Overcoming is part of becoming

Dear friends

This lifetime is all about transcendence.

I have heard this sentence in my channelling over and over for years now.

Transcendence is liberation from the past while gaining the wisdom from it. The memories no longer hold pain, the emotions have been washed away, but the wisdom has been retained. Transcendence of the past is that alchemical process which creates gold out of lead, freedom and wisdom synthesised out of past pain and trauma. (From December 2019 newsletter)

Transcendence is about freedom – freedom from the past, freedom from pain, freedom from limitations, freedom from fear – freedom to become.

Becoming is the natural progression of life. All life seeks to become, always – to become new, to become greater, to become a different form. All is in development, progress, renewal, cycles of change, growth, death and rebirth. Becoming is part of the nature of things here on Earth.


As old cycles – long and short – closed out last year (as shared here) we are in a new era now. Humanity has just started a new cycle – or cycles – of experience. New cycles of experience means new experiences, and for new experiences to occur we have to allow change. We have to allow ourselves – whether collectively as humankind, or individually in our own lives – to become something else, someone else, to transcend the past, to overcome what is holding us back.

We have the freedom now to change course, to change direction, to change tack, to change our experiences, to change how we feel and how we think – we have the freedom to become what we wish, to become ever greater, to go beyond what we have been before, done before, believed before, seen before.

Change can be challenging. Even in nature change takes willpower and it takes time. But if the smallest creatures in nature can change, so can we. Humanity are masters of change – if we allow it. In our struggles we have on our side enormous capacity for intellect, for thinking, for analysis, for finding solutions. We are masters of innovation.

However, sometimes change through intellect can be frustrating, slow, we can hit blocks and obstacles that our mind cannot analyse away.



This is a sentence I channelled from Christ earlier this year.

As you will know from my earlier newsletters and events, the Christ Heart Energy was brought to Earth at the end of last year and came in like a wave, growing to a crescendo around Easter this year. The Christ Heart Energy has immense potential and power – and at its core it is pure love. It also holds grace, and it holds forgiveness. It is a potent mix for change, for overcoming, for transcendence. All we have to do is to allow it into our hearts, to surrender to it, to surrender to love.


We are becoming a different humanity now, and we are all – however long it may take – becoming ‘a new self’. This is the power of the Christ Heart, this is the power of love, this is the power of transcendence, of overcoming. This is the power of allowing the past to fade into the past, to remain in the past. For there is a new world to enjoy, and there is a new self to enjoy, and there are new opportunities to enjoy. The New Earth is here if we choose to step into it.

Surrender to love, move beyond the past and open your arms – and your heart – to the new.

In my 1 – 1 work with clients a theme that often comes up is the overcoming of hurdles, of limitations or patterns that hold them back from free and full expansion of all that they are and all that they can be. I never cease to be amazed by the incredible power and potential that is just waiting to be set free – power and potential that I believe can change the world. So often, I can so clearly see and sense the immensity of a client’s power to transform the world around them, transform other people’s lives and transform humanity on a greater scale. Often they have behind them years and years of deep inner work, as well as training, qualifications and professional experience. What they seek help with can sometimes be just the final overcoming, breaking through the final dam so they can flow forwards with unlimited power, ease and speed.

If ever there was a time for miracles it is now. Due to Earth’s own vibrational frequency having increased so much in recent years there are things we can do now that have never been possible before in the history of the Earth. Those who have lived hundreds of lifetimes of spiritual and energy work – as priests and priestesses, shamans, healers – have accumulated great ability and inner knowledge in their soul. Now, more than at any other time, these can be expanded and taken even further, simply due to what is possible within the laws of physics on Earth now. It is just about unlocking – liberating – our soul’s accumulated superpowers and expanding them and honing them for a new time and a new way of living and working on Earth.

It is about overcoming past limitations in order to become ever greater, to become fully free in ourselves, to become superhuman. The key, as always, is in the core of love, it is in forgiveness – of ourselves and of others – and it is in grace. The Christ Heart Energy helps us with this. It is after all one of the greatest superpowers in existence. It unlocks our own superpowers.

When all other options have been exhausted the only way out is to surrender to love.

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