have created is in itself a kind of heart.

GBP £33.33 (+VAT)
4 hours audio recordings
If you enter the magical codeword
in the discount box you get the Festival of the Heart for only



The heart has the magical, alchemical ability to transform the past into a force for new growth, new directions, new beginnings; to transform challenging experiences into wisdom; and ultimately to transform pain into love. There is no limit to what we can achieve when we set our hearts free, when we allow the heart to work its magic.

Throughout millennia, humanity has celebrated the forces of the heart – renewal, regeneration, rebirth, new life – in many different ways. Just as we are part of the cyclical, regenerating ecosystems of the Earth, so is our heart – both literally and figuratively – from the physical renewal and re-oxygenation of our blood, to the processing, transmutation and new growth of our inner emotional landscape. The transformative alchemy of our heart mirrors the transformative alchemy of nature.

The theme for the Festival of the Heart is

‘The Heart of the Earth – The Heart of Me’

Drawn from the spirit of the ancient Mesopotamian festivals of spring, celebrating their New Year – the end of an old agricultural cycle and the beginning of a new – the Festival of the Heart 2020 is a contemporary celebration of the power of the heart to take the remnants of the past and from that create new life, new inspiration, new joy, new adventures!



Created by Theresa Dahl

Contributions by Janet Treloar, channelling Zac (Djwal Khul)

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

All rights Theresa Dahl & Janet Treloar


Please do not share, copy, distribute or use for any purpose other than your own personal listening. Thank you!

Please note track 3. The Gardens is a guided meditation. Please do not listen while driving, operating machinery or doing any other activities that require your attention. It is designed for you to listen to while relaxing. Guided meditation may not be suitable if you have 

– diagnosable (or other severe) mental health issues, including but not limited to clinical depression, bipolar episodes, psychosis, schizophrenia, panic attacks, severe OCD, personality disorders
– feeling of loss of control, loss of sense of self related to spiritual experiences, meditation or similar, or in relation to mental health issues
– epilepsy
– severe heart condition
– or in the first trimester of pregnancy


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