Divine Masculine Energy Bath Saturday 24th October

Dear friends
It has been so nice to receive such positive response to the Alchemy Energy Baths I announced earlier this week, and I am so looking forward to doing energy work in person again in this way.

Following on from that I am delighted to be able to offer an energy bath particularly for the divine masculine energies – whether you are male, identifying predominantly as male or simply feeling more aligned with the masculine energies within yourself.

The divine masculine energy is so needed in the world at the moment, as part of the creation of a new world. However, we may often feel held back from fully pursuing our purpose or mission with the vigour, zest and drive that can achieve anything!

This Energy Bath is an immersion in the energies that will support strong and focussed growth towards our heart’s and soul’s desire and the embodiment of the masculine aspect of the divine on Earth.


What you can expect


The energy bath takes place in a small and light filled studio in Odstock outside Salisbury. It is limited to 4 participants so we have plenty of space between us. All you have to do is lie down, relax and enjoy the energy surrounding you.
An energy bath is a little bit like a sound bath, but you are immersed in loving energies instead of sound. You may feel these energies clearly floating around you or you may simply feel beautifully relaxed. The energies will work with you for your highest good regardless.

The way this this is possible is that I act as a portal for these higher energies to come into our Earthly dimension, and they flow out from my energy field to fill the whole room. I work with a team of higher beings in spirit – ascended masters, angels and many others – and they have, quite unceremoniously, described me as their ‘multidimensional tuning vibrational tool’!😁
This is more a technical explanation of how they can work through me by ‘tuning’ vibrations or frequencies than it is any kind of spiritual flattery for sure, but they know they can have a bit of a humorous and down-to-earth tone with me.😊

In addition to me channelling energies the team of higher beings also work with each person individually, all in accordance with their higher self and their soul’s highest path.
It may be that I will also play some relaxing background music to support the experience, and place some crystals around the room to act as a grid for energies to anchor into. I may also use a natural, subtle room spray infused with herb essences, gem elixirs and similar.

I will be bringing this Divine Masculine card from an oracle card deck called the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle by LON. The energy of this card will also support the transmission of divine masculine energy from other dimensions and blend beautifully and harmoniously with the energy I channel.


This Divine Masculine Energy Bath takes place Saturday 24th Oct at 11am


The energy bath lasts 1 hour and during this time you can fully relax and just enjoy the energy as you lie down and surrender to the loving universe.

All will take place with safe and comfortable distancing and in accordance with hygiene rules ensuring safety for everyone. For all details and to book please contact me, and please make sure to check your junk mail folder if you don’t receive a reply within a day or two. I look forward to hearing from you and I would be delighted if you would like to join me for this energy bath!

£25 per person

All bookings must be confirmed and paid in advance.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you think may be interested!

Individual work
If you would prefer to receive this divine masculine energy immersion on your own in an individual session this is also available. I work with clients in sessions adapted perfectly to each individual every step of the way. The team of higher beings I work with are also very much a part of my individual work too. You are welcome to contact me to find out more. I look forward to hearing from you.

Finally, a little inspiration from my Instagram below. You can find me on instagram.com/beahappyearthling and follow me there for more regular inspiration, thoughts, channelling and general happiness.


…and with that I wish you all a wonderful weekend full of beautiful, golden autumn colour, and miracles abounding!

Anticipation………and Zac!

Dear friends

December has always been one of my favourite months because it is full of joyous anticipation. I still feel the excitement I had as a child, looking forward to Christmas and to New Year’s eve. The magical glow of Midwinter, the traditions of celebration, good company, giving and receiving presents and enjoying delicious food, all made such a deep impression on me in my early years that I think I will carry that magic with me forever. And the Advent time leading up to it – looking forward to it – was just as important to me as the festivities themselves.

I have always believed that when we look forward to something, when we have positive anticipation (even if we are not quite sure what the future will bring) we are actually bringing the positivity and joy of the future into the present and we get to enjoy it for a much longer time. We claim the joy of anticipation, we claim the lightness of hope, and we claim the enjoyment of each moment. No matter what the future ends up looking like no one can take away from us the positive experience we already had while looking forward to it!
(..and I think it also has the added beneficial side effect of helping to create the future we anticipate😉)


This December not only am I looking forward to Christmas and to New Year’s eve, but I am also looking forward to the big 2020!!! Can you tell? If you have received my newsletters recently you may have noticed that I am quite excited about us entering A NEW DECADE!! Hooray!!

In the middle of what is no doubt a very challenging and turbulent time for us Earthlings I feel there is such great potential for us to use our power and create positive change on every level, and in many different ways. While many of us have experienced some very difficult years, and the planet on the whole is under huge strain, I believe that we – more than ever – have such power to influence, to shape the future, both on an individual level and globally. And I know we have so much help from the divine, from our guides and helpers, from the universe. Together we really can turbocharge dynamics of change in the world.

And on that note, who better to spend a January evening with than our ever optimistic, inspiring, enthusiastic and empowering friend Zac! Straight from the highest realms of divine wisdom…….to Salisbury!

If you are planning to join us for this celebration of the new decade – with plenty of extra time for Zac to answer your questions (and a bit of socialising too) – now is a good time to book your space!


Many of you already know Zac, or in his more famous aspect, the ascended master Djwal Khul. Zac is a wonderful, warm and loving soul who speaks through Janet Treloar. Janet is a fantastic ‘out-of-body’ channeller which means that she takes her own energy out of her body while the energy of Zac comes in so that he can speak directly and freely to us. I think everyone who has met Zac will have felt touched by his love, wisdom and understanding of what it is like to be human, intrigued by the fascinating and often new information he shares, and encouraged by his ability to inspire us.

After many years of attending workshops and talks with Janet and Zac I know that there are always more questions for Zac than time allows for him to answer, so for this event I am delighted to be able to offer extra time for your questions to him! 

Janet has very kindly agreed to give us  a ‘double whammy’ of channelling Zac, so we will have plenty of time for him to freely share his wisdom, inspiration and any timely New Year’s messages he may have up his sleeve for us all, but also plenty of time for him to answer your questions, whether you would like to ask him about your own life, national or global matters or any other questions you may have.

We will have the luxury of a total of 90 minutes with Zac, but we will also take a break to enjoy some delicious snacks and celebrate the beginning of the new decade, perhaps meet some new friends and catch up with old ones!

I hope to see you there and I look forward to sharing this special evening together with you!

For this event we will be back at lovely Sarum College which is in a central location in Salisbury.

⭐️Pre-booking is required for this event.⭐️
If you would like to join us please contact me for full details on booking and payment.
Once booked you will receive a confirmation email which you will be asked to show on arrival.

The price for this evening is £15.

Please note that I will not record the part of this talk that includes your personal questions to Zac.

If you would like to tell your friends about this please feel free to quickly and easily share this post using the fab sharing buttons at the bottom of the page.

And finally, as we have another two eclipses coming up in the next few weeks you may find the blog post below interesting. Here I share some of my channelling relating to this current Cancer – Capricorn eclipse cycle (and the previous Leo – Aquarius cycle) and how the themes of masculine – feminine, parent – child, stereotypes, role models, identity, relationships, generational patterns and much more come into it. I also focus on the current time of change, evolution, freedom and our opportunity to create A New Earth!

And if you have experienced big changes in your life, perhaps in relationships, friendships, the foundations of your life, or loss of loved ones – or even if you simply feel a little bit in free fall, unsure of the future and how to create it, you may find these two blog posts helpful and interesting.

And with that I wish you a happy Advent season, happy anticipation and a very happy creation of a bright, liberated and expansive future!


Big transitions, big emotions, big leaps into new adventures; The power of the heart, the rage and the rise of the new divine feminine and masculine.

Dear friends
The topics for my events are always the result of what I am guided to focus on at that particular time period, and I know that the collective of guides and helpers who work with me know what may be helpful and relevant as we move through the astrological constallation cycles as well as other energetic changes on Earth. I sometimes don’t know exactly why a particular topic is highlighted to me but I have learnt through many years of close collaboration with my guides that I can trust them, that I can surrender to the divine. 
I have had to take many leaps of faith on my spiritual journey (and I’m sure more are coming!), sometimes feeling like I was in freefall. But what I’ve also learnt is that a leap requires a moment of freefall – otherwise it’s not a leap. You cannot take a leap of faith if you insist on keeping one foot firmly on secure ground at all times. 
When I was inspired to call my next talk ‘Sacred Rage – Constructive Anger’ it was a kind of leap of faith. I had a pretty good idea of what I could talk about, but I felt there was more to come into the picture for this period we are in now, and I am seeing more and more context as we are getting closer.
As I have talked and written about before, there was in the human collective consciousness a kind of turning point around the time of the summer solstice. There was an ending of a very long karmic cycle on Earth – tens of thousands of years this has been running – and there are also endings of shorter cycles that have been running within the longer one, it’s all a bit like clockwork with bigger and smaller cogs. Some cycles may have been only a few years long, but on a soul level will have linked into much longer cycles. 
Souls agree to work through different ‘themes’ within karmic cycles, incarnating maybe hundreds or thousands of times within a cycle in order to experience different aspect of a theme, and to undergo transformations and learning both on a human level and a soul level. This is all part of our soul’s evolution, accumulating experience and being able to synthesise this into wisdom. 
Those of you who are familiar with past life regressions may have experienced that after each incarnation the soul comes ‘home’ for healing, transformation and a period of ‘debrief’ as I like to call it. Our soul has a chance to assess the experiences of that lifetime, what we achieved, what we learnt, what we feel we may need to work on more – perhaps we could think of it a bit like a self-evaluation period after the end of a school year.
A very similar process happens at the end of a karmic cycle – even while we are still incarnate. We are given a chance to assess our experiences during that cycle, what we have learnt from them, how we can gain wisdom from them and not least where we would like to go next, what experiences we want to create for ourselves now that we can move onto new adventures. This debrief / self-evaluation process is available to us all, but it is up to us what we make of it. If we feel that we have completed a chapter, an era or a cycle in our life in some way, perhaps more in our inner development or perhaps in our outer circumstances too, now is a good time to try to integrate the learning available to us from the past and try to use that to help us set our sails for what we wish to aim for in the future.
It’s a bit like ‘Game Over!’ – now which game do you want to play next.
However, life does not feel like a game at all for most of us, and being human is perhaps one of the most challenging things a soul can take on – particularly now in these times of such turmoil on Earth. 
The realisations and insights we get after cycle has ended and we are in our transitional  debrief phase can be profoundly transformational – and that is part of the purpose – but they can also be deeply painful. We may suddenly see clearly things that we had only seen in part before, or perhaps we had seen a distorted, misunderstood version of it. As we begin to see things in a new light, with more clarity, and we join some dots and see a bigger picture, we may also unveil things about ourselves, about others or about situations that can be very difficult to acknowledge, accept and process. All kinds of emotions may arise from this process, including anger or even rage.
As we are in the middle of this cycle of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn, and they are dancing together in a cosmic interplay to transform all that they represent, we are also being strongly encouraged, almost pushed, to evolve in our own inner Cancer and Capricorn symbolism, and this – as I talked about in my June talk – includes our own personal feminine and masculine energies, our relationship with our parents and our children, our heart and inner world, and our mind and our interface with the outer world. 
So at the same time as the ending of karmic cycles encourages us to look at our past and what we can learn from it, we are also experiencing much that relates to our deepest depths of emotion as well as our conscious and subconscious patterns, our childhood and how it has formed us, how we parent our children, how we parent ourselves, and perhaps how we try to parent other people who we probably shouldn’t parent. 
All of these big topics and many more seem to be coming up to the surface to force us to look at ourselves almost forensically at the moment, and I think this may continue for some time. No wonder we may feel big emotions, big reactions coming up. No wonder we may even feel rage deep down. Perhaps rage against injustice, manipulation, betrayal, exploitation, deception – perhaps rage against others, rage against ourself, rage against the divine even. It’s ok.
Rage can have immense power within it and when we know how to use it constructively it can help us to create huge transformation, liberation, healing and harmony. This is the beauty (and the challenge) of being human – that our wide range of emotion and experience means we can synthesise polar opposites into new creation, a new way, a new path, a new way of being.
When we allow ourselves to feel and express our rage we can also become deeply empowered, it can give us almost superhuman courage, transcendence and growth. And we can reach new heights through consciously choosing love, compassion and forgiveness, starting with self-love, self-compassion and self-forgiveness.
On Saturday 3rd August I will talk about rage, but I will also talk about how this all relates to the rise of the new divine feminine (and subsequently the new divine masculine!), about balance, about courage, about power, about Christ consciousness, about becoming a spiritual warrior and about the rise of the lion hearts. 
In the meantime you might like to take inspiration from a beautiful and – in my opinion – very starry, cosmic human who creates music for our time, I feel. The Norwegian artist Aurora’s two songs, The River and Queendom, capture some essence of what I feel are energies currently flowing through our collective consciousness at full speed – to go with the flow of our heart’s guidance, and to allow our heart, our inner feminine, to rise up proudly, unashamedly and be seen as the Queen that she is.
Saturday 3rd August
11am – 1pm
Sacred rage – constructive anger
Anger is an emotion that has a lot of cultural conditioning attached to it. Why is anger so problematic? What is it that we – or people around us – fear about anger? Anger has immense power within it, power that can be used constructively or destructively. Anger can be a weapon but it can also be salvation. 
Over the millennia anger has changed history, powered uprisings, ended injustices. Even Jesus felt and expressed anger, as described in the story of the cleansing of the Temple in Jerusalem. 
And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.
Matthew 21:12–13
For me this story symbolises the anger expressed at the corruption of the sacred, the pollution of the pure, the manipulation of truth. In our time I believe we can relate to this whether we think of it in terms of pollution of nature, violation of places of worship, corruption of democracies, manipulation of human interaction, or the theft of the innocence of childhood. 
In this talk we will look at how we can utilise anger constructively, work with our inner fire power to build strength and resilience, channel it into a creative force for betterment, express it appropriately and unhook it from the associations with shame, weakness or danger. 
Don’t worry, this won’t be an angry talk, and we won’t be raging or breathing fire. On the contrary, this is actually about loving ourselves and loving being human with all our fire power and passion. And how appropriate that we will be doing so at the time of the lion – in Leo season – loving our own lion hearts!
I will also allow time for my collective to channel through me, so we may experience more of their wisdom, support and love in whatever form they choose.
The time and place for this talk is
Saturday 3rd August
Salisbury Quakers Meeting House
51 Wilton Road


£10 per person, payment in advance or in person.
Please let me know if you intend to come
If you would like to pre-book a space please pay via this PayPal link or use the BACS payment details above to secure your booking.
Please email me to let me know what event you have paid for and the names of those attending, thank you!
…and then, what better way to move forward, take a leap in a new direction and feel inspired for the future than to come to this fab event?!
Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 00.11.21.png
 Tuesday 27th August 
A New Earth – A New Me
with Theresa Dahl and Janet Treloar, and our old friend Zac (the ascended master Djwal Khul)
As cycles are closing out and a new dawn arises let us meet to celebrate the rising sun on humanity. Let us welcome the newness, the openness, the expansion, the promise of new creation, and inspire each other to create the new life, the new world, that we hold it in our power to create. Let the new adventures begin!
If you feel inspired by this please set this day aside for a magical, inspirational, powerful experience! Our wonderful Zac has some surprises up his sleeve as always, and we are so lucky to have the fabulous Janet come to Salisbury again. I will be channelling energy, and perhaps also messages or some of the ancient soul languages – I allow the divine to work freely through me as always. Talks are also planned for this day event, and more details will come soon! I am still receiving guidance for this day, but I have been given a keyword to reveal for now – alchemy!
The location for this event is a lovely, light and airy village hall in Winterbourne Earls, just outside Salisbury.
Glebe Hall is situated in a location where we can tap into the beautiful and potent energies in the earth that run through this area, and which will support us on this exciting day!
More details to follow soon!

New talk 18th June: ‘Towards a new equilibrium’ + exciting new events!

Dear friends
I am very excited to announce the next evening talk and to share with you more of what I am planning for future events. I hope you will like it!

Although my work takes many different forms the central core of it is my desire to contribute to our shared global co-creation of a better world; a better way of living together, a better way for humanity to live not only on this planet, but with this planet. I truly believe in the great visions of a New Earth, not in the sense that we will be handed a brand new, clean and updated planet, or that those who are ‘enlightened’ enough will move to a different dimensional Earth somehow, but rather that we as a global family together can create a world where it is possible for us all to live in peace and harmony with each other, and in harmony with our natural world. We are after all part of the natural ecosystems even if we may have forgotten that.

I do not believe this will be easy, but I believe it is possible, and I wholeheartedly believe in the potential of every human being to be able to bring their own unique contribution to this global co-creation. Every aspect of society is relevant in this process, and every aspect of life plays a part in this transformation. It is not a project for a select group of people, and it is not something that we can leave to those younger than us. As the saying goes, we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Therefore, I am very happy to be able to share some of my plans for how we can come together for inspiration, empowerment, development, learning and co-creation; to be the change we want to see in the world.
The first of many such events will be taking place Tuesday 18th June when I will be speaking on the following topic, which underpins so much else:

‘Towards a new equilibrium – the deep transformation of masculine and feminine energies’
There is a great transformation taking place within the energies of masculine and feminine on Earth now. We are in the middle of a cycle of eclipses that, together with other cosmic constellations, are driving forward deep change in these energies on every level. There is much talk of the rise of the divine masculine, but I will show how this transformation is very much a dance between the two energies and how this may manifest for us all in our own inner masculine and feminine energies, regardless of gender. I will explain how this process also involves the transformation of our defence mechanisms, our boundaries, our relationships with others, our relationship with ourself and our inner divine creator, and ultimately encourages us towards deep freedom and true ascension.
The transformations taking place on an individual level are reflected in the collective consciousness as well as in the Earth’s energies, and I will also touch on this to illustrate how we can see that everything exists in fractal reality.

This talk is based mainly on material I have channelled over the last few years as well as my own observations, and I am looking forward to sharing this with you. Just as a little disclaimer, I don’t actually know very much about astrology so I won’t go into this in great detail, but I have had to educate myself a little bit in order to more fully understand the channelled insights I received.

I hope to see you in Salisbury for this talk if you can make it, but I will also make the recording available for purchase for those who would like this.

The time and place for this talk is

Tuesday 18th June
7pm – 8.30/9pm approx
(please arrive from 6.45pm)
Sarum College

£10 per person, payment in advance please.
If you would like to book a space (or several) please contact me for payment details to secure your booking.

Future talks and workshops
There will be regular talks on a wide range of topics, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves and our reality. Drawing on both science and spirituality, they will include themes relating to inner growth and evolution of self, spiritual awakening, finding balance, different forms of healing, cultivation of healthy power, making sense of the big changes in the world, inspiring our own creative forces, understanding and working with our ‘energy world’, connecting with Gaia & Geb (the feminine and masculine consciousness of the Earth), healthy, toxin-free and sustainable living, and much more. There will also be further focus on the different aspects and manifestations of the transformation of masculine and feminine energies in future talks.

Day events
On day events we will have the opportunity to focus more deeply on a particular theme over a whole day, with different speakers bringing different aspects and formats to the day, and also an opportunity to socialise and share ideas and get to know each other over lunch.

New Earth Working Group©
This was an idea that I had last year and I’m very excited about finally bringing it out into the world.
As a little background explanation, one of the books I’m currently writing has the title ‘Manifesto for a New Earth’, where I set out New Earth visions for many different aspects of human life, society and our interaction with our fellow Earthlings of all species and the natural world. My intention with the book is, among other things, to stimulate free and unrestricted thinking about what kind of world we want to create for the future and to encourage others to speak up, write about, and bring to the table their own thoughts on this. The idea is that if humanity is going to create a New Earth we need to have conversations about what our idea of this New Earth – our ideal world – looks like. We need to come together – globally – in the spirit of free thinking, big visions, courageous ideas, mutual inspiration and constructive conversation.

Therefore, inspired by the ancient Greek practice of people (admittedly only free men, but we’ll update it to modern times) meeting together for the purpose of having group conversations and discussions related to their society as well as more philosophical debates, I will facilitate a 21st century version of this. I am creating a framework within which every participant can contribute their ‘ideal world’ scenarios, and together we aim to find shared core values and goals, as well as a variety of potential scenarios built around these. The next step is then to discuss possible ways in which humanity can achieve it. Each meeting will focus on a theme such as education, manufacture, childhood, relationship structures, healthcare, defence, democracy, international relations and so on.

Just as much as I want to enable the co-creation of these New Earth visions I equally want to create a space for re-establishing and cultivating the art of respectful, open and constructive conversation; not debate for the sake of winning an argument or chasing quick solutions but rather that, in the process of trying to find some answers to the question “What kind of world do we want to create and how do we create it?”, we seek to embody the principles of harmonious collaboration, mutual respect, constructive intent and optimism that I believe we need as foundations for the future.

I am therefore creating a framework to accommodate and encourage this and provide the necessary formal structures for larger group conversations. Initially I will start with a smaller group and let it grow organically and sustainably. Once this is established in Salisbury I would like to encourage and enable others to start similar groups in other places, and perhaps create a network of these kinds of groups if there is interest in this.

If you think this sounds like something you might be interested in please let me know!

That is probably plenty to digest in one go so I’ll leave it here for now but there are also events in the pipeline so watch this space!

Just a little reminder that it is still possible to buy the recording of Janet Treloar and Zac’s talk on the 7th May for those who would like this. Zac’s wonderful guidance on healing the heart and thereby being able to ‘meld your energy to create the life you dream’ was powerful and timely, particularly as so many are going through great transitions in different ways. As we are getting closer to the summer’s eclipse season this may be more strongly felt, so if you know someone who you think may benefit from this recording, or indeed if you haven’t got it and would like it, please contact me. You can also find all details of it here. There you will also find more detailed info on some of the themes for my future talks.

Working with me
I am opening up more time again for working with people in individual sessions, so if you would be interested in hearing more about how I work with the help of my collective of guides and higher beings through what they call ‘channelled coaching’, please don’t hesitate to ask me. You can also find a short description here and you can read some of what other people have said about me and my work here.

Channelled messages
And finally, for free and unlimited access to more than 60 different beautiful, wise, loving, soothing, intriguing and inspirational channelled messages from my wonderful collective please explore to your heart’s content on Happy Earthling!

I hope to see you on the 18th June or at one of the upcoming events which I’ll tell you more about soon!
Have a wonderful day and a very happy new moon in Gemini on Monday 3rd June! Exciting shifts in the air, I feel.


Dancing with the cosmos, evolving into balance

Dear friends

We have just entered the new astrological year with the beginning of Aries season on the 21st March, and since my last post was about my ‘New Era’ I thought I would share with you a few of the themes and topics I have been channelling and writing about in the last year which I feel are quite relevant at this time, and which I am preparing to publish and also teach in more detail in my ALIYA Soul Evolution courses.

I think many of us are feeling that there is a new era, or a new chapter, coming. We can sense this in the world in general I think, and many people feel this in their lives at the moment. In an earlier blog post I wrote about the end of old cycles, and as we are entering April I think this is being felt perhaps more than ever for many of us. The last few years have been very challenging for some, and may have brought big changes in circumstances, relationships or perhaps more internally. In a broader context – thinking of the last few decades and looking into future decades – we are in the period of ‘the great shift’ which has been prophesied by many cultures for thousands of years. It is known as the Kali Yuga, or the Biblical ‘end times’. It doesn’t mean the end of humanity, but that we are shifting over to a new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new way of living, a new human consciousness on Earth.

We are going through great changes in many different ways, on every level, in our own time and in our own way. We are all unique individuals with unique paths, unique choices, and therefore we are experiencing this time of the great shift differently. This is valuable, this is how it should be as we all afford each other (and ourselves) freedom, including freedom to go through our own unique transformations in our own way. This is what the new consciousness is all about after all – freedom to be our true selves – in our own unique gloriousness, our own unique aspect of the divine, our inner divinity.

We are all living on this planet, we are all living within the human collective consciousness field, and we are all in one way or another influenced by the changing energies of the Earth and the cosmos. The Earth has been raising the frequencies of its energetic field and energy grids (a bit like the energy field and meridians of a human being), and because we all live on the Earth, within this field and grid system, we cannot help but be influenced by it. How we respond to the changing energies is, however, up to us. I am sure we have all experienced all kinds of different responses – embracing the changes, letting go of the old and welcoming the new, almost pre-empting the new even, but also a great deal of resistance, fighting change, clinging to our old ways, fear, distress, indecision, confusion. It is only natural to feel confused or worried when the foundations of your life, your society, your family are falling away, simply not carrying you any longer; when the beliefs and values you were brought up with or based your existence on are shaken, when you find yourself questioning yourself and those closest to you, questioning your faith, your truths.

The great shift encompasses all that the old ways of thinking and living and being were built upon. Going through such a great shift in consciousness, in perspective, is not quick and it’s not easy – whether it is on the level of the individual or collectively. It takes time and it takes active decision making, it takes willpower and persistence. But it is worth it. The new consciousness that we are working towards on Earth will be worth all that we are currently going through. It probably has many names in many cultures, but to me it is what we know as the Biblical ‘New Earth’. If I were to sum up the core of my work in all its expressions I would say that I am working to help create this new Earth.

It is not something that a few select ‘spiritual’ people do, nor is it a special interest topic. The new Earth can only come into full being when humanity as a collective collaborate in all the many ways and formats and areas of work that are needed in order to build a new way of living on Earth, a new way of thinking, a new way of being human. We need scientists, inventors, philosophers, historians, politicians, artists, facilitators, teachers of all kinds, inspirational role models of all kinds, activists, healers, therapists in many different modalities, nurturers, carers, support networks, pioneers, those who break boundaries, those who prove that the impossible is possible, those who change the paradigms in their chosen field, and we need those who can bring information through from other dimensions, other realms, those who can travel between worlds. We need everyone.

We need everyone to be free to find their freedom, their inner voice, their strength, their individuality, their creativity. The new Earth will not be created by a small group, and it will not be handed to us by some external force – whether God or Jesus or aliens or anyone else. We can get all the help and assistance and inspiration we ask for from the divine, and from our brothers and sisters in other realms, but ultimately The new Earth will be the creation of humanity. That is why we are here at this time, that is why we have chosen to be born into this time period on Earth. 

As every ancient wisdom tradition has taught, as summed up by Gandhi, we have to be the change we want to see in the world. It starts with us individually. If we are to build a new way of life on the planet that we all share we need to build a new way of interacting with each other, a new way of being together, a new way of creating together. We have been through thousands of years of living in survival mode, or perhaps a better way of seeing it is ‘survival mentality’. When we think back to our human evolution and how history has played out it is understandable that humanity has needed to have a strong focus on survival. Survival mode often means battle; a battle to survive, a battle for food, a battle for territories, a battle for the resources we need to live. However, when a group experiences repeating cycles of a particular mentality it creates patterns, it becomes ingrained into the psyche, into the collective consciousness, and it creates patterns in the cellular memory, the ancestral lines of inherited information.

Humanity is now at a stage where, if we don’t move out of the old survival mode patterns, we are much more likely to destroy ourselves and our planet due to the advanced technology we have which can be and is being weaponised, and due to the toxins we pollute our ecosystems with. We no longer need to be in the old survival mode for food and resources, in fact we know that we can have all our needs met on this planet if we work in harmony with the Earth and in harmony with each other – if we collaborate rather than battle. We are in a time when it is imperative that we move from surviving to thriving, and we do that by moving out of the old battle mentality and into a harmonious collaborative mentality. This is one of the greatest challenges we are currently going through as humans collectively, and it is also one of the greatest challenges that many are going through on an individual level. But as we know, change starts within, we have to be the change, we have to heal ourselves before we can heal the world.

One of the insights my collective started to give me last summer in relation to this deep change and healing of our old collective patters was about how the solar and lunar eclipses can help us in our process of ‘learning about ourselves’ as they call it. Ultimately, learning about oneself is the foundation for deep healing, enlightenment and ascension. The word ascension seems to be everywhere at the moment, at least within many spiritual communities, and there is much said about this. According to the ascended master Djwal Khul, who is one of my teachers and part of the collective I work with, ascension actually means ‘evolution of the soul’. This is ultimately what ALIYA is about, what we are working towards alongside our work to help create the new Earth.
I must say first of all that I have very little knowledge of astrology, and I am sure many of you may be able to add much to what I am going share here. This was a ‘download’ of understanding from my collective, and I actually had look up a little bit about esoteric astrology in order to get a broader understanding of this.

Around the time of the eclipses last July I was given information about some of the ways we can interpret the specific eclipse pairings that have taken place in recent years and which we are still experiencing. There is much that can be said about interpretation of the symbolism of the zodiac, and I am going to keep it very brief, simple and to the point here. Solar and lunar eclipses occur in pairs on the wheel of the zodiac, with opposing signs ‘dancing’ with each other in each eclipse cycle. For instance, between 10th February 2017 and 20th January 2019 we have experienced a cycle of eclipses in Aquarius and Leo, signs that are opposite each other in the zodiac.

Eclipse cycles tend to last about a year and a half to two years, and when one paring is ending and a new pairing is beginning we have a period when the cycles overlap. So at the tail end of the Leo – Aquarius cycle we got the beginning of the next cycle which was the pairing of Cancer and Capricorn. We had the first eclipse in Cancer 12th July 2018 and this cycle will run until 4th July 2020. Each eclipse is like a highlighted, focussed energy and can often provide turning points that drive us forward. However, according to the brilliant astrologer Pam Gregory the energy of an eclipse can begin to affect us as early as 6 months prior to it and continues to affect us up to 6 months after it. So each eclipse can actually influence us for a whole year in total. When we know that we have several eclipses each year, and that they give us these pinnacles of influence around each eclipse, we can see how it can feel like they are dancing with each other – creating smaller cycles of ebb and flow within the eclipse cycles themselves.

The information that I channelled regarding these two eclipse cycles in particular was that we can look at the symbolism of each sign in the following ways and see how this encourages us to develop and progress in our ‘learning about ourselves’ – our personal evolution.

Leo represents our heart, how we relate to ourselves, who we are in ourselves; it represents going into our heart and asking “Who am I really?” The heart is what links us to our emotions, our core essence and to our soul. It represents who we are deep down when we don’t have to be anything to anyone else. It is about peeling away all distractions, duties and external expectations and just being with ourselves in our heart space and feel who we are then.

Aquarius represents the polar opposite, how we relate to others around us, our identity in relation to others as part of a group or as part of a couple, as a colleague, as a friend and so on. It represents the question “Who am I in relation to others?” and as an extension of that “How do my relationships with others shape me?” It asks us to look at how our sense of obligation to others, our dynamic with others and their expectations of us influence us and who we become in relation to them. It is also about trying to see how we influence others, how we use the power that we have in relationships and how others may experience us, and what duties, obligations or responsibilities they may feel they have in relation to us.

So this eclipse pairing of Leo and Aquarius that we are now in the aftermath of has been encouraging us to examine our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others and to think about the roles we play, how we feel about ourselves, what our identity (or identities) is based on, what kind of foundations we have built our identity on and what kind of balance we have between our relationship with self and our relationship with others around us. In other words, “who am I in myself?” and “who am I in relation to others?” and how do these identities co-exist? Are they two different personalities? Am I showing others who I really am in myself? If not then why not?

The eclipse pairing between Cancer and Capricorn which started July 2018 is a good follow up to these questions and help us to dig a little deeper into our understanding of ourselves and others. Cancer can be seen as symbolising the mother, or the feminine energy, the yin principle; our vulnerability, our intuition, how we nurture ourselves and others, our ability to transmute the old into creation of the new – the inner cycles of death and rebirth. Capricorn as the polarity to this represents the father, the masculine energy or the yang principle; our boundaries, our power and sovereignty, how we stand up for ourselves and others, and how we align with our own values and principles.

The cosmic dance between these two help us to look at our own inner feminine and masculine, our own yin and yang, how we balance our nurturing, creative, vulnerable sides with our power, self-preservation and independence. Do we have healthy boundaries that allow us to connect with our vulnerability and softness inside? Do we overgive to others while neglecting our own needs? Do we create a safe space for ourselves to explore our inner depths safely, without being exploited, taken advantage of or belittled? How do I use my power? How do I survive, get my needs met? How do I get love and nurture? What feeds me? Do I rely on others for love and nurture? Do I feed from the connection with others? Or do I have self-love and self-nurture?

There are also other aspects to this Cancer – Capricorn dance that help us to go really deep into healing and liberation of our true selves. As representations of the mother and father principles they ask us to continue the questions from Leo and Aquarius and ask ourselves “Who am I as a parent?” and “How have I been shaped by my own parents?” We have all been shaped by our childhood experiences, whether we grew up with our biological parents or other parental role models.

We all learnt something about what it means to be a woman and what it means to be a man, what expectations were placed on us consciously or sub-consciously, and we all carry patterns from our ancestral lines. In what ways have our own parents (and grandparents) influenced us? In what ways do I influence my children or other children who see me as a role model? What am I passing on from my ancestors to my children? And perhaps more importantly from a perspective of healing; how are my own childhood wounds affecting my children? Am I passing on the ancestral patterns of woundedness? What am I teaching my children about what it means to be a man or a woman? What is ‘female’ and what is ‘male’? Do we need to think differently about that?

And then we can also draw a loop back to Aquarius and Leo and ask how are my childhood wounds or ancestral patterns affecting my relationship with myself and my relationships with other people? How are my beliefs about gender influencing me and my relationships? Am I playing roles based on certain beliefs or expectations about gender?


As you can see these two pairs of eclipses are encouraging us to heal at a very deep level. They are helping to make the invisible visible, helping us to see what we might not always want to see. They are helping us to find our own inner strength, nurture and love, our own uniqueness, our own expression in the world.

Change is not always comfortable. Healing is not always comfortable. But healing from the past means freedom. It means we emerge more and more as our true, authentic, resilient, creative, sovereign, happy beings that we have a divine right to be. It means we change our perceptions of ourselves, of others, of the world, of what it means to be human. That is a shift of consciousness, and that is how we contribute to the great shift in the collective human consciousness. That is how we individually can contribute to creating the world that we want to live in, the life we want to live. That is how together we create The New Earth.


This was a little taster of some of the themes that I have been writing about in the last year which will be examined more closely in forthcoming books and as part of my courses. I will also be sharing more in future blog posts, among other things looking more deeply at what I think of as ‘templates’ of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies and the collective healing and balancing of these; reflections around healthy boundaries; ‘growing up’ spiritually; how we use (or misuse) our power; a critical but constructive look at the current focus on ‘empaths and narcissists’ and the very complex issue of co-dependency and abandonment fear. 

If you feel this looks like it’s getting very depressing, fear not – there will also be much more lighthearted and inspiring blog posts coming, as well as a dip into the dimensions, fractal reality, transmutation and alchemy, a bit of sacred geometry perhaps and maybe even some music! We are after all creating a new and better world so watch this space! In the meantime, why not immerse yourself in the divine love and inspiration that is freely available here. I hope you enjoy it!

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