It is time to create a new world


Dear friends

It is time to create a new world.
This is what we are doing with ALIYA Soul Evolution. We are being the change, and we are creating the change.

Humanity is going through a collective spiritual transformation; a transformation of the human spirit, what it means to be human and what it means to live on Earth. Many are giving their opinion on this and on what is going on in the world. What I say is this: we lead by example.

Many years ago I came across a soap dish in a shop that sold all kinds of fun and curious things. The soap dish had printed on it:



I thought this was such a great pledge to be reminded of every morning that I bought it and I have treasured it ever since. We do not always succeed in living up to our ideals but it is good to be reminded of them, especially in challenging times. I think the times we are going through as a global family now need us to be true and brave and to lead by example.


In my July newsletter I wrote about the New Tree of Life, and that Metatron had showed me how the old tree of life is dead and disintegrating while the new tree of life is growing up to take its place. This is a metaphor for what is happening in the world, with humanity, but this is also happening on an individual level for many, in different ways. It does not mean that it has to be a challenging, traumatic process in our own lives, more that it may offer a way of seeing that the changes happening carry within them the potential for new growth, new directions, perhaps a whole new life!

In the talk that Janet Treloar and Zac gave in Salisbury in January Zac talked about how, due to the ending of many cycles in the human collective experience, we were at a point where we had to actively choose to spiral up rather than inadvertently falling into a downward spiral. He explained that when we experience completions we may feel tempted to take a rest and breathe out. However, in this instance, he said, that ‘breathing out’ could easily become the beginning of a ‘spiralling down’. This year in particular it has felt more important than ever to follow his advice to make active choices to spiral up and not allow ourselves to spiral down.

The forces of destruction that are breaking down the old tree of life – we can think of the equivalent to the natural forces of destruction such as parasites, fungi, beetles and so on – are working hard this year, dismantling the outdated, unhealthy, unsustainable, imbalanced structures and systems in the world. It is not a pleasant experience, but if we choose to keep spiralling up and keep our focus on the new tree of life, the new life, the new world, we can thrive. We can live a life full of growth, hope, excitement, empowerment, creation and joy. This is what the new tree of life represents, and it is already here. We just have to choose to spiral up, to keep our perspective on the new and choose to exist within the forces of growth that are building the new tree.

What are those forces? Those are the forces of love, empathy, compassion, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, equality, solidarity, mutual respect and a reverence for all life. They are the forces of seeing the divine within all, also within ourselves.
This can sometimes be easier said than done. There is a reason why the first module of ALIYA Soul Evolution is called ‘Liberation from the Past’. This was the title Zac gave module 1 when he first gave me the framework for ALIYA three years ago. Liberation from the Past is what allows Transformation for the Future (which is the title of module 2). However, going with the flow of transformation can be challenging if we have unresolved pain from the past. Whether this is something unresolved from the past in this life or the past in other lives (and it can often be both), feeling held back somehow from following our heart’s true desire and living our most fulfilling lives can show up in different ways. It can show itself as resistance, inner conflict, not trusting oneself (or not trusting life). It can manifest as procrastination, self-sabotage, externalisation (focussing on external events or other people’s lives to avoid inner focus or feeling), and it can show up as escapism into work or seeking to regulate (or numb) the nervous system through addictive behaviours.

What I have just described above will probably be true for every single person at some point in life. It is not a list of shame, it is simply a part of the human experience.

There are many ways we as human beings cope with what we have to deal with in life, but Liberation from the Past is about freedom from the root causes that are causing us to develop coping mechanisms. Liberation from the past is about deep inner freedom, the kind of freedom that allows us to truly live, to truly be free in ourselves and in our lives, to go beyond coping mechanisms – in short, to transcend.

Both in Aliya and in my other 1-1 work we always work on both a human personality level and on a soul level. The two are not separate, naturally! A human being would not exist without the soul, but the human aspect of us has been shaped by our experiences in this life (mainly) while the soul aspect has been shaped by thousands of lifetimes. We are a product of our past, but also of our hopes and dreams for the future. This is why Liberation from the Past is so important for us in order to be free to fully create the future of our dreams.

Whether on a global scale or in our individual lives, a better future cannot be created unless we allow ourselves freedom from what has been. The New Tree of Life cannot grow up unless the Old Tree of Life is allowed to die. Just as the cycles of nature are built on the cycles of death and rebirth, so also is human nature.
In practice, this means we surrender to the forces that are building the New Tree of Life; it means we surrender to love, it means we surrender to forgiveness – both for ourselves and for others – it means we surrender to compassion, it means we surrender to generosity of spirit, to kindness, to the inner peace that comes from allowing all this into our hearts. It means we surrender to the balance of giving and receiving, to love for others and love for ourselves, it means we surrender the fight against our heart’s truest and highest desire – the soul’s desire.



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Finally, a little reminder from my channelling blog Happy Earthling to…

You are not powerless. You are powerful. You have much power in you.
Draw on it.
Create the day you want. Create the life you want. Create the relationships you want. Create the world you want.

Find the power within you, it is there! Not through force, not through anger or fear; find it through love and forgiveness, compassion.
Find your freedom through your own creator power. Most humans have put their own power into a prison, or they have allowed others to imprison it – sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of guilt, a belief that they do not deserve power.
Be not afraid of your own power. If you find your core of love and connect with this, your power will be aligned with love. When you live from love, live in love, your creator powers will flow with your love. Forgive yourself – for all the times that you have misused your power, for the times you have created that which you later regretted. Trial and error – you learn from it. Forgive yourself and embrace the learning, embrace your wisdom. Let it go hand in hand with your power. Set them free together.

Join your love, your wisdom and your power – these three together create a beautiful flow, a force for good. So embrace your power and use it to flow forwards, to create beauty, to spread love, to shine and radiate all that is good.

Love yourself, love your power. It is good.



Metatron & The New Tree of Life

Dear friends

If there is one word to describe this year I think it has to be ‘change’. Those of you who have read my blog posts or received my newsletters for a while know that I have been saying for the last few years that “a new era is coming – it’s not even a new chapter, it’s a whole new era!” Three years ago I kept hearing in my channelling the expression ‘a tectonic shift’. I think it is fair to say we are seeing a tectonic shift now – on every level.

The angel Metatron, in some traditions known as the highest angel, is one of those who both speak through me and work through me energetically. When he first started channelling through me I didn’t know much about him, I simply heard his name and had to look him up afterwards. When I asked him if he could explain who he is I heard ‘architect of this universe’. He showed me how he had been given the task of being in charge of building this universe, and that he oversaw the Elohim – the creator gods. Metatron has many names in many cultures and one of his famous ones is Thoth, the Egyptian god of science, building, writing and other related areas.

When I channel energy from him through my body I often see with my inner eye streams and streams of what looks similar to computer coding running downward, very much like in this image from the film The Matrix.

Interestingly, some clients have told me – without me mentioning this – that they see this very same thing when they receive energy channelling from him through me. Metatron explained early on that when he channels energy through me in this way what he is actually doing is ‘changing the coding’ of the client.

This can be helpful when there are difficult blocks, deep rooted fears and so on from the past – often from past lives. As part of a wider process of change Metatron can help by changing our ‘computer coding’ when we struggle to overcome stubborn obstacles or patterns, or to release and let go of past experiences. The architect of the universe is not a bad option in this case!


One of the images Metatron has shown me this year has been the old Tree of Life dead and disintegrating, and a new Tree of Life growing up in its place. It is such a beautiful analogy of what humanity is going through, both on an individual level and collectively.

The Tree of Life is an old symbol that can have many interpretations. It can symbolise the individual soul, with our chakra system corresponding to the ‘core’ of the tree as it were, and indeed a few years ago I channelled information explaining that due to so many old cycles and old soul agreements coming to an end for many people, the entire chakra system and energy body was being cleared out, healed and rebuilt one chakra after the other, starting from the ground and going up. In this regard, the new Tree of Life is our new chakra system and energy body growing and rising in this new era.

On a wider scale the New Tree of Life growing while the old, dead Tree of Life is disintegrating is symbolic of every level of community; it is happening with soul groups where we are seeing these being changed, re-organised, and new constellations and soul groups formed; we are seeing processes of change, perhaps processes of ‘death and rebirth’ in relationships, families, communities, organisations, nations and international relations between countries. We are seeing it globally across all of humanity – the breakdown of structures of the past, and creation of new structures, new Trees of Life growing everywhere!


This process of ‘the great shift’ will be going on for a while still on a global level, but on an individual level we are free to choose our own pace – and our own direction. We are free to choose what we want to create for the future, in ourselves and in our own lives.

We are in the new era now. Humanity- on a collective level – ended the old cycles last year, and what I am experiencing in my work with clients is that people are taking huge leaps now in liberating themselves from the past – both from this life and other lifetimes. Metatron is helping in this process, making it easier, quicker and less painful. When it is appropriate as part of the process he is more than happy to help us change by ‘changing our coding’.


If you would like help with your process of change – whatever yours is – I can work with you wherever you are. You can read about the different ways I work with clients if you click on the picture below.
Almost everything I do can be done online. Even the energy channelling works just as well at a distance as in person, and online sessions are just as powerful and enjoyable. If you would like to discuss with me how I may be able to help you please contact me for an informal chat.


In the near future I will be sharing some exciting new launches which you may also be interested in, so keep an eye out for that!

The different avenues of my work, all in all, cover all aspects of the human being  – physical, mental, emotional and spritual – and also our environment, so I am working to nurture and grow the New Tree of Life in every possible way I can! 

For more regular inspiration, channelling and anything else I may share please find me on Instagram as @beahappyearthling or click through on the picture below.


…and with that I wish you a very happy Monday and a good week!

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