Metatron & The New Tree of Life

Dear friends

If there is one word to describe this year I think it has to be ‘change’. Those of you who have read my blog posts or received my newsletters for a while know that I have been saying for the last few years that “a new era is coming – it’s not even a new chapter, it’s a whole new era!” Three years ago I kept hearing in my channelling the expression ‘a tectonic shift’. I think it is fair to say we are seeing a tectonic shift now – on every level.

The angel Metatron, in some traditions known as the highest angel, is one of those who both speak through me and work through me energetically. When he first started channelling through me I didn’t know much about him, I simply heard his name and had to look him up afterwards. When I asked him if he could explain who he is I heard ‘architect of this universe’. He showed me how he had been given the task of being in charge of building this universe, and that he oversaw the Elohim – the creator gods. Metatron has many names in many cultures and one of his famous ones is Thoth, the Egyptian god of science, building, writing and other related areas.

When I channel energy from him through my body I often see with my inner eye streams and streams of what looks similar to computer coding running downward, very much like in this image from the film The Matrix.

Interestingly, some clients have told me – without me mentioning this – that they see this very same thing when they receive energy channelling from him through me. Metatron explained early on that when he channels energy through me in this way what he is actually doing is ‘changing the coding’ of the client.

This can be helpful when there are difficult blocks, deep rooted fears and so on from the past – often from past lives. As part of a wider process of change Metatron can help by changing our ‘computer coding’ when we struggle to overcome stubborn obstacles or patterns, or to release and let go of past experiences. The architect of the universe is not a bad option in this case!


One of the images Metatron has shown me this year has been the old Tree of Life dead and disintegrating, and a new Tree of Life growing up in its place. It is such a beautiful analogy of what humanity is going through, both on an individual level and collectively.

The Tree of Life is an old symbol that can have many interpretations. It can symbolise the individual soul, with our chakra system corresponding to the ‘core’ of the tree as it were, and indeed a few years ago I channelled information explaining that due to so many old cycles and old soul agreements coming to an end for many people, the entire chakra system and energy body was being cleared out, healed and rebuilt one chakra after the other, starting from the ground and going up. In this regard, the new Tree of Life is our new chakra system and energy body growing and rising in this new era.

On a wider scale the New Tree of Life growing while the old, dead Tree of Life is disintegrating is symbolic of every level of community; it is happening with soul groups where we are seeing these being changed, re-organised, and new constellations and soul groups formed; we are seeing processes of change, perhaps processes of ‘death and rebirth’ in relationships, families, communities, organisations, nations and international relations between countries. We are seeing it globally across all of humanity – the breakdown of structures of the past, and creation of new structures, new Trees of Life growing everywhere!


This process of ‘the great shift’ will be going on for a while still on a global level, but on an individual level we are free to choose our own pace – and our own direction. We are free to choose what we want to create for the future, in ourselves and in our own lives.

We are in the new era now. Humanity- on a collective level – ended the old cycles last year, and what I am experiencing in my work with clients is that people are taking huge leaps now in liberating themselves from the past – both from this life and other lifetimes. Metatron is helping in this process, making it easier, quicker and less painful. When it is appropriate as part of the process he is more than happy to help us change by ‘changing our coding’.


If you would like help with your process of change – whatever yours is – I can work with you wherever you are. You can read about the different ways I work with clients if you click on the picture below.
Almost everything I do can be done online. Even the energy channelling works just as well at a distance as in person, and online sessions are just as powerful and enjoyable. If you would like to discuss with me how I may be able to help you please contact me for an informal chat.


In the near future I will be sharing some exciting new launches which you may also be interested in, so keep an eye out for that!

The different avenues of my work, all in all, cover all aspects of the human being  – physical, mental, emotional and spritual – and also our environment, so I am working to nurture and grow the New Tree of Life in every possible way I can! 

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…and with that I wish you a very happy Monday and a good week!

Ancient languages & powerful love


Dear friends

Some years ago I began to channel ancient languages. Different versions and varieties came through, and different dialects of the same core language. When I asked what these languages were I was given the answer that these were ancient soul languages; languages that speak directly to the soul. These languages are ancient beyond our Earth history, and they are common throughout the universe. Animals understand them too, as does nature.

Since then I have channelled these languages at my talks, live channelling events, at workshops and in my 1-1 work with clients. It has always been interesting to hear people’s feedback afterwards. Everyone seems to experience it differently; some people have visions, some experience physical sensations, some ‘hear’ clear messages or have inner knowings. Some simply enjoy being ‘in the flow’ created by these languages.

Sometimes people tell me it connected with a place deep within them and awakened feelings of ancient memories and recognition of a part of them they had not previously been aware of. For some it has awakened their own ability to speak these languages too. Each person engages with the experience in their own unique way, and I have been both delighted and fascinated to hear their accounts of this. What comes up again and again is that people say “I felt that I understood that language even though I didn’t know the words”. Sometimes people feel it reminds them of Polynesian languages, sometimes I feel it reminds me of the Sami language of Northern Scandinavia.


Why am I sharing this with you now?
This is a time when I think many are experiencing deep and ancient parts of ourselves coming up to the surface. We carry energies – or memories if you like – from our own soul’s journey through many eras, and we also carry energies from our generational lineage – our family history – as well as from the human collective experience throughout millennia.

A few days ago I watched ‘Where do we go from here?’, a conversation between black American leaders, academics, artists, politicians and more, hosted by Oprah Winfrey. It was deeply thought provoking, illuminating, educational, inspirational and emotional. The British-American actor and producer David Oyelowo who played Dr Martin Luther King Jr in the 2014 film Selma was among those on the panel. He said something that stood out to me in the context of deep parts of ourselves surfacing.
Referring to the brutal and traumatising killing of the black American man George Floyd, who died as a result of a white police officer deliberately choking him to death by pushing his knee onto Floyd’s neck for nine minutes, Oyelowo said:
“The knee on the neck is so symbolic of so much. It is something I didn’t realise that I had internalised in a way that makes it difficult for me to function. I didn’t realise how deep the wounds were. I have spent so much of the last two weeks crying.” 

I imagine he may have verbalised something that probably resonates with many among the black community, not only in the United States, but also in the UK and elsewhere. The knee on the neck is symbolic of so much – so much suppression, abuse, terror, injustice, dehumanisation, slavery. The knee on the neck is symbolic of a belief that human beings are not all equal, that some are lower and some are higher, that there is a hierarchy of inherent value.

I have spent much of the last two weeks thinking about what I can do as a white person; to support, to be an ally, to show where I stand. I believe that what my role is depends on the context and the situation. I do not wish to take up space in contexts where there are black voices, but I do wish to show my support.

Within the context of my newsletters, which I am aware go out to an audience consisting of a majority of white people, and which by and large relate to different aspects of my work, I wanted to speak about this topic in a way that I hope may make a difference within this arena and hopefully beyond. It is by no means an attempt to distract from the very important global conversation about racism by trying to shift focus over to my own perspective, more that it is my hope it may support and empower all of us – regardless of the colour of our skin – to embody the transformation of our global human society into a fair, just, equal, peaceful and harmonious one.

This is one of the reasons why I speak of the deep and ancient parts of ourselves. Perhaps one of the biggest questions we may ask ourselves is “What within me is holding me back from being there fully for others now, standing up for justice, and living true and genuine empathy and solidarity in the real world now?” 

So often when we talk about the great injustices of the past; the horrors of nazism and the holocaust in the 1930s and 40s, the European and American slave trade which existed for several centuries, the inquisition by the Church in medieval times and so on, we all like to believe that in the face of such horrors we would have been on the right side of history, we would have taken the side of the oppressed, we would have made heroic efforts in one way or another.
However, the deep and ancient parts of us, of our soul memory and the collective and ancestral energies, can carry much fear of speaking out, standing up, taking a stand, being seen and heard. Not only that, they can also carry hidden shame for having been on the wrong side of history; shame for having been the abuser, the slave owner, the nazi, the perpetrator – or having this in our ancestral line. The human being is complex, the human collective energies are complex, and our souls have a long and complex history. We may not always understand our feelings, our fears, our emotions, or the parts of us that exist deep within, but that does not mean that they don’t hold power. And fear and shame are among the most powerful forces in the world.

However, there is one that is more powerful and that is love. Love is the strongest force in the world. Love has the power to overcome all else, to heal the deepest wounds, to overcome fear and shame.

We all have that kind of love within us. We really do.
At our core we are made of love, and within this core we have immense and unlimited power. That is the kind of power that can overcome anything, that is the kind of power that can change worlds.


Dr Martin Luther King Jr said


This is the kind of powerful love that we all have within us. It is the kind of love we are made of. Our soul has it and our humanness has it.

As so much of the deep and ancient parts of us are surfacing – both individually and collectively – it is important to remember that our core of love is always the strongest force; that powerful love that can overcome anything that may be holding us back, any fear, any shame, anything that makes us choose what is easy instead of what is right – that powerful love that can change the course of history.

My website and my newsletters have always had the tagline ‘Together we create The New Earth’. This is not just an empty slogan. It holds many things;
it holds solidarity, equality, diversity within oneness, it holds empowerment of all, it holds determination and persistence, it holds a ‘never give up’ attitude, it holds love, it holds grace and it holds unity.

Draw on your core of powerful love, draw on the kind of powerful love that Dr King talked about. Be part of the forces of powerful love that change the course of history in our time. Together we create The New Earth.


For this newsletter I felt that I wanted to share some of the ancient soul languages with you. I hope you enjoy it! Perhaps you may find it inspiring or intriguing – perhaps you may even feel a resonance in your core of powerful love within! Click on the image below to listen….

I wonder if you feel a recognition with this language?
As I was channelling I could see clear images in my mind, but as I know that these languages give each person who hears them a different experience I don’t want to influence yours, other than to say that it felt very positive and encouraging. I would love to hear what you make of it, whatever your experience is, so please feel free to email me with your feedback!
I would also like to invite you to send me your thoughts on the issues I have raised in this newsletter. Conversations about this are important, conversations can spark change, and conversations can be healing and empowering in themselves. I look forward to hearing from you!


Finally, I would like to share this text that I channelled some years ago but which I feel couldn’t be more relevant now.
This text was given by Ignatius of Loyola.

Energetic Memory
The human mind carries much energetic memory from times past.
There is a trail of memories from earlier times, from centuries of human experiences. It is time to clear some of this energetic memory, for it does not serve you anymore. The trials, tribulations and trauma of earlier societies have been carried down the lineage, through the generations, and of course in the memories from your own past lives too.

Much of what is holding you back now, blocking the flow forwards, is old energy, old memories of persecution, imprisonment, tyranny, a lack of freedom. Humankind has experienced much of this through the centuries and therefore much of this fear energy still sits in you. But it is no longer necessary. You are better off shedding the energetic memory of being persecuted for your values, beliefs, your freedom, for wanting a fair and free society. Let go of the fear, let go of the trauma, let go of the thinking that makes you expect persecution, struggle, danger if you speak your truth. It is time now to shed these old energies from large groups of people. When many shed this thinking it will help tip the balance for the rest of society to move more easily towards free thinking, freedom of speech, freedom of belief, respect and love and compassion for all.

Take your freedom for granted. Expect freedom. Expect fairness. Expect good things. Break away from the old patterns, the old prejudices, the old ways of organising society into ‘us’ and ‘them’. See all human beings for what they truly are – your equals.

Create a new energetic reality and from that you will create a new physical reality. Let go of the old energies that hold so much suffering, memories of injustice, violence, fear and struggle. Free yourself from your soul’s memories of trauma, and free yourself from humanity’s shared energetic memory. Release it, let it go back to the past, and embrace the new world, the new reality where you are free to create the world – the life – that you truly want.


With much love,

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