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Dear friends
I am very happy to say that the recordings from Janet’s & Zac’s talk in Salisbury last Tuesday are now available for purchase, and I can happily say that Zac did not disappoint this time either (not that he ever does..).
When I asked him in advance what he would like to speak about on this occasion he told me the following:
“The time that we are moving into, particularly in this country, people are very concerned – what it means for the future. What we are going to talk about is very much about creating the life you live within the habitat that you exist within. So whatever is going on in your habitat, in other words whatever is happening – whether it be with community, government, neighbours, overbearing relatives, difficult friends – how you can not just rise above, not shy away, but how you can meld your energy to improve any situation; Live the life you dream – whatever your circumstances.”
For this event Janet first gave us all an introduction to Zac and some of the main topics he has been focussing on recently, before she handed over to our beloved ascended master himself. Zac gave us a wonderful, deep and compassionate talk, full of his trademark sense of humour. He also answered quite a few (excellent) questions at the end. We were about 32 people I think, there was a beautiful energy in the room and I think everyone engaged deeply with everything that both Janet and Zac talked about. 
The recordings from this evening consist of 2 x Mp3 files – one of Janet’s introduction talk (16mins), and one of Zac’s talk (1 hour 16 mins). 
The price is £10 (GBP).
If you would like to buy them please pay £10 using this PayPal link or if you prefer a BACS transfer please contact me for details. 
Please do email me after you have paid to confirm that it has gone through, and let me know what name / email address your payment was in so I can identify your payment – thank you! 
I will send you the link to download the files as soon as I can (please bear with me if you don’t hear from me straight away – I may be away from my laptop…).
Please note copyright to the recordings will remain with Janet Treloar, and your copy of the recording is for your own personal use only. Please do not share, distribute or make available to others. Thank you.
Future events
This talk was a great way to kick off the reboot of my Salisbury based events after last yearwriting break. Im very excited about the upcoming talks. Many will be audio recorded so if you are interested in the recordings please let me know.
Janet has very kindly agreed to come back to Salisbury for more events in the future and I am very much looking forward to this! In addition to her fantastic Zac talks Janet can also teach us a great deal about a wide range of subjects drawing on her many years of experience and broad expertise. I have been on some of her training courses in the past (aside from the channelling courses) and I am always amazed by the sheer magnitude of knowledge and wisdom Janet has in so many areas! 
More details on future talks will follow so keep an eye on my website and make sure you’re on either Janet’s mailing list or mine (or both!). Please contact Janet if you would like to be added to her mailing list, and please contact me if you would like to be added to mine. Janet is working on her new website, but her current one is also really worth having a look
More guest speakers will also feature, as well as my own regular talks. I will speak on a variety of topics related to my work, which – in a nutshell – is all about our collective co-creation of ‘a New Earth’ – a world built on peace, sustainability, harmony, equality, mutual respect and collaboration (for more details see or ).
For me there is very much a focus on being the change we want to see in the world, both in terms of our own personal development into freedom, independence, inner and outer balance, maturity and happiness, but also in terms of living in harmony with the Earth, living sustainably and healthily as part of the natural ecosystems. My talks will reflect this, and some of the topics I am planning to include are
  • Making sense of the great shift, the breaking down of the old and the building of a New Earth
  • Towards a New Earth; visions for a new way of life
  • The New Human Being; transcending the past and evolving into a new self, a new humanity
  • Self-love; What is it really? What is it not? Why is it the foundation for our evolution?
  • Breaking the cycles of woundedness – moving away from passing on trauma, moving toward spreading healing and resilience; ending ancestral patterns, healing childhood wounds, growing inner core strength
  • Healing the feminine and masculine – establishing a new equilibrium; working with the divine feminine and divine masculine aspects of ourselves and liberating humanity from the old gender stereotypes, restrictions and imbalances, evolving from co-dependence to healthy independence.
  • Dancing with the cosmos: Understanding the astrological eclipse cycles of Leo-Aquarius and Cancer-Capricorn in relation to our individual and collective evolution of self, relationships, family patterns, masculine and feminine energies, and the development of healthy boundaries and liberation of creative forces.
  • Living in harmony with nature’s ecosystems, detoxing our physical environment and minimising the EMF radiation / toxic chemical load on the body
..and much more to follow in the future! 
Some of these themes I’ve already touched on in earlier blog posts, and I look forward to expanding on them in my talks.
I hope to see you in Salisbury soon, or perhaps at some of Janet’s fabulous channelling courses or her other events, and if you are unable to come to the Salisbury talks but would like the recordings please let me know!
All the very best to you all!
Au revoir & Namaste💛
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