The Festival of The Heart! Digital alchemy for a New Earth



Dear friends
The Festival of the Heart is here, in its new, transformed and alchemised form!
As we enter the new era, reorient our lives and are ready to start new adventures, take on new responsibilities, play new roles, expand our energy into the new Earth, here is my offering to you.

The festival of the Heart has been alchemised into becoming a world in itself, a world I have created for the transition from the old into the new, a world for exploration, transformation, adventure; for helping you set your sails towards the new – on the highest possible path, with the highest possible potential, with the highest possible love, peace and harmony.

Together we create The New Earth – this is true, and as we spread our wings across the world, together we can alchemise the old Earth into the new. 

The World of the Festival of the Heart is a world of the alchemy of love. Just like in your heart, there are many hidden treasures here. The clues will reveal themselves to you when you look and listen with your heart.

There is alchemy for the past and alchemy for the future. There is the alchemy of freedom, the alchemy of harmony and the alchemy of peace.

But more than anything, there is the alchemy of The New Earth.


You can listen to the first track here


In my original description of the Festival of the Heart I wrote:

The heart has the magical, alchemical ability to transform the past into a force for new growth, new directions, new beginnings; to transform challenging experiences into wisdom; and ultimately to transform pain into love. There is no limit to what we can achieve when we set our hearts free, when we allow the heart to work its magic.

Throughout millennia, humanity has celebrated the forces of the heart – renewal, regeneration, rebirth, new life – in many different ways. Just as we are part of the cyclical, regenerating ecosystems of the Earth, so is our heart – both literally and figuratively – from the physical renewal and re-oxygenation of our blood, to the processing, transmutation and new growth of our inner emotional landscape. The transformative alchemy of our heart mirrors the transformative alchemy of nature.

So this year the theme for the Festival of the Heart is
‘The Heart of the Earth – The Heart of Me’

Drawn from the spirit of the ancient Mesopotamian festivals of spring, celebrating their New Year – the end of an old agricultural cycle and the beginning of a new – the Festival of the Heart 2020 is a contemporary celebration of the power of the heart to take the remnants of the past and from that create new life, new inspiration, new joy, new adventures!


This is still true, and in the World of the Festival of the Heart we go back in time to the ancient Levant, to the ancient Mesopotamia, to a past that holds the seeds of potential for the deepest, truest alchemy for the future; through our deep soul remembering we can reconnect to the alchemy of the soul, the alchemy of the heart and the alchemy of the Earth.


The Festival of the Heart consists of 6 tracks:

  1. The World of the Festival of the Heart
  2. The Goddess’s Story
  3. The Gardens
  4. The Ancient Heart Alchemist – Part 1
  5. The Ancient Heart Alchemist – Part 2
  6. The New Earth

    Total running time is 4 hours.

    With me on this journey I have had my good friend Janet Treloar who channelled the Ancient Heart Alchemist himself – Zac (Djwal Khul) in a long, powerful, inspiring and intriguing conversation with me about
    ✧ co-creating with the Earth
    ✧receiving the Earth’s secrets for the future
    ✧how nature perceives itself and humanity
    ✧ about our relationship with nature and its inherent potentials
    ✧ about the powerful transformative abilities of the heart
    ✧  the creative synergy between the heart and the soul
    ✧ the power (and challenge) of becoming love
    ✧ co-creating a New Earth…..
    ….and much more!

I hope you will enjoy entering into The World of The Festival of The Heart!


Even the price has to have an element of alchemy in it – naturally!

The standard price is

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Finally, I would like to share with you this channelled message I was given a couple of months ago. It speaks of the new era and this new world we are co-creating. 

There is a new world coming. There is a new time coming. It is full of the promise of spring.
There is joy to be found in it. There is peace to be found in it.
There is love to be found in it.

All the hardship of the past will be over.
All the struggle of the past will be over.
All the disappointment of the past will be over.

There is a new dawn coming. A new dawn on humanity, on Earth.
A new dawn forever.
The dawn of life, the dawn of new life.
No more will suffering prevail, no more with hardship prevail, no more will the cycles of trauma prevail.

The pain of the past will be no more.
The loneliness of the past will be no more.
The futility of the past will be no more.
The broken dreams of the past will be no more.

A new dawn is coming.
A new spring is coming.

I look forward to you joining me in The World of The Festival of The Heart! 
Together we will go back in time, and into the future.

Together we Create The New Earth!



The new Christ Heart energy – Zac’s revelations


Recordings from this event are available from my shop here.

You can read more about the Christ Heart energy, some of the back story, as well as my own experience of it, here.

Dear friends
What an absolutely wonderful, magical start to 2020 Janet and Zac gave us at the channelling evening last night!
It felt like a huge honour to be part of Zac’s first ever revelations about the Christ Heart energy which has just started to come to Earth!

This is nothing to do with religion, Zac said – it is simply fact, and the Christ Heart energy is available to anyone. Linked to the current divine masculine energy, and due to changes in the structure of the universe, gateways are opening up through the higher realms and allowing waves of the Christ Heart energy to come to Earth and humanity. Not only Earth, but our entire ‘cuboid of the universe’ plays a part. Zac even said that although he usually avoids such grand words this is a wave of mass awakening on Earth.

He went into detail about children being activated to it, what parts of the world it is happening in first and why, as well as describing how we can make active choices to allow the Christ Heart energy in and choose to let it propel us into “a future we perhaps only dreamt of”. In turn we then become a guiding light for others, to radiate light in the world.

He also described how the Christ Heart energy is part of our core evolution structure and how we can choose to welcome in our next level of evolution within our own soul. It truly is the second coming of Christ – en masse, in wave after wave.

If you would like to get the full story and all the details, all this and much more is in the recording from this channelling evening, available to purchase now from my shop.

You can read more about the Christ Heart energy, some of the back story, as well as my own experience of it, here.



It is safe to say that the Christ Heart energy will be a central theme of 2020 and beyond, and it will play a big part in many of my upcoming events, among them;

Guided meditation energy baths
An oasis of bliss and soothing relaxation in your daily life, you are surrounded by loving energies while you simply flow along with the sound of my voice guiding you on a mini adventure.

Live channelling, sounding and ancient soul languages
‘Open mic’ for the group of guides and higher beings who work through me to share freely with us whatever they want. These events tend to have a really beautiful, sacred atmosphere of spirit connecting with us at a deep level in a gentle way.

Regular talks on a wide range of subjects related to spirituality, personal growth and evolution, living in harmony with nature, inspiration for creating a better way of life on Earth and many other interesting topics.

Festival of the Heart
A day of celebration and enjoyment of our incredible, powerful, creative, transformational, beautiful and many-dimensional hearts!

Janet Treloar & Zac
Janet channelling Zac, ’a guide for the future’ in his own words, and ascended master Djwal Khul in his more famous aspect. Zac teaches, inspires and guides us in his fun and gentle way, and answers our questions with wisdom and love.

More detail, dates and locations will be coming soon!
If you are interested in the guided meditation energy baths, live channelling events or talks it would be wonderful if you could let me know whether weekdays or weekends and daytime or evening would be preferable to you, and I will try to accommodate as many people as possible.

The text below was one I felt I wanted to include last night, and which I read at the end of the evening. In many ways it feels extra pertinent to remind ourselves of this message now that we have finalised long cycles and are beginning a new cycle of energies and experience.

Love! Love in your hearts – this is the new way of living.
Living with love first and foremost, love at the front of your hearts, love filling your hearts, your lives, your world. Love is the ultimate truth, the only truth really. At the deepest levels of existence there is only love; it is what you come from, it is your true home, it is were you are going. Love conquers all – this is true. Pure, unconditional love is stronger than anything. It will always be what is left when all else has fallen, has passed. You can never lose love, because you are – in your essence – love. It is what you are made from, your core, and your existence is anchored in love, born out of love, held in love. Trust this. When all else is peeled away, when sorrow, grief, loneliness, detachment is peeled off, what is left at your core is love – your divinity.

Remember that you are never truly alone. We are always with you. Whenever you wish to connect with us just open up to us, allow your armour to fall, allow your shell to remove, connect with us, your guides, your helpers, we who love you unconditionally, purely, always.

‘Love is the new way of living’ along with more channelled texts can be found at


Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who came to our Zac channelling evening last night and made it such a lovely, warm and open hearted evening, and an extra special thank you to Janet Treloar for allowing us all to have these magical, profound and evolutionary experiences!

I wish you all a very happy ‘new cycle of energies’ as Zac calls it, and a big, warm, loving Christ Heart!




New Adventures! Transcendence and the rebirth of the Christ Heart

Dear friends

It’s Christmas, and that means it is time for my annual Christmas message to you all – clients, collaborators, friends, event participants, fellow Earthlings! This time it is a little different, and I am very excited – and slighly daunted – to share it with you all.

Those of you who have known me for a while will know that I am not afraid to share with you my channelling from spirit, nor the feelings I sense in the collective consciousness (which I am quite attuned to – for better or for worse, it’s not always an asset!), but this time I was not sure exactly what to share, how to share it and how much.

Sometimes, being a channeller, I have to remember that my experience of the information, insights and visions is so rich, complex and multiexperiential that what to me feels enormous, profound, and groundbreaking (and coherent!) doesn’t always translate to the same experience for others when I convey it to them in words. I also appreciate that all channelling relies on interpretation to a degree, and that different channellers are given different pieces of the puzzle, so to speak.

That said, it feels right to share this with you now, and I think many of you may feel some of this resonates with you too at a deep level. I am sure much more will come to light in the next few months as well.

Since the beginning of 2018 I have heard many messages and had downloads and insights relating to ‘the second coming of Christ’. In fact, this was the expression I kept hearing over and over. I have also been hearing that ‘a new era’ is coming. It was clear that this related to the ending of many cycles of experience in the human collective – karmic cycles as they are often called – some very long ones and some shorter ones. I have written about the end of cycles here and about a new era in several blog posts, among them here. I also have more channelling to share over the coming months relating to this.

I won’t go into too much detail now but one of the insights I got very early on was that the second coming of Christ would happen, not by Christ incarnating as one person, but by many people carrying the energy of Christ and helping to spread it out to all humanity.

But first, we would have to finalise karmic cycles, cycles of experience that many of us (if not all) have been part of for many, many lifetimes. Exactly at what point we finalise a karmic cycle is individual, and depends on several things – soul agreements we have, or the learning of the soul, or our own heart’s desire for change for instance. But overall in the human collective there are endpoints for these cycles, where soul agreements end if we have not already chosen to end them before. This year we have ended many, many soul agreements, cycles and what I like to call ‘dynamics of experience’. There is much more to say about this but that is for another time.

I have shared with many of you that I have been feeling something building for a long time, in the human collective but also in the cosmos. It is complex, it involves many – many more than the human population – and it has effects all over this part of the universe.

And now it has started – really, truly started.
It involves Christ, it involves The New Earth, and it involves a change in the laws of physics on Earth. It was many years since I first channelled a message about magic being brought back to Earth. It has been building for years, but now an energy has come in which changes even this. I think we will see that next year will bring experiences that defy our idea of the laws of physics, and our idea of healing, among other things.

Yesterday I experienced something that I think many others may also have experienced, or will experience over the coming years. Without going into too much detail, I can only describe it as a transmission and transferrence of the Christ energy, the Christ Heart blending with my human heart. I was then guided to go to a sacred site to anchor the Christ Heart energy into the Earth there.

I was also given much information in writing, and I would like to share some of it with you here.


The Christ Heart

The Christ Heart was an energy, a vibration, that was created a long time ago. The vibration of the Christ is what we call the Christ Heart. And this vibration was created as an alchemical energy of transcendence. It was an energy of transcendence of the past, transcendence of what had gone before. 

This energy of transcendence is always necessary wherever there is experience. Whatever the experience is, at some point there will be a need for transcendence. Because experience so often leads to pain, hurt, trauma, fear. There was a need for an energy that could wipe clean, wash away, burn up, transform the past so that entirely new experiences could happen. And this energy was created, and it was transcendence.

In many places around the universes, in many times, in many scenarios, the energy of transcendence exists in many forms. We on Earth are most familiar with it at this time as the embodied Christ. It has been active on Earth in many timelines, through many time cycles on Earth, as there have been many new beginnings on Earth, many times when the past has been wiped clean. The Christ energy has taken many forms, worked in many ways.

2000 years ago the vibration of the Christ Heart came to Earth in the form of an incarnate man. His message was simple; to transcend the past. He was the harbinger of a new age. As he left the Earth in his Earthly form he said that he would come again. He did not say when, where or how.

Now is that time. Now is the time for a new transcendence, a new age on Earth. And now is the time for the Christ Heart to once again return to Earth, to be active on Earth in the teachings and process of transcendence. This time, in our age, the Christ Heart vibration comes into being on Earth through the hearts of many. Not one man, but many beings, many people, many of those who have taken up the mantle  – to carry the vibrations of the new, the vibrations of the New Earth and the vibrations of transcendence. Each age has its time, each age has its experiences, and the age we are leaving now on Earth makes way for a new age through the process of transcendence.

Just as one human incarnation makes way for the next, so does one era make way for the next to come into being. And in both cases the shift happens through transcendence.

In this time of change on Earth the Christ vibration of transcendence is anchored into the Earth once again through embodiment by many people. 


On Transcendence

This time we live in now is all about transcendence – transcendence of the past, transcendence of our past experiences, past struggles, past pain. For each cycle of experience comes with many emotions, many memories, even those that pass down the lifetimes. This time is about transcending the old cycles, the old experiences. 

Trancendence is liberation from the past while gaining the wisdom from it. The memories no longer hold pain, the emotions have been washed away, but the wisdom has been retained. Transcendence of the past is that alchemical process which creates gold out of lead, freedom and wisdom synthesised out of past pain and trauma. 

Learning from the past while forgetting the pain – this is what transcendence is. This is what alchemy is. The Christ energy encompasses this.

At the end of each cycle there is the opportunity for transcendence – liberation and wisdom gained, to take forward onto new adventures.  

With the Christ energy also comes miracles. Transcendence of the laws of physics. The energy of the Christ alchemist.


My understanding is that what we in our culture know of as ‘the second coming of Christ’ was activated  yesterday – that through the transferrence of the Christ Heart energy to many people, this was started. And I am sure many people will have had similar experiences to mine, and many more will come in the coming months and years I am sure. When I asked if the Christ energy also will be sent to Earth in other ways I got the feeling that the rain may have something to do with it too – perhaps it is being carried or dispersed by the water. I am sure many people will talk about similar things and much more information will come out, but for now I felt I wanted to share this with you.

As I celebrate Christmas 2019 I will celebrate the re-birth of the Christ Heart energy to Earth, and all the amazing potentials it brings for miracles, transformations, true magic and alchemy in its modern form, for our age.

From my Christ Heart to yours – Namaste! 🧡

And as we look forward to the new year, although it may feel far away my next event coming up is only about 3 weeks away! Now is the time to book your space! If you would like to come and celebrate the new decade together with a lovely group of people, and hear what our old friend Zac has up his sleeve for us in 2020 – and perhaps ask him a question of your own if you like – I would be delighted to see you in Salisbury on Wednesday 15th January!

The price for this evening is £15 and it gives you 2 x 45mins of Zac, including plenty of time for your questions, and a break for snacks and socialising. Please find the full description here.

⭐️Pre-booking is required for this event.⭐️

If you would like to join us please contact me on
for full details on booking and payment. Once booked you will receive a confirmation email which you will be asked to show on arrival.
I look forward to seeing you there!


Christmas Donations

Following the tradition from previous years it is also time for Christmas charity donations, and this is one of my favourite things!
Each year, instead of sending Christmas cards, my business donates to three different charities – one for animals, one for nature and one for humans. This year however, I struggled to filter it down to three so I decided to double it and donate to six fabulous charities! I hope you enjoy reading about them.

This year’s charity donations are going to some truly wonderful organisations. My long term plan is to be able to expand this further and set up a more formal charitable structure in the future, but for now I am very excited to share with you these 6 charities. Not only am I very happy to be able to support them but also to help spread the word about them to as many people as possible. If you can, please help support them in your own way.


Ernesto’s Sanctuary
Earlier this year I went to a talk by Diana Darke who has written the book ‘The Last Sanctuary in Aleppo’. I was amazed and touched by the story she told about Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, a civilian who, when everyone who could fled the Syrian war, chose to stay in his hometown and look after the animals people had left behind, and help those people who had not been able to flee. Soon he ended up with a make-shift cat sanctuary, which became an animal sanctuary, and as donations came in from abroad he was able to also set up medical facilities for the orphaned children still living in Aleppo. The animals at the sanctuary became therapy pets for the traumatised children, and Alaa and his helpers built a playground next to the sanctuary. Despite regular bombings he has re-built the sanctuary and the facilities over and over, and continues his work there to this day. This oasis of the best of humanity in the middle of the war torn landscape of the worst of humanity felt so profoundly touching.

Four Paws
I have been so impressed by the courageous rescue work by this organisation, going to every effort to save animals from the most heartbreaking conditions. From caged bears and big cats, to suffering farm animals, to the fur trade and much more, Four Paws fight for the rights of animals, they campaign to change laws, and rescue those in need. Not long ago they rescued sheep from an overturned ship, working night and day for several days to get the trapped sheep out.

World Land Trust
Since 1989 this organisation has bought land for permanent concervation and habitat protection, built collaborative efforts together with local charities and communities and ensured ongoing management of the land to continue to protect it. As well as protecting the landscape and contributing to reforestation, they also work actively to ensure the habitat it provides for wildlife helps to increase the diversity and sustainability of the ecosystems. They also work to ensure the local communities are able to live in harmony with the wild animal populations and benefit from the protection of the land. Their wonderful work is a great example of how all parties can benefit, and live together in peace and prosperity.

The Seahorse Trust
This charity works in partnership with many other organisations around the world to set up ocean sanctuary areas, protect life in the seas, provide research and education, end the trade in seahorses for traditional medicine, and spread awareness of the need to protect the marine environment. By surveying the habitats of seahorses they are able to ensure protection of marine areas for this vulnerable species, which also helps all life in the oceans.

A fantastic safety net for young people who face homelessness. By providing emergency accommodation they keep vulnerable people safe from the dangers of living on the street, and can assist them in times of crisis. Through a network of vetted community hosts, young people are brought into a safe home environment, staying in the spare room of caring, trained people. Nightstop have projects in 31 locations around the UK.

WaterAid work in developing countries around the world to provide clean, safe water to communites. This work helps to improve health and hygiene, reduces poverty and supports the development of sustainable, thriving communities. Clean water is a basic human right and a basic human need, and those who have access to it have a much better chance in life. It frees up time and resources which can then go towards growth and investment in building a better life and a better society for all.


And finally, on a practical note, now that I have – at last! – managed to migrate my newsletter over to a professional format hopefully this should mean no more spam filter issues, no more missing recipients and no more technical hiccups – hooray!
If you do not receive my regular newsletters throughout the year but would like to be added to my mailing list to hear about upcoming events, please email me to let me know. I look forward to seeing you in Salisbury in 2020!

And with that, all that is left is this!


The biggest end-of-the-decade hugs to you from me!

Dancing with the cosmos, evolving into balance

Dear friends

We have just entered the new astrological year with the beginning of Aries season on the 21st March, and since my last post was about my ‘New Era’ I thought I would share with you a few of the themes and topics I have been channelling and writing about in the last year which I feel are quite relevant at this time, and which I am preparing to publish and also teach in more detail in my ALIYA Soul Evolution courses.

I think many of us are feeling that there is a new era, or a new chapter, coming. We can sense this in the world in general I think, and many people feel this in their lives at the moment. In an earlier blog post I wrote about the end of old cycles, and as we are entering April I think this is being felt perhaps more than ever for many of us. The last few years have been very challenging for some, and may have brought big changes in circumstances, relationships or perhaps more internally. In a broader context – thinking of the last few decades and looking into future decades – we are in the period of ‘the great shift’ which has been prophesied by many cultures for thousands of years. It is known as the Kali Yuga, or the Biblical ‘end times’. It doesn’t mean the end of humanity, but that we are shifting over to a new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new way of living, a new human consciousness on Earth.

We are going through great changes in many different ways, on every level, in our own time and in our own way. We are all unique individuals with unique paths, unique choices, and therefore we are experiencing this time of the great shift differently. This is valuable, this is how it should be as we all afford each other (and ourselves) freedom, including freedom to go through our own unique transformations in our own way. This is what the new consciousness is all about after all – freedom to be our true selves – in our own unique gloriousness, our own unique aspect of the divine, our inner divinity.

We are all living on this planet, we are all living within the human collective consciousness field, and we are all in one way or another influenced by the changing energies of the Earth and the cosmos. The Earth has been raising the frequencies of its energetic field and energy grids (a bit like the energy field and meridians of a human being), and because we all live on the Earth, within this field and grid system, we cannot help but be influenced by it. How we respond to the changing energies is, however, up to us. I am sure we have all experienced all kinds of different responses – embracing the changes, letting go of the old and welcoming the new, almost pre-empting the new even, but also a great deal of resistance, fighting change, clinging to our old ways, fear, distress, indecision, confusion. It is only natural to feel confused or worried when the foundations of your life, your society, your family are falling away, simply not carrying you any longer; when the beliefs and values you were brought up with or based your existence on are shaken, when you find yourself questioning yourself and those closest to you, questioning your faith, your truths.

The great shift encompasses all that the old ways of thinking and living and being were built upon. Going through such a great shift in consciousness, in perspective, is not quick and it’s not easy – whether it is on the level of the individual or collectively. It takes time and it takes active decision making, it takes willpower and persistence. But it is worth it. The new consciousness that we are working towards on Earth will be worth all that we are currently going through. It probably has many names in many cultures, but to me it is what we know as the Biblical ‘New Earth’. If I were to sum up the core of my work in all its expressions I would say that I am working to help create this new Earth.

It is not something that a few select ‘spiritual’ people do, nor is it a special interest topic. The new Earth can only come into full being when humanity as a collective collaborate in all the many ways and formats and areas of work that are needed in order to build a new way of living on Earth, a new way of thinking, a new way of being human. We need scientists, inventors, philosophers, historians, politicians, artists, facilitators, teachers of all kinds, inspirational role models of all kinds, activists, healers, therapists in many different modalities, nurturers, carers, support networks, pioneers, those who break boundaries, those who prove that the impossible is possible, those who change the paradigms in their chosen field, and we need those who can bring information through from other dimensions, other realms, those who can travel between worlds. We need everyone.

We need everyone to be free to find their freedom, their inner voice, their strength, their individuality, their creativity. The new Earth will not be created by a small group, and it will not be handed to us by some external force – whether God or Jesus or aliens or anyone else. We can get all the help and assistance and inspiration we ask for from the divine, and from our brothers and sisters in other realms, but ultimately The new Earth will be the creation of humanity. That is why we are here at this time, that is why we have chosen to be born into this time period on Earth. 

As every ancient wisdom tradition has taught, as summed up by Gandhi, we have to be the change we want to see in the world. It starts with us individually. If we are to build a new way of life on the planet that we all share we need to build a new way of interacting with each other, a new way of being together, a new way of creating together. We have been through thousands of years of living in survival mode, or perhaps a better way of seeing it is ‘survival mentality’. When we think back to our human evolution and how history has played out it is understandable that humanity has needed to have a strong focus on survival. Survival mode often means battle; a battle to survive, a battle for food, a battle for territories, a battle for the resources we need to live. However, when a group experiences repeating cycles of a particular mentality it creates patterns, it becomes ingrained into the psyche, into the collective consciousness, and it creates patterns in the cellular memory, the ancestral lines of inherited information.

Humanity is now at a stage where, if we don’t move out of the old survival mode patterns, we are much more likely to destroy ourselves and our planet due to the advanced technology we have which can be and is being weaponised, and due to the toxins we pollute our ecosystems with. We no longer need to be in the old survival mode for food and resources, in fact we know that we can have all our needs met on this planet if we work in harmony with the Earth and in harmony with each other – if we collaborate rather than battle. We are in a time when it is imperative that we move from surviving to thriving, and we do that by moving out of the old battle mentality and into a harmonious collaborative mentality. This is one of the greatest challenges we are currently going through as humans collectively, and it is also one of the greatest challenges that many are going through on an individual level. But as we know, change starts within, we have to be the change, we have to heal ourselves before we can heal the world.

One of the insights my collective started to give me last summer in relation to this deep change and healing of our old collective patters was about how the solar and lunar eclipses can help us in our process of ‘learning about ourselves’ as they call it. Ultimately, learning about oneself is the foundation for deep healing, enlightenment and ascension. The word ascension seems to be everywhere at the moment, at least within many spiritual communities, and there is much said about this. According to the ascended master Djwal Khul, who is one of my teachers and part of the collective I work with, ascension actually means ‘evolution of the soul’. This is ultimately what ALIYA is about, what we are working towards alongside our work to help create the new Earth.
I must say first of all that I have very little knowledge of astrology, and I am sure many of you may be able to add much to what I am going share here. This was a ‘download’ of understanding from my collective, and I actually had look up a little bit about esoteric astrology in order to get a broader understanding of this.

Around the time of the eclipses last July I was given information about some of the ways we can interpret the specific eclipse pairings that have taken place in recent years and which we are still experiencing. There is much that can be said about interpretation of the symbolism of the zodiac, and I am going to keep it very brief, simple and to the point here. Solar and lunar eclipses occur in pairs on the wheel of the zodiac, with opposing signs ‘dancing’ with each other in each eclipse cycle. For instance, between 10th February 2017 and 20th January 2019 we have experienced a cycle of eclipses in Aquarius and Leo, signs that are opposite each other in the zodiac.

Eclipse cycles tend to last about a year and a half to two years, and when one paring is ending and a new pairing is beginning we have a period when the cycles overlap. So at the tail end of the Leo – Aquarius cycle we got the beginning of the next cycle which was the pairing of Cancer and Capricorn. We had the first eclipse in Cancer 12th July 2018 and this cycle will run until 4th July 2020. Each eclipse is like a highlighted, focussed energy and can often provide turning points that drive us forward. However, according to the brilliant astrologer Pam Gregory the energy of an eclipse can begin to affect us as early as 6 months prior to it and continues to affect us up to 6 months after it. So each eclipse can actually influence us for a whole year in total. When we know that we have several eclipses each year, and that they give us these pinnacles of influence around each eclipse, we can see how it can feel like they are dancing with each other – creating smaller cycles of ebb and flow within the eclipse cycles themselves.

The information that I channelled regarding these two eclipse cycles in particular was that we can look at the symbolism of each sign in the following ways and see how this encourages us to develop and progress in our ‘learning about ourselves’ – our personal evolution.

Leo represents our heart, how we relate to ourselves, who we are in ourselves; it represents going into our heart and asking “Who am I really?” The heart is what links us to our emotions, our core essence and to our soul. It represents who we are deep down when we don’t have to be anything to anyone else. It is about peeling away all distractions, duties and external expectations and just being with ourselves in our heart space and feel who we are then.

Aquarius represents the polar opposite, how we relate to others around us, our identity in relation to others as part of a group or as part of a couple, as a colleague, as a friend and so on. It represents the question “Who am I in relation to others?” and as an extension of that “How do my relationships with others shape me?” It asks us to look at how our sense of obligation to others, our dynamic with others and their expectations of us influence us and who we become in relation to them. It is also about trying to see how we influence others, how we use the power that we have in relationships and how others may experience us, and what duties, obligations or responsibilities they may feel they have in relation to us.

So this eclipse pairing of Leo and Aquarius that we are now in the aftermath of has been encouraging us to examine our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others and to think about the roles we play, how we feel about ourselves, what our identity (or identities) is based on, what kind of foundations we have built our identity on and what kind of balance we have between our relationship with self and our relationship with others around us. In other words, “who am I in myself?” and “who am I in relation to others?” and how do these identities co-exist? Are they two different personalities? Am I showing others who I really am in myself? If not then why not?

The eclipse pairing between Cancer and Capricorn which started July 2018 is a good follow up to these questions and help us to dig a little deeper into our understanding of ourselves and others. Cancer can be seen as symbolising the mother, or the feminine energy, the yin principle; our vulnerability, our intuition, how we nurture ourselves and others, our ability to transmute the old into creation of the new – the inner cycles of death and rebirth. Capricorn as the polarity to this represents the father, the masculine energy or the yang principle; our boundaries, our power and sovereignty, how we stand up for ourselves and others, and how we align with our own values and principles.

The cosmic dance between these two help us to look at our own inner feminine and masculine, our own yin and yang, how we balance our nurturing, creative, vulnerable sides with our power, self-preservation and independence. Do we have healthy boundaries that allow us to connect with our vulnerability and softness inside? Do we overgive to others while neglecting our own needs? Do we create a safe space for ourselves to explore our inner depths safely, without being exploited, taken advantage of or belittled? How do I use my power? How do I survive, get my needs met? How do I get love and nurture? What feeds me? Do I rely on others for love and nurture? Do I feed from the connection with others? Or do I have self-love and self-nurture?

There are also other aspects to this Cancer – Capricorn dance that help us to go really deep into healing and liberation of our true selves. As representations of the mother and father principles they ask us to continue the questions from Leo and Aquarius and ask ourselves “Who am I as a parent?” and “How have I been shaped by my own parents?” We have all been shaped by our childhood experiences, whether we grew up with our biological parents or other parental role models.

We all learnt something about what it means to be a woman and what it means to be a man, what expectations were placed on us consciously or sub-consciously, and we all carry patterns from our ancestral lines. In what ways have our own parents (and grandparents) influenced us? In what ways do I influence my children or other children who see me as a role model? What am I passing on from my ancestors to my children? And perhaps more importantly from a perspective of healing; how are my own childhood wounds affecting my children? Am I passing on the ancestral patterns of woundedness? What am I teaching my children about what it means to be a man or a woman? What is ‘female’ and what is ‘male’? Do we need to think differently about that?

And then we can also draw a loop back to Aquarius and Leo and ask how are my childhood wounds or ancestral patterns affecting my relationship with myself and my relationships with other people? How are my beliefs about gender influencing me and my relationships? Am I playing roles based on certain beliefs or expectations about gender?


As you can see these two pairs of eclipses are encouraging us to heal at a very deep level. They are helping to make the invisible visible, helping us to see what we might not always want to see. They are helping us to find our own inner strength, nurture and love, our own uniqueness, our own expression in the world.

Change is not always comfortable. Healing is not always comfortable. But healing from the past means freedom. It means we emerge more and more as our true, authentic, resilient, creative, sovereign, happy beings that we have a divine right to be. It means we change our perceptions of ourselves, of others, of the world, of what it means to be human. That is a shift of consciousness, and that is how we contribute to the great shift in the collective human consciousness. That is how we individually can contribute to creating the world that we want to live in, the life we want to live. That is how together we create The New Earth.


This was a little taster of some of the themes that I have been writing about in the last year which will be examined more closely in forthcoming books and as part of my courses. I will also be sharing more in future blog posts, among other things looking more deeply at what I think of as ‘templates’ of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies and the collective healing and balancing of these; reflections around healthy boundaries; ‘growing up’ spiritually; how we use (or misuse) our power; a critical but constructive look at the current focus on ‘empaths and narcissists’ and the very complex issue of co-dependency and abandonment fear. 

If you feel this looks like it’s getting very depressing, fear not – there will also be much more lighthearted and inspiring blog posts coming, as well as a dip into the dimensions, fractal reality, transmutation and alchemy, a bit of sacred geometry perhaps and maybe even some music! We are after all creating a new and better world so watch this space! In the meantime, why not immerse yourself in the divine love and inspiration that is freely available here. I hope you enjoy it!

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