Spiritual narcissism – what is it really? From ‘everyday narcissism’ to cults

Dear friends

I am delighted that there has been so much interest in the next event coming up, and I am so grateful to my friend Bridget Woodward for joining forces with me on this one. Bridget is probably one of the best people I could get to speak about cults and the psychology behind our vulnerability to cults or cult-like behaviours, and you will see why in the description below. This talk is surely not one to be missed. Only parts of this talk will be recorded, so for the full experience please come and join us.

Spiritual narcissism – what is it really? From ‘everyday narcissism’ to cults
Tuesday 22nd October
7pm – 9.30pm

An evening talk in collaboration with wonderful guest speaker Bridget Woodward where we will take a deeper look at what narcissism really is, and how it can manifest in different ways on a spectrum from ‘everyday narcissism’ to the more extreme behaviours within a personality disorder. Drawing on elements from the extensive work of Dr Craig Malkin, lecturer in psychology at Harvard Medical School, I will give an overview of how we all exist on a spectrum of narcissism – from a deficit of it, to healthy narcissism to pathological narcissism. We will take a particular look at how narcissism can play out in spiritual contexts in a variety of ways, including the extreme end of the spectrum that is often seen in spiritual cults.

Bridget has a wealth of knowledge on this topic from her own experience of having been in a cult in London which was deeply challenging, but also from her subsequent healing process. She also has a deep understanding of psychology in general due to her work as a child counsellor, and can offer valuable insights into what can make us vulnerable to cults – or to unhealthy narcissistic dynamics in general. We will also have time for questions.

If you would like to come to this event please could you let me know in advance, ideally as soon as possible, thank you. To pre-book your space payments (£10) may be made through this PayPal link. Alternatively you are welcome to pay cash on the day. This talk will take place in Salisbury, for details of the venue please contact meI look forward to seeing you there!

On a different note, many of you know or have heard of my friend Janet Treloar who channels Zac (the ascended master Djwal Khul). Janet is one of the top channellers in the world and she teaches some fantastic channelling workshops together with Zac. Channelling 1 is the foundation workshop which is open to anyone regardless of background or experience, indeed it is not unusual for a workshop participant to say “I don’t really know why I am here, I just felt drawn to come”. Janet’s workshops usually get fully booked in a few days or hours as they are so popular and many people come from abroad to participate in them. However, the next Channelling 1 workshop has availability (!) and is taking place Thursday 24th – Friday 25th October in Royal Wootton Bassett just outside Swindon. If you or someone you know would be interested or would like to know more please contact Janet directly on janet@planet-therapies.com. You can also read a description of Channelling 1 on her website here.

And then, all that is left is to leave you with a little message from my collective of spirit guides and helpers who write through me. Always remember you have a jewel inside you!

A Jewel Inside
There is a jewel inside every one of you. Let it shine.
It shines brightly, spreads love and beauty, light and warmth. Do not deny it its purpose, for you have come through in order to shine the light, guide the way, spread the love.
Be what you truly are; a star, a sparkle, a light in the world.

Many moons have passed in silence, now is the time to speak.
Fear nothing, we are with you, we hold and cherish you, love and treasure you. You are nurtured and protected, loved like a child. We care for you and wish to see you truly happy, fulfilled, spreading your wings and reaching far.  Go with the flow of life. Go with your heart, with us, with love.

From happy-earthling.org/a-jewel-inside


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