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We all have things we would like to be different – in ourselves or in our lives. Some of these we can change more easily than others, some we may need a little help with, but we all deserve to live our best life. Did you know that the human mind can have a resistance to change, even when we want things to be different? We all naturally have a built-in gravity towards habit, familiarity, what we already know. It gives us a sense of stability or security, even when it may be unhealthy, limiting or downright painful for us. The interplay between our conscious mind and the subconscious can be complex, and we may not fully understand why we may struggle with achieving what we desire, letting go of what we no longer want or becoming who we truly want to be.

I have many years’ experience of working actively with the concept of change in different ways. I have helped numerous clients change specific aspects of their lives or even go through great and liberating transformations. Whether there is one particular thing you want to achieve or you seek broader change in yourself or in your life I can help you. Drawing on a wide and versatile range of approaches I find the best path forward to support you in your unique situation.



If there is a specific issue you want to work on hypnosis is a fantastic, enjoyable and effective tool that can be used to improve a vast range of situations. Whether you want to eliminate a bad habit, work on fears, anxieties or thought patterns, improve relationships, confidence or self-esteem, deal with weight issues or optimise your work performance just to name a few – hypnosis can help create real and lasting change quickly. At the bottom of this page is a longer list of issues commonly addressed with hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation which we all experience everyday without even thinking about it. By relaxing the conscious mind we can access the subconscious, and quickly and effectively enable the desired changes. It is completely safe and comfortable, and you remain in control at all times.



A beautiful guided meditation designed just for you, optimised to support you whatever your situation is.  This is not just a deeply relaxing and enjoyable way to work towards your desired change, it can also be a surprisingly potent one. There are almost unlimited ways I can work with you through bespoke guided meditation. It can have healing, soothing and transformative effects in its own right.  It can also be a wonderful vehicle for you to explore, experience and understand yourself better and to be able to make decisions about your process of change in ways that are very empowering. Even if you have not been able to pinpoint a clearly defined objective for exactly what it is you want to achieve, guided meditations can be a wonderful way to move forward, perhaps to gain more clarity or insight as you take step by step forward on your path.



I see you as a whole individual – with both a head and a heart, with both a human personality and a soul. If you wish to integrate your spiritual aspects in your work with me there is a range of approaches I can offer.



There are many different forms of channelling and each person who channels will do so in their own unique way. I was born with a natural openness to higher dimensions but didn’t fully understand my clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and other ‘inexplicable’ experiences until I learnt about channelling in my thirties. Through many years of professional advanced training and daily practice I have honed my channelling abilities in several formats, and developed a wonderful working relationship with a large group (or ‘collective’ as they call themselves) of very advanced higher beings who I know I can trust completely. 

Energy channelling
As a client, receiving just the right blend of frequencies of loving, nurturing, even transformative energies can be a highly supportive and easily accessible experience. Despite its gentleness channelled energy can carry powerful potential. I can channel energy on its own or in combination with other modalities. I have extensive experience of working with a wide range of very high vibrational energies, finely tuned for each situation. 

This is a versatile form of channelling, from the gentlest ‘soothing’ sounds to powerful vibrational fields that one can almost feel at a cellular level. In 1-1 sessions I tend to channel very comfortable and harmonious sound which people love to receive. I can also channel sound to the client remotely, without the client even hearing it or getting a recording. Even though it may seem unbelievable the sounding is just as effective because I work with the client’s energy body ‘outside of time and space’. A simple way to explain this is to think of it a bit like advanced telepathy.

Soul languages
I channel ancient ‘soul languages’ which people often feel engaging with them at a deep soul level. Many people say they feel they understand them “through the heart” without knowing the ‘words’. These languages engage with our deep soul memory and can have profoundly transformational, beautiful effects. 

Channelled coaching
This is a form of ‘conversational channelling’ between the client, my spirit collective and myself where I act as the connection point between the client and the higher beings in what they like to call channelled coaching. I also contribute by bringing my own knowledge and experience into the conversation. Additionally, I can access any dimension and time, often related to past lives, subconscious beliefs, patterns or blocks, or anything else that may come up as relevant to what we are working on.



✦ Improving aspects of yourself or your life by changing subconscious programming, patterns or beliefs.

✦ General support, guidance, reducing stress, anxiety, coping with life, nurturing your spirit, providing a safe space and a framework within which you can explore your own path.

✦ Life changes and transformation – whether working on your ‘inner landscape’ or outer life situations or both,  I can support you through challenges or help you move forward when you have a desire for change.

✦ Soul evolution – seeking growth and evolution both in your human aspect and your soul aspect. Transformation on every level of yourself; deep liberation from the past, from wounds, fears or limitations, creating your new self through processes of deep transformation at a human level and a soul level. This is spiritual alchemy, the most profound inner work which really takes you to new heights in your entirety. 


1-1 sessions can take place in person or online depending on what is needed. Some work can also be done via audio recordings, or remote energy work.



I have many years’ experience of deeply transformational soul evolution work, and personal development from a human perspective as well as a soul perspective. Having gone deep into my own spiritual transformation and expansion, learning about my soul’s history and unearthing and honing my inherent skills and wisdom accumulated through many lifetimes, I have been able to gain the knowledge, understanding and abilities to help others in their own journey of exploration, transformation, liberation and growth.
I always work with only the highest vibrational guidance and intent, and in ways that are safe, protected and grounded. In this way I am able to safely access all dimensions.

My many years of channelling training and learning from one of the top channellers in the world, Janet Treloar, as well as from the ascended master ‘The Tibetan’ Djwal Khul – or Zacharia as he is known as when he speaks through Janet – have given me in-depth knowledge and understanding which I apply in all my work (and my life), and I am very happy to share this with my clients too. I never stop learning from Janet and Zac – the journey always continues. Since 2015 I have been fortunate enough to assist Janet with her ‘Channelling 1’ workshops 4 times a year where she introduces participants to channelling and teaches tried and tested procedures for safe and effective channelling. Since 2019 more channelling workshops have been added, which I also assist at.

You can find more information about me, my background, training and credentials here, and testimonials from my clients here.


Common issues addressed with hypnosis
Sleep issues
Stress and anxiety

Fears and phobias
Weight issues
Emotional issues
Body image issues
Relationship issues
Memory and learning
Personal development
Confidence and self esteem issues
Health relaxation and pain reduction
Business / financial issues
Work performance
Athletic performance
Creative performance

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