Imagine the elders of old, the elders around the campfire, the wise ones – the ones with the secrets, the knowledge – the carriers of wisdom. Imagine the healers, the seers, those who could travel between worlds, the magi, the teachers, the masters, those who held the keys to all things.

This is the modern reincarnation of those ancient traditions. This is the same wisdom, healing, mastery, magic only in contemporary form, adapted for the modern human being. Those on the other side of the veil – in the realms of the higher spiritual beings – who have helped humanity evolve through thousands of years, are still here and still helping humanity evolve. They are still sharing their knowledge, their love and their healing, working with us in many ways.

In this life as in so many others I allow them to work through me, acting as a connection point for them, a gateway between the heavens and the earth. I do this while also living a normal, down-to-earth life so as to merge the modern human being with the universal truths beyond space and time.

My work exists in the meeting point between science and spirituality, drawing on my interest in both as well as my passion for creating a better world for all Gaia’s creatures through many different avenues.

Welcome to my online universe!
Together we create The New Earth.


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