We Were Born for This Time


Dear friends
To conclude this little trilogy of newsletters looking ahead to the future, to 2021 and beyond, let me share with you the bigger picture and where I – and you – fit into it!

The next 10-12 years humanity will be going through the most profound and wide ranging transformation of our history. As a species we have already completed the greatest transformations in our physical evolution. What we are going through now is the completion of a long period leading up to our spiritual evolutionary transformation.

The human species is ready to climb up to the next level of spiritual understanding – understanding ourselves at a much deeper level; who we truly are, and how we can live in harmony with ourselves and each other and all life on our planet.


We are ready to create changes in our ways of living together
that reflect the best of human nature. 


When we go through our own inner transformation of spirit we are literally being the change – transforming humanity from within. We also empower ourselves fully to create outer change in the wider world; to build the new harmonious world.

We chose to be born at this time on Earth because we wanted to be part of this change, the great transformation of humanity. Many of us have been part of the great evolutionary leaps on Earth through hundreds of lifetimes already. We know what we’re doing – we just need to set ourselves free to fulfil our heart’s and soul’s desire.

This is why Aliya Soul Evolution was created.

“You were born ready”.
These were the words of the ascended master Djwal Khul, or Zac as many of you know him as through the amazing channeller Janet Treloar. He told me this many years ago in one of my conversations with him.

I was born ready because I was born with the ‘New Earth’ energies encapsulated within me; the blueprint for the New Earth – our future harmonious, peaceful, abundant, clean and sustainable way of life on Earth. I was born with the vision of the future and the clarity of what needed to change.

I was born ready because my soul has been involved – as a guide, teacher, messenger, leader, healer, warrior, innovator – through many of the great ages of change and transformation in the history of humanity.

I was also born with a natural connection to the higher dimensions of my soul, and to my spirit guides. As a young child I had an awareness of having been here on Earth many times before, and an awareness of having a group of beings in ‘heaven’ that I was part of, belonged to, and had inner conversations with.

I was deeply and profoundly distressed by how humans had, in my eyes, destroyed the Earth; “What have they done to this place?”


My last lifetime before this one ended during the Second World War, and as I died in that life I was so full of grief, despair and anger at what darkness humans were capable of that even while I drifted away from my body and up to the higher dimensions I shouted up to my spirit guides: “I am never coming back to Earth! I give up on humanity!”

What did they say that convinced me to change my mind?
They reminded me that this lifetime would be the culmination of what my soul had been working towards for thousands of years. “This is the big one” they said, “do you really want to miss out on it?”


In this life I was born ready, ready to change the world, but I needed to go through my own spritual transformation – both as a way to ‘be the change’ and create the energy of transcendence in the world, and to understand human nature at a deep level to be able to help others, but also because I needed to liberate myself from some of the unresolved experiences I had had in other lifetimes that held me back from fully stepping into my power fearlessly and confidently, to be able to create freely in accordance with my heart’s and soul’s desire.

When the time was right to delve into a deep and profound liberation process I felt drawn to exploring my past lives and that was how I met Janet and Zac. Through 7 years with them, first going through a process of past life remembering and healing, taking part in all their channelling workshops and having many, many conversations with Zac over the years, and then assisting Janet at many of her workshops and continuing my learning from them both at a higher level, I have been well educated and prepared to be able to ‘live my soul purpose’ as Zac called it.

In 2017 he gave me Aliya Soul Evolution to teach, so that I could help and guide others through their own transformation and support them on their unique path in this lifetime.


If you are reading this you most likely resonate with the feeling of having a greater purpose in this life, a mission…or simply a deep desire to life your best and most fulfilling life while bringing about positive change. If you could do anything you’d like in this life, what would that be? What would truly make your heart sing?

This is the lifetime to create change. This is the big one. You have been here many times before, you have accumulated all the knowledge, wisdom and abilities you need for this lifetime. You chose to come here for this time of the great creation of the new – a new humanity and a new Earth. Perhaps you too were born with the potentials of the New Earth encapsulated within you……perhaps all you need to do is to liberate it, set yourself free to fully thrive and grow and create all that your heart desires in this life!


Come join me, set your sails for 2021 and beyond and let’s create this new world that is waiting for us.
We were born for this.
Now is our time.




Benefits of the work I’ve done with Theresa:

•    More love, intuition, synchronicity, creativity, physical and mental energy

•    More confidence in myself and my abilities

•    More connected with nature

•    More empowered and supported

•    A sense of belonging or being part of something bigger than myself

•    A deeper understanding of why I sometimes feel very different to others and why the physical world can feel like a struggle

•    Renewed sense of purpose in life

•    Ideas on how I can develop my career in line with what the world needs

•    Improved feelings of hope and resilience to deal with the chaos of the world

•    Understanding of high and low vibrations and relating it to past experiences

•    Insights into spiritual emergence vs emergency and learning practical ways to be more grounded

•    A different sense of how relationships are formed and how people might be drawn together

•    A different perspective on animals and pets

•    Powerful insights re feminine / masculine energy and world transformation


Benefits of Theresa’s way of working:

•    A healthy, open approach to spirituality (no hierarchy, rules, expectations, unnecessary commitments, exploitation, mind games)

•    Ideas presented in a straightforward, authentic and down-to-earth manner

•    No platitudes, empty statements or distorted spiritual language

•    No diminishing of your personal power through belief in a ‘higher’ power

•    An approach that is congruent with the ‘real’ world and fits with my therapeutic training, ie. all emotions accepted and acknowledged. Not spiritual escapism where only the ‘high’ or positive feelings are allowed.

                                     Bridget Woodward, Wiltshire 


Theresa is a remarkable person in every respect. A truly gifted channel and portal of amazing energy. It’s no coincidence ‘The Collective’ chose her as a channel for their profound, moving and loving knowledge and energy.

Theresa – you are a wonderful, no nonsense, Norwegian multi dimensional gift to us all and thank you for all your help and advice!!

                             Anonymous, Wiltshire


Working with Theresa has been a journey towards an awareness and deeper understanding I would not otherwise have explored. Because of her gentle and wise approach and guidance I dared to open up to new ways of thinking.
So far, it has shown me connections which I did not understand and increased my empathy and knowledge of people and the impact we have on our surroundings. I am forever grateful to Theresa for this and will continue to learn forever now my journey has started.

                           MB, Oxfordshire

You can find more testimonials at theresadahl.com/testimonials

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If you are among the first 15 Aliya participants
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when you pay in advance.

If you would like to read the previous two newsletters where I share more about Aliya Soul Evolution please click on the pictures below.
If you would like to talk to me about Aliya Soul Evolution
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I look forward to hearing from you!
To find out more about my background, my academic qualifications and my formal training please find all this here:




….and remember, you were born for this time!
Let’s set our sails for new horizons and bring Heaven to Earth!

Bringing Heaven to Earth


Dear friends
In yesterday’s newsletter

I invited you to join the first few groups who are starting Aliya Soul Evolution now, and take advantage of the offer of a discount up to £320!

Today I am excited to share with you how
amazing the first module will be.

Take a look at all you can learn and be a part of!

As we embark on Module 1 I look forward to taking you through a journey of exploring, learning, creating, healing, transforming and evolving – and playing! We will have a lot of fun and enjoyment on this journey, and the purpose of Aliya Soul Evolution is upliftment in every respect.
‘Aliya’ is a word which means ascent, ascension or going up, both in Hebrew and in Arabic. As a given name it means ‘the exalted one’.
As you can see, Aliya is about upliftment both in the sense of spiritually evolving, rising higher in our soul evolution, and also about upliftment to a lighter vibrational state of being.


If I were to sum up the overall goal we are working towards in Aliya, in addition to gaining much spiritual knowledge, insight and wisdom, I would say that we are working towards bringing Heaven to Earth.

This was how the Aliya collective first described it when they explained how we are working towards bringing more and more of the higher dimensional aspects of ourself – our higher soul self – into this human incarnation, literally anchoring the higher dimensions here on Earth, embodying them in our human selves.

This is also about becoming love – embodying love – here on Earth, as humans. We return more and more to who we truly are at our core; pure love, and we do so while still being incarnate on Earth, fully human, and enjoying our lives here at this time of the great transformation of humanity.

As we do this we unlock and activate our soul’s amazing superpowers – abilities accumulated through thousands of lifetimes – to be used for the greater good of humanity at this time. You turbocharge the evolution of your fullest potential so you can live the life you truly desire and bring change and transformation to the greater world in this lifetime.


My teaching style is very holistic, drawing on my background from Steiner school (Waldorf school in the US) where I was fortunate to have part of my education growing up. It is very much about learning and evolving in harmony with the Earth, with the natural world and its seasons and rhythms, and joining together the different aspects of us, the whole human being, to bring coherent wholeness to the growth and learning process.


In Module 1 we will cover a broad range of topics and themes, which I look forward to teaching and guiding you through.

✧ The bigger picture of the great shift, the transformation of humanity and how we create the New Earth. Longer term perspectives for the future on Earth. With Aliya Soul Evolution we empower ourselves fully to be able to maximise our ability to create new ways of living on Earth, for our own optimal happiness and fulfilment and for the greater good of the Earth and humanity.

✧ Working closely with the Earth and nature in ways that engage with different aspects of us; physically, energetically, spiritually. We build a strong working relationship with the Earth for the future and we also learn from nature. We will be getting used to working with the energies of nature and the energies of the land, among these we will be working with the energies of trees, animals, plants, flowers, herbs and minerals / crystals. We learn about harmonising with the rhythms and cycles of the Earth, syncing with the consciousness of Gaia. We will learn about sacred sites and places of power, and utilising the power of the land. Here we will also learn about he alchemical power of nature, or ‘Earth Alchemy’.

✧ Working with spirit guides and developing your own working relationship with the Aliya collective, evolving a collaboration with spirit to build on further in later modules. Here we are laying the foundations for co-creating with the universe and becoming spiritually independent.

✧ Learning about the realm of myth and stories, its connection to humanity and how it is becoming more and more important in our transformation. We will particularly be working with dragons and the powerful, loving forces they carry, but also with the mythological realm in general, including archetypes in the divine – gods and goddesses – and how we can learn about ourselves and our own divinity from them.

✧ Dreams and dream interpretation, the subconscious, the soul and symbolism in dreams, as well as in stories and myths. We will also be learning about the role of alchemy in the subconscious mind and its natural tendency to seek healing and balance.

✧ The soul, the anatomy of the soul and the soul’s journey through the lifetimes. Here we will also get a greater understanding on soul themes, soul groups, soul mates etc, and how past lives may influence this life. We will learn about life plans, soul contracts and the freedom from contracts following a collective shift in humanity that happened in 2015. We will also learn about the soul’s dharma – weaving our fabric through many lifetimes. We will get a better understanding of the soul’s hidden superpowers and abilities accumulated through many lives, which we can unlock and utilise in this life.

✧ Love! We will learn about love, self-love, the love from your soul, divine love, different expressions of love through creative endeavour, and we will learn about becoming love: a return to love – returning to who we are at our core – pure love. We will be gaining an understanding about what the Aliya collective call ‘bringing Heaven to Earth’ – embodying the higher aspects of your soul self as a human being and being the change – transforming humanity from the inside. We begin to lay the groundwork for this which we will build on in future modules.

✧ Chakras and our energy body, working with our energy system and developing spiritual core strength. We begin the work towards becoming a spiritual ‘supercomputer’, or even becoming  ‘superhuman’.

✧ Dealing with resistance, blockages, and setbacks on our journey, understanding, identifying and overcoming hurdles. Working with release, flow, acceptance, surrender and trust. This supports our process of learning how to co-create with the universe and working alchemically in unison with the universal forces of creation.

✧ The power of the Heart, understanding the heart from a spiritual and alchemical perspective, learning how to work with the heart and the heart’s wisdom. Here we will also learn about heart coherence in a wider perspective beyond the medical understanding of heart coherence (or heart rate variability). We will also be bringing in the dimension of the Christ Heart and connect with this through our own heart.

✧ Freedom, liberation from the past and allowing ourselves freedom for the future. We work with freedom at a deeper level, involving all aspects of us, so that we can have the freedom to fully soar upwards to greater heights and become lighter in ourselves.

✧ Alchemy, mysticism and sacred geometry. We will learn about the foundations of what alchemy is and how it plays a part in the transformation of the world into a better place – the New Earth. We will be working with very powerful, transformative alchemy energy which is the most effective energy of change, and we will begin to prepare to be able to work alchemically for the Earth and humanity as we progress. We begin to work with sacred geometry and we lay the foundations for powerful alchemical energy work in the future, and for building on our knowledge and understanding of alchemy with more advanced, cutting edge, modern alchemy in later modules.


∙ In Module 1 you get 14 whole workshop days in total, and between workshops you get 12 x individual sessions with me, at 90 minutes each, to help you in your own, unique individual progress.

∙ In addition you get to work with enjoyable, fun, soul nurturing assignments to practice and evolve your learning at home between workshops.

∙ You also receive supportive, uplifting, energising inspiration from me on a regular basis to bring joy, spiritual nourishment and guidance in your everyday life.

∙ Together with the group you join when you sign up to Aliya you become part of a small ‘special forces unit’ for the Earth, where together we take on missions remotely for different locations around the planet, to help the Earth and humanity’s progress at this time. I receive channelled instructions from the Aliya collective and will guide you through it step by step so you can easily join in from the comfort of your home. It is voluntary to take part but I think you will enjoy it!

Remember, everything is online so you can join
Aliya Soul Evolution from anywhere in the world!

Tomorrow I will share with you what makes me uniquely qualified to teach Aliya Soul Evolution, how I went through my own profound soul transformation so that I can help, guide, support and teach others now, and how I was given the concept and framework for Aliya Soul Evolution by spirit to be able to help those who wish to go through their spiritual transformation and learning as part of a small and safe community and in a way that is supported and nurtured. 

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about Aliya Soul Evolution and whether this might be for you now please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

You can also find out more at aliyasoulevolution.com

If you would like to start by working with me in 1-1 sessions first of all and potentially starting Aliya Soul Evolution I would be delighted to have a chat with you to find out how I may help you.

Until tomorrow;
Let’s Bring Heaven to Earth!

It is time to create a new world


Dear friends

It is time to create a new world.
This is what we are doing with ALIYA Soul Evolution. We are being the change, and we are creating the change.

Humanity is going through a collective spiritual transformation; a transformation of the human spirit, what it means to be human and what it means to live on Earth. Many are giving their opinion on this and on what is going on in the world. What I say is this: we lead by example.

Many years ago I came across a soap dish in a shop that sold all kinds of fun and curious things. The soap dish had printed on it:



I thought this was such a great pledge to be reminded of every morning that I bought it and I have treasured it ever since. We do not always succeed in living up to our ideals but it is good to be reminded of them, especially in challenging times. I think the times we are going through as a global family now need us to be true and brave and to lead by example.


In my July newsletter I wrote about the New Tree of Life, and that Metatron had showed me how the old tree of life is dead and disintegrating while the new tree of life is growing up to take its place. This is a metaphor for what is happening in the world, with humanity, but this is also happening on an individual level for many, in different ways. It does not mean that it has to be a challenging, traumatic process in our own lives, more that it may offer a way of seeing that the changes happening carry within them the potential for new growth, new directions, perhaps a whole new life!

In the talk that Janet Treloar and Zac gave in Salisbury in January Zac talked about how, due to the ending of many cycles in the human collective experience, we were at a point where we had to actively choose to spiral up rather than inadvertently falling into a downward spiral. He explained that when we experience completions we may feel tempted to take a rest and breathe out. However, in this instance, he said, that ‘breathing out’ could easily become the beginning of a ‘spiralling down’. This year in particular it has felt more important than ever to follow his advice to make active choices to spiral up and not allow ourselves to spiral down.

The forces of destruction that are breaking down the old tree of life – we can think of the equivalent to the natural forces of destruction such as parasites, fungi, beetles and so on – are working hard this year, dismantling the outdated, unhealthy, unsustainable, imbalanced structures and systems in the world. It is not a pleasant experience, but if we choose to keep spiralling up and keep our focus on the new tree of life, the new life, the new world, we can thrive. We can live a life full of growth, hope, excitement, empowerment, creation and joy. This is what the new tree of life represents, and it is already here. We just have to choose to spiral up, to keep our perspective on the new and choose to exist within the forces of growth that are building the new tree.

What are those forces? Those are the forces of love, empathy, compassion, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, equality, solidarity, mutual respect and a reverence for all life. They are the forces of seeing the divine within all, also within ourselves.
This can sometimes be easier said than done. There is a reason why the first module of ALIYA Soul Evolution is called ‘Liberation from the Past’. This was the title Zac gave module 1 when he first gave me the framework for ALIYA three years ago. Liberation from the Past is what allows Transformation for the Future (which is the title of module 2). However, going with the flow of transformation can be challenging if we have unresolved pain from the past. Whether this is something unresolved from the past in this life or the past in other lives (and it can often be both), feeling held back somehow from following our heart’s true desire and living our most fulfilling lives can show up in different ways. It can show itself as resistance, inner conflict, not trusting oneself (or not trusting life). It can manifest as procrastination, self-sabotage, externalisation (focussing on external events or other people’s lives to avoid inner focus or feeling), and it can show up as escapism into work or seeking to regulate (or numb) the nervous system through addictive behaviours.

What I have just described above will probably be true for every single person at some point in life. It is not a list of shame, it is simply a part of the human experience.

There are many ways we as human beings cope with what we have to deal with in life, but Liberation from the Past is about freedom from the root causes that are causing us to develop coping mechanisms. Liberation from the past is about deep inner freedom, the kind of freedom that allows us to truly live, to truly be free in ourselves and in our lives, to go beyond coping mechanisms – in short, to transcend.

Both in Aliya and in my other 1-1 work we always work on both a human personality level and on a soul level. The two are not separate, naturally! A human being would not exist without the soul, but the human aspect of us has been shaped by our experiences in this life (mainly) while the soul aspect has been shaped by thousands of lifetimes. We are a product of our past, but also of our hopes and dreams for the future. This is why Liberation from the Past is so important for us in order to be free to fully create the future of our dreams.

Whether on a global scale or in our individual lives, a better future cannot be created unless we allow ourselves freedom from what has been. The New Tree of Life cannot grow up unless the Old Tree of Life is allowed to die. Just as the cycles of nature are built on the cycles of death and rebirth, so also is human nature.
In practice, this means we surrender to the forces that are building the New Tree of Life; it means we surrender to love, it means we surrender to forgiveness – both for ourselves and for others – it means we surrender to compassion, it means we surrender to generosity of spirit, to kindness, to the inner peace that comes from allowing all this into our hearts. It means we surrender to the balance of giving and receiving, to love for others and love for ourselves, it means we surrender the fight against our heart’s truest and highest desire – the soul’s desire.



If you would like to find out more about ALIYA Soul Evolution please do not hesitate to contact me for further details, and you can also read more on aliyasoulevolution.com.


If you would like to work with me in 1-1 sessions outside of ALIYA Soul Evolution you can read more about this here, and I would be delighted to hear from you for an informal chat to find out how I may be able to help you.



Finally, a little reminder from my channelling blog Happy Earthling to…

You are not powerless. You are powerful. You have much power in you.
Draw on it.
Create the day you want. Create the life you want. Create the relationships you want. Create the world you want.

Find the power within you, it is there! Not through force, not through anger or fear; find it through love and forgiveness, compassion.
Find your freedom through your own creator power. Most humans have put their own power into a prison, or they have allowed others to imprison it – sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of guilt, a belief that they do not deserve power.
Be not afraid of your own power. If you find your core of love and connect with this, your power will be aligned with love. When you live from love, live in love, your creator powers will flow with your love. Forgive yourself – for all the times that you have misused your power, for the times you have created that which you later regretted. Trial and error – you learn from it. Forgive yourself and embrace the learning, embrace your wisdom. Let it go hand in hand with your power. Set them free together.

Join your love, your wisdom and your power – these three together create a beautiful flow, a force for good. So embrace your power and use it to flow forwards, to create beauty, to spread love, to shine and radiate all that is good.

Love yourself, love your power. It is good.

From happy-earthling.org/find-your-power/


Welcome to ALIYA Soul Evolution


Dear friends
It is a great joy and honour to share with you the launch of the new version of

ALIYA Soul Evolution is a series of new and innovative courses helping you liberate and evolve your greatest soul potential. They have been channelled from a collective of wise and loving higher beings who are helping the Earth and humanity through this time of great transformations and challenges.
These courses are a result of their wish to connect with us and help us as individuals and as a global family to progress with more ease and speed towards a better future on Earth.


We live in exciting and historic times; The Great Shift that has been prophesied by many cultures for thousands of years. There has been much change on Earth in the last few years and more is coming. As humanity is changing its ways of life, its systems, its politics, its power structures, its communication forms between people locally and globally, the old ways that have dominated for thousands of years are rapidly breaking down. In recent times especially we have seen big changes happening ever faster, and it can often feel distressing. Many of the old structures, mindsets and ways of living are becoming obsolete, and we are experiencing much chaos.

But in the midst of chaos new things can emerge; new ways of living, new ways of thinking, new ways of relating to one another, new systems for our way of life on Earth, for agriculture, manufacture, education, business, art, culture and all aspects of our society. This is not only a time of chaos, it is also an era of golden opportunities. When the old structures fall, the old power balances break up, the old ways are let go of, each and every one of us has the freedom to create the new – a new way of life for ourselves, but also the new society that we want to live in.

We all carry the seeds of the new within us. We are all equal in our creative potential for the future. We have within us what we need to create the life we want for ourselves, for our family, for our world. Whether we focus on our own life or we aim to influence the wider world, we unlock our greatest potentials by going within. For it is within us that we find the pathways to our inherent soul wisdom, our divinity, our freedom and our superpowers.

This is why ALIYA Soul Evolution was created. It offers a safe and effective framework within which you can venture into your soul’s unique greatness and discover its purest love, its greatest freedom, its accumulated wisdom, skills and multidimensionality. By reconnecting with these aspects of yourself and anchoring them more and more into your humanness, you manifest your eternal, divine soul self in your human self in ways that allow for unlimited potential to emerge and manifest. This is evolution of the soul, and evolution of human nature, and it is what the collective call ‘bringing Heaven to Earth’.

This is how we find our superpowers, our hidden abilities, inner light, strength and peace. This is how we can expand our potentials as frontrunners for the new world; the innovators, the creative forces for the future, the light bearers who show the way to a better world, better ways of living on Earth. These courses are intended to make that journey easier for you. The ALIYA collective is here to help you develop your greatest potentials and activate your latent abilities, to guide and support you on your new adventures in this golden age of possibilities, open up your free flow of creativity and divine inspiration, help you follow your dreams of bringing forth new ideas, new innovations, new systems or new ways of living on Earth.


The Courses

ALIYA Soul Evolution begins with a foundation course which gives you a solid and broad foundation (naturally!) for any direction you choose to take in the future. Here we unlock and enhance your soul’s inherent superpowers, accumulated wisdom and skills from many lifetimes.

You also learn everything you need to set you up to work successfully with a range of advanced modules. These will provide opportunities for further growth in any aspect of yourself or your life that you choose to focus on, and include exciting new learning to benefit not only yourself but also the Earth and humanity on a larger scale.

There will be new, innovative and cutting edge information including pioneering new understandings in the intersection of science and spirituality. This is being given to Earth now as part of the Great Shift and our building of a new world and a new humanity.

To sum it up in the words of the collective: “To infinity and beyond!”


Foundation Course

The foundation course runs through three modules:

1. Liberation from the past
2. Transformation for the future
3. Aligning the self for ascension

The collective has given this analogy for it:

Imagine a young plant that is being smothered by weeds. The liberation process is about removing the weeds and freeing the plant. The transformation process is about the plant being free to stretch up towards the sun and the sky, straighten up and become stronger and more self-supporting, re-aligning its stem and limbs, and the ascension process is about the plant fully thriving, blossoming, growing tall and strong and proud and invincible.

The foundation course includes

✧ Factual learning to give you a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon

✧ Exercises and meditations for experiential learning, exploration and support

✧ The collective working with the group directly through live channelling

✧ Channelling of alchemy energy for profound liberation, transformation and enhancement

✧ Channelling of ancient soul languages that speak to you at a deep soul level

✧ Practical experience of a range of subjects including energy work

✧ Working together remotely as a group in service to Gaia, as a task force to support the Earth

✧ Time for questions and sharing of experiences

✧ Practice and assignments to deepen your learning and enhance your progress

✧ Individual 1-1 sessions with me to support you on your own unique journey

✧  Fun, laughter and lightheartedness


The course is taught through

•    Online workshops at regular intervals in small and comfortable groups
•    Practice and assignments between each workshop
•    1-1 sessions with me online, or in person should you prefer this.

In addition each group receives regular emails from me to support, uplift, inspire and bring joy to everyday life.


In order for me to make sure ALIYA Soul Evolution can give you the best possible experience, and that you get to make the most of it, some 1-1 work with me is needed in advance of the course. This may be only a few online sessions, just so I get to know you and your situation, and the collective may wish to work with you a little in preparation for the course. If you have already worked with me this may not be needed.

For further information including costs, duration and more details please contact me. Prices are kept as low as possible to make ALIYA affordable, including heavily discounted 1-1 sessions for all ALIYA participants. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Please include a phone number I can reach you on. Remember to check your spam filter / junkmail if you do not receive an email reply from me.

You can read more about ALIYA on


The Collective Welcome You

I will let the ALIYA collective introduce themselves through this message they gave for those who feel drawn to the courses. I hope you feel their love and excitement shining through in the text!

The Earth is undergoing a pivotal phase in its development, and humanity must choose the future they want, humanity must create the future they want, the society they want and the way of living they want.

This particular period is something that has been foreseen for centuries, even millennia, and you have all known this for many, many lifetimes. Many of those souls who are currently incarnate on Earth now chose to be part of this period of great transformations. And all of you are no exception.

This lifetime has a bigger purpose, a purpose that is seen in a wider context, encompassing many lifetimes both in the past and in the future. You have been going through many lifetimes of training, learning and experience for this time, many lifetimes building up to this one. And you all have everything you need for this lifetime already within you, safely contained within your being.

Think of it as a time capsule; all that you have learnt in other lifetimes you can now draw on in this lifetime, all your skills, knowledge, wisdom, experience – and all your connections, your aquaintances, your friends and allies from other lives, other places than Earth.

This is what we are doing now, we are here – on our side of the veil, and you are on Earth as a human. But you are our old friends, our old collaborators and in some cases even family. This is a team effort between you and us, between humans and….well….all the other kinds of beings that we are in our group.
We are many, and we are varied, and we have all the skills and resources needed to help you in your quest to transform the Earth into the most wonderful place to live.

You can do it, and you are not alone. There are also so many other humans who want the same, who yearn for a beautiful Earth, a beautiful community on Earth. So do not think that you would be fighting against the tide. The time has come, the tide has turned and so many want to go in the same direction as you. This is what we will be helping you with – not just now, on this course, but for the rest of your time on Earth, should you so wish. We are here for the long run.


If you would like to read more about me, and about my background, training and how ALIYA Soul Evolution came into being please click on these highlighted links in the text or explore the website aliyasoulevolution.com.

You can also find testimonials from clients who have worked with me through different modalities over the years.

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Finally, I wish you a wonderful weekend and leave you with these words about..

The Magic of Aliya

ALIYA is an adventure and a warm and safe space all at once.
It is where the sacred begins and the mundane ends.
It is where a path of gold is woven, to become the fabric of your life.

And we weave a path of magic
with golden threads from the story of your soul,
from who you are, who you have been and who you are becoming.
We weave a path of magic from the wisdom of the Earth,
from the love of the Earth and the beauty of nature.
We weave a path of magic from the land of myths and stories,
and from those who have gone before us.
We weave a path of magic from the inner and the outer,
from the sacred heart of love, and from the shield and sword
that have seen so many battles and won so many wars.
And we weave a path of magic from the peace that lasts forever
from the glory of your soul.

We weave a path of magic from the golden threads of those
who have walked the path before us
and left their threads of magic,
wisdom, love and beauty out
for all those other seekers on the path of love
who weave their way towards the Heavens.

For we are many and we weave a new path of magic
from magic itself.


With love,

Overcoming is part of becoming

Dear friends

This lifetime is all about transcendence.

I have heard this sentence in my channelling over and over for years now.

Transcendence is liberation from the past while gaining the wisdom from it. The memories no longer hold pain, the emotions have been washed away, but the wisdom has been retained. Transcendence of the past is that alchemical process which creates gold out of lead, freedom and wisdom synthesised out of past pain and trauma. (From December 2019 newsletter)

Transcendence is about freedom – freedom from the past, freedom from pain, freedom from limitations, freedom from fear – freedom to become.

Becoming is the natural progression of life. All life seeks to become, always – to become new, to become greater, to become a different form. All is in development, progress, renewal, cycles of change, growth, death and rebirth. Becoming is part of the nature of things here on Earth.


As old cycles – long and short – closed out last year (as shared here) we are in a new era now. Humanity has just started a new cycle – or cycles – of experience. New cycles of experience means new experiences, and for new experiences to occur we have to allow change. We have to allow ourselves – whether collectively as humankind, or individually in our own lives – to become something else, someone else, to transcend the past, to overcome what is holding us back.

We have the freedom now to change course, to change direction, to change tack, to change our experiences, to change how we feel and how we think – we have the freedom to become what we wish, to become ever greater, to go beyond what we have been before, done before, believed before, seen before.

Change can be challenging. Even in nature change takes willpower and it takes time. But if the smallest creatures in nature can change, so can we. Humanity are masters of change – if we allow it. In our struggles we have on our side enormous capacity for intellect, for thinking, for analysis, for finding solutions. We are masters of innovation.

However, sometimes change through intellect can be frustrating, slow, we can hit blocks and obstacles that our mind cannot analyse away.



This is a sentence I channelled from Christ earlier this year.

As you will know from my earlier newsletters and events, the Christ Heart Energy was brought to Earth at the end of last year and came in like a wave, growing to a crescendo around Easter this year. The Christ Heart Energy has immense potential and power – and at its core it is pure love. It also holds grace, and it holds forgiveness. It is a potent mix for change, for overcoming, for transcendence. All we have to do is to allow it into our hearts, to surrender to it, to surrender to love.


We are becoming a different humanity now, and we are all – however long it may take – becoming ‘a new self’. This is the power of the Christ Heart, this is the power of love, this is the power of transcendence, of overcoming. This is the power of allowing the past to fade into the past, to remain in the past. For there is a new world to enjoy, and there is a new self to enjoy, and there are new opportunities to enjoy. The New Earth is here if we choose to step into it.

Surrender to love, move beyond the past and open your arms – and your heart – to the new.

In my 1 – 1 work with clients a theme that often comes up is the overcoming of hurdles, of limitations or patterns that hold them back from free and full expansion of all that they are and all that they can be. I never cease to be amazed by the incredible power and potential that is just waiting to be set free – power and potential that I believe can change the world. So often, I can so clearly see and sense the immensity of a client’s power to transform the world around them, transform other people’s lives and transform humanity on a greater scale. Often they have behind them years and years of deep inner work, as well as training, qualifications and professional experience. What they seek help with can sometimes be just the final overcoming, breaking through the final dam so they can flow forwards with unlimited power, ease and speed.

If ever there was a time for miracles it is now. Due to Earth’s own vibrational frequency having increased so much in recent years there are things we can do now that have never been possible before in the history of the Earth. Those who have lived hundreds of lifetimes of spiritual and energy work – as priests and priestesses, shamans, healers – have accumulated great ability and inner knowledge in their soul. Now, more than at any other time, these can be expanded and taken even further, simply due to what is possible within the laws of physics on Earth now. It is just about unlocking – liberating – our soul’s accumulated superpowers and expanding them and honing them for a new time and a new way of living and working on Earth.

It is about overcoming past limitations in order to become ever greater, to become fully free in ourselves, to become superhuman. The key, as always, is in the core of love, it is in forgiveness – of ourselves and of others – and it is in grace. The Christ Heart Energy helps us with this. It is after all one of the greatest superpowers in existence. It unlocks our own superpowers.

When all other options have been exhausted the only way out is to surrender to love.

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