‘An introduction to channelling’ workshop Saturday 21st April

Saturday 21st April 2018
11.00am – 4.00pm
 The Upminster Complementary Healing and Teaching Sanctuary, Essex

An introduction to channelling: What is it and how can it benefit us in our daily lives?
Modern channelling as part of the evolution of humanity
The word channelling is often shrouded in mystery and has many different associations. It may seem like only a few select people can channel, but as the Earth and humanity are entering into an age of higher consciousness this kind of multidimensional connection is becoming more accessible to everyone. Truly, it is a realignment to the natural state of being of our soul.
In this workshop you will learn what channelling is and the different forms it may take, and most importantly how channelling may enrich your life, your personal development and empower your conscious creation of the future you want – for yourself and for the world. You may even find that you already experience a form of channelling which you could learn to expand further.

‘Everyday channelling’ is in many ways part of the evolution of humanity, helping to open up our connections to the higher dimensions and to our own soul wisdom. This workshop will include live channelling of very high vibrational energies from The Collective of higher spiritual beings working through me. These wise and loving beings will also be present in the room with us throughout the workshop and connect with you directly to help you forward in your own channelling development, whether you are new to this or a seasoned channeller. For anyone who wishes to continue their connection with The Collective beyond the workshop they will be there for you to access in your own daily life so you may bring them into your personal development, your work or any area of your life where you would like to have a channelling connection.

Theresa is a channeller who has developed a working relationship with a large group of higher consciousnesses from many dimensions who assist humanity in our evolution towards the new way of living on Earth. She allows them to work through her in many ways, including channelling energy, messages and what she calls soul languages. These are ancient languages that seem to ‘touch the soul’ of those who hear them. Many feel they understand them through a heart connection rather than through the mind. Theresa works with individuals in sessions as well as giving talks, workshops and courses. In addition to channelling she teaches what she has learnt from these higher beings over the years as well as from her own personal development and experience of being a ‘gateway’ between dimensions. She is a big fan of combining the embodiment of universal higher vibrations with having a down-to-earth, normal life in the modern world. Theresa is based in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

For enquiries or bookings please contact me through my contact page.
Spaces are limited to 10 people for this workshop.

Price £75 per person. Full payment is required upon booking to secure your space. Should you be unable to attend a full refund will be offered until 19th April, after which a 50% refund applies.
Tea and coffee will be available. Please bring food / snacks for short breaks should you prefer this.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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