Love, rage and a new dawn rising! New events 3rd & 27th August + ‘Self-love & unconditional love’ recording available

Dear friends
As we are on the cusp of the Capricorn eclipse and full moon, and we are coming out of this window between two eclipses, we are about to enter a new era, a new time, a new world in many ways. The eclipses this time may have brought new things into your life, or ‘eclipsed’ old things out, or perhaps you have not felt their influence as strongly as that. Perhaps simply new thoughts, new ways of seeing things, new ideas, new desires, a new direction in more subtle terms. Whatever the case is for you,  I cannot help but feel a strong, yet perhaps quiet, wave of change coming in. Expansion is the key word in many ways – expansion of mind, expansion of heart, expansion of reach in the world perhaps? Expansion of your voice? Perhaps it is time to speak up and share what you wish to say?
At the talk I gave last Saturday on ‘Self-love & Unconditional love’ I set aside time to channel, to give the divine an ‘open mic’ to allow whatever energy, messages or sounds to come through in the moment. I would like to share with you all the message that was given, as it feels so important and inspirational to us all now – a key to the future for humanity. 
There is more to you than you think. 
If you knew, if you could see the enormity of your soul, of the expansion of your energy through universes and through time, you would see how powerful you are. 
How you have the creator god within you. How you have the universe within you. 
For you are part of the universe and the universe is part of you. 
There is no limit to the universe and there is no limit to you. Because you are love, you are Source, you are endless, you are eternal. There is no limit to your love. Just as there is no limit to the love of God. Have you understood what we talked about when we said that you are Source? You are Source, therefore you are unlimited in your love, in your creator power. 
Remember who you are. 
It is time to expand, in your human self. To become ever greater. 
The time for keeping yourself contained is coming to an end. We are in a new era now.
Set yourself free. There is no repercussion from the divine. 
If God – Source – is unlimited, without end, then Source is also freedom. If the universe is unlimited and without end the universe is also about freedom, not being contained, not being limited. 
Remember your divinity. Remember that you are the universe. Because love is all there is. 
Source is Love, and if everything comes from Source everything comes from love. And everything can be transmuted back into love. 
Everything can become what it once was – love, pure love. You too.
You came from Source, you came from pure love, you can also become pure love.
And the times we are living in now are about becoming pure love without having to return back to Source at the end of your incarnations. You can become love now. You don’t need to eradicate your human self, your individuality, in order to become love.
It is ultimately about remembering what you really are, what you truly are, deep down. 
And to allow the human mind to surrender to that inner knowing that lives in your heart. 
Allow the human mind to surrender to love, the love of your heart, your divinity, your divine being.
Allow the mind to surrender to love, and become love while you are a human being on Earth, for the Earth needs love. The Earth needs your love, The Earth needs the love that you are.
And by becoming love, you set yourself free.
You become – you embody – Source on Earth. You bring Heaven to Earth. 
You may think you cannot do this but we know you can. 
Why do you think you are here today with us? We know you can. 
Because we can see what you cannot see – yet. But you will.
So let go of everything that holds you back from this all-consuming love. 
We love you.
This time that we are in now is very much about love, about focussing on love above all. For love is the greatest force there is, love can transmute all, transcend all, conquer all.
The events that I organise, and the topics for them, are very much inspired by what I am guided to focus on at the time. It was no coincidence that I could see very clearly that this talk that I gave on the 13th July should be about love. It felt like all-consuming love. 
But it is also about understanding love by understanding what love is not, thinking about our own experiences of love in many different ways, and perhaps to understand how we may have been shaped by a perception of love that is now outdated for us. Perhaps we need to think differently about what love is and how we want to love? Perhaps it is time for radical love? These were some of the themes that I delved into in my talk, and we had a wonderful discussion about love and different aspects and challenges relating to this – and to suffering – at the end, which I am so grateful for. To those of you who were present – thank you! I would also like to thank you for your courage in allowing me to record our conversation so that those who could not make it to the talk can benefit from the insights, questions and ponderings that seemed to grow organically between us.
Recording available to purchase
‘Self-love and unconditional love – two challenging but essential building blocks for the future’
If you would like the recording I am delighted to say that this particular one is available at the discounted price of £5 due to a slight reduction in sound quality (which I apologise for – it will better in future!), and it is a total running time of 1 hour 43minutes, including the channelling and the group conversation at the end. 
If you would like to purchase it please let me know when you have paid and I’ll send you the download link as soon as possible. Payment can be done via this PayPal link or by BACS (please contact me for details).

The next event is coming up in a couple of weeks’ time and as we are expanding our hearts and expanding our love, liberating ourselves from limitations and containment, we may indeed also be able to hold both our unlimited love and our sacred rage. Perhaps it is time to explore further our inner fire power, our deep passion and how sacred rage is indeed an aspect of love and not the opposite. Expansion is also a form of transformation, and every form of alchemy needs a flame.


Saturday 3rd August
11am – 1pm
Sacred rage – constructive anger
Anger is an emotion that has a lot of cultural conditioning attached to it. Why is anger so problematic? What is it that we – or people around us – fear about anger? Anger has immense power within it, power that can be used constructively or destructively. Anger can be a weapon but it can also be salvation. 
Over the millennia anger has changed history, powered uprisings, ended injustices. Even Jesus felt and expressed anger, as described in the story of the cleansing of the Temple in Jerusalem. 
And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.
Matthew 21:12–13
For me this story symbolises the anger expressed at the corruption of the sacred, the pollution of the pure, the manipulation of truth. In our time I believe we can relate to this whether we think of it in terms of pollution of nature, violation of places of worship, corruption of democracies, manipulation of human interaction, or the theft of the innocence of childhood. 
In this talk we will look at how we can utilise anger constructively, work with our inner fire power to build strength and resilience, channel it into a creative force for betterment, express it appropriately and unhook it from the associations with shame, weakness or danger. 
Don’t worry, this won’t be an angry talk, and we won’t be raging or breathing fire. On the contrary, this is actually about loving ourselves and loving being human with all our fire power and passion. And how appropriate that we will be doing so at the time of the lion – in Leo season – loving our own lion hearts!
I will also allow time for my collective to channel through me, so we may experience more of their wisdom, support and love in whatever form they choose.
The time and place for this talk is
Saturday 3rd August
Salisbury Quakers Meeting House
51 Wilton Road
£10 per person, payment in advance or in person.
Please let me know if you intend to come
If you would like to pre-book a space please pay via this PayPal link or ask me for BACS details.
Please email me to let me know what event you have paid for and the names of those attending, thank you!
Finally, I am very excited to be able to share some more information about the ‘mystery event’ I mentioned in my last email. This will be a full day event so please set aside the whole day for this if you can! Times and final details will be sent out soon.

 Tuesday 27th August

A New Earth – A New Me
with Theresa Dahl and Janet Treloar, and our old friend Zac (the ascended master Djwal Khul)

As cycles are closing out and a new dawn arises let us meet to celebrate the rising sun on humanity. Let us welcome the newness, the openness, the expansion, the promise of new creation, and inspire each other to create the new life, the new world, that we hold it in our power to create. Let the new adventures begin!

If you feel inspired by this please set this day aside for a magical, inspirational, powerful experience! Our wonderful Zac has some surprises up his sleeve as always, and we are so lucky to have the fabulous Janet come to Salisbury again. I will be channelling energy, and perhaps also messages or some of the ancient soul languages – I allow the divine to work freely through me as always. Talks are also planned for this day event, and more details will come soon! I am still receiving guidance for this day, but I have been given a keyword to reveal for now – alchemy!
The location for this event is a lovely, light and airy village hall in Winterbourne Earls, just outside Salisbury.
Glebe Hall is situated in a location where we can tap into the beautiful and potent energies in the earth that run through this area, and which will support us on this exciting day!
More details to follow soon!
Until next time, I wish you unconditional love and the highest, most all-consuming self-love, empowerment, freedom and joy!

Dancing with the cosmos, evolving into balance

Dear friends

We have just entered the new astrological year with the beginning of Aries season on the 21st March, and since my last post was about my ‘New Era’ I thought I would share with you a few of the themes and topics I have been channelling and writing about in the last year which I feel are quite relevant at this time, and which I am preparing to publish and also teach in more detail in my ALIYA Soul Evolution courses.

I think many of us are feeling that there is a new era, or a new chapter, coming. We can sense this in the world in general I think, and many people feel this in their lives at the moment. In an earlier blog post I wrote about the end of old cycles, and as we are entering April I think this is being felt perhaps more than ever for many of us. The last few years have been very challenging for some, and may have brought big changes in circumstances, relationships or perhaps more internally. In a broader context – thinking of the last few decades and looking into future decades – we are in the period of ‘the great shift’ which has been prophesied by many cultures for thousands of years. It is known as the Kali Yuga, or the Biblical ‘end times’. It doesn’t mean the end of humanity, but that we are shifting over to a new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new way of living, a new human consciousness on Earth.

We are going through great changes in many different ways, on every level, in our own time and in our own way. We are all unique individuals with unique paths, unique choices, and therefore we are experiencing this time of the great shift differently. This is valuable, this is how it should be as we all afford each other (and ourselves) freedom, including freedom to go through our own unique transformations in our own way. This is what the new consciousness is all about after all – freedom to be our true selves – in our own unique gloriousness, our own unique aspect of the divine, our inner divinity.

We are all living on this planet, we are all living within the human collective consciousness field, and we are all in one way or another influenced by the changing energies of the Earth and the cosmos. The Earth has been raising the frequencies of its energetic field and energy grids (a bit like the energy field and meridians of a human being), and because we all live on the Earth, within this field and grid system, we cannot help but be influenced by it. How we respond to the changing energies is, however, up to us. I am sure we have all experienced all kinds of different responses – embracing the changes, letting go of the old and welcoming the new, almost pre-empting the new even, but also a great deal of resistance, fighting change, clinging to our old ways, fear, distress, indecision, confusion. It is only natural to feel confused or worried when the foundations of your life, your society, your family are falling away, simply not carrying you any longer; when the beliefs and values you were brought up with or based your existence on are shaken, when you find yourself questioning yourself and those closest to you, questioning your faith, your truths.

The great shift encompasses all that the old ways of thinking and living and being were built upon. Going through such a great shift in consciousness, in perspective, is not quick and it’s not easy – whether it is on the level of the individual or collectively. It takes time and it takes active decision making, it takes willpower and persistence. But it is worth it. The new consciousness that we are working towards on Earth will be worth all that we are currently going through. It probably has many names in many cultures, but to me it is what we know as the Biblical ‘New Earth’. If I were to sum up the core of my work in all its expressions I would say that I am working to help create this new Earth.

It is not something that a few select ‘spiritual’ people do, nor is it a special interest topic. The new Earth can only come into full being when humanity as a collective collaborate in all the many ways and formats and areas of work that are needed in order to build a new way of living on Earth, a new way of thinking, a new way of being human. We need scientists, inventors, philosophers, historians, politicians, artists, facilitators, teachers of all kinds, inspirational role models of all kinds, activists, healers, therapists in many different modalities, nurturers, carers, support networks, pioneers, those who break boundaries, those who prove that the impossible is possible, those who change the paradigms in their chosen field, and we need those who can bring information through from other dimensions, other realms, those who can travel between worlds. We need everyone.

We need everyone to be free to find their freedom, their inner voice, their strength, their individuality, their creativity. The new Earth will not be created by a small group, and it will not be handed to us by some external force – whether God or Jesus or aliens or anyone else. We can get all the help and assistance and inspiration we ask for from the divine, and from our brothers and sisters in other realms, but ultimately The new Earth will be the creation of humanity. That is why we are here at this time, that is why we have chosen to be born into this time period on Earth. 

As every ancient wisdom tradition has taught, as summed up by Gandhi, we have to be the change we want to see in the world. It starts with us individually. If we are to build a new way of life on the planet that we all share we need to build a new way of interacting with each other, a new way of being together, a new way of creating together. We have been through thousands of years of living in survival mode, or perhaps a better way of seeing it is ‘survival mentality’. When we think back to our human evolution and how history has played out it is understandable that humanity has needed to have a strong focus on survival. Survival mode often means battle; a battle to survive, a battle for food, a battle for territories, a battle for the resources we need to live. However, when a group experiences repeating cycles of a particular mentality it creates patterns, it becomes ingrained into the psyche, into the collective consciousness, and it creates patterns in the cellular memory, the ancestral lines of inherited information.

Humanity is now at a stage where, if we don’t move out of the old survival mode patterns, we are much more likely to destroy ourselves and our planet due to the advanced technology we have which can be and is being weaponised, and due to the toxins we pollute our ecosystems with. We no longer need to be in the old survival mode for food and resources, in fact we know that we can have all our needs met on this planet if we work in harmony with the Earth and in harmony with each other – if we collaborate rather than battle. We are in a time when it is imperative that we move from surviving to thriving, and we do that by moving out of the old battle mentality and into a harmonious collaborative mentality. This is one of the greatest challenges we are currently going through as humans collectively, and it is also one of the greatest challenges that many are going through on an individual level. But as we know, change starts within, we have to be the change, we have to heal ourselves before we can heal the world.

One of the insights my collective started to give me last summer in relation to this deep change and healing of our old collective patters was about how the solar and lunar eclipses can help us in our process of ‘learning about ourselves’ as they call it. Ultimately, learning about oneself is the foundation for deep healing, enlightenment and ascension. The word ascension seems to be everywhere at the moment, at least within many spiritual communities, and there is much said about this. According to the ascended master Djwal Khul, who is one of my teachers and part of the collective I work with, ascension actually means ‘evolution of the soul’. This is ultimately what ALIYA is about, what we are working towards alongside our work to help create the new Earth.
I must say first of all that I have very little knowledge of astrology, and I am sure many of you may be able to add much to what I am going share here. This was a ‘download’ of understanding from my collective, and I actually had look up a little bit about esoteric astrology in order to get a broader understanding of this.

Around the time of the eclipses last July I was given information about some of the ways we can interpret the specific eclipse pairings that have taken place in recent years and which we are still experiencing. There is much that can be said about interpretation of the symbolism of the zodiac, and I am going to keep it very brief, simple and to the point here. Solar and lunar eclipses occur in pairs on the wheel of the zodiac, with opposing signs ‘dancing’ with each other in each eclipse cycle. For instance, between 10th February 2017 and 20th January 2019 we have experienced a cycle of eclipses in Aquarius and Leo, signs that are opposite each other in the zodiac.

Eclipse cycles tend to last about a year and a half to two years, and when one paring is ending and a new pairing is beginning we have a period when the cycles overlap. So at the tail end of the Leo – Aquarius cycle we got the beginning of the next cycle which was the pairing of Cancer and Capricorn. We had the first eclipse in Cancer 12th July 2018 and this cycle will run until 4th July 2020. Each eclipse is like a highlighted, focussed energy and can often provide turning points that drive us forward. However, according to the brilliant astrologer Pam Gregory the energy of an eclipse can begin to affect us as early as 6 months prior to it and continues to affect us up to 6 months after it. So each eclipse can actually influence us for a whole year in total. When we know that we have several eclipses each year, and that they give us these pinnacles of influence around each eclipse, we can see how it can feel like they are dancing with each other – creating smaller cycles of ebb and flow within the eclipse cycles themselves.

The information that I channelled regarding these two eclipse cycles in particular was that we can look at the symbolism of each sign in the following ways and see how this encourages us to develop and progress in our ‘learning about ourselves’ – our personal evolution.

Leo represents our heart, how we relate to ourselves, who we are in ourselves; it represents going into our heart and asking “Who am I really?” The heart is what links us to our emotions, our core essence and to our soul. It represents who we are deep down when we don’t have to be anything to anyone else. It is about peeling away all distractions, duties and external expectations and just being with ourselves in our heart space and feel who we are then.

Aquarius represents the polar opposite, how we relate to others around us, our identity in relation to others as part of a group or as part of a couple, as a colleague, as a friend and so on. It represents the question “Who am I in relation to others?” and as an extension of that “How do my relationships with others shape me?” It asks us to look at how our sense of obligation to others, our dynamic with others and their expectations of us influence us and who we become in relation to them. It is also about trying to see how we influence others, how we use the power that we have in relationships and how others may experience us, and what duties, obligations or responsibilities they may feel they have in relation to us.

So this eclipse pairing of Leo and Aquarius that we are now in the aftermath of has been encouraging us to examine our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others and to think about the roles we play, how we feel about ourselves, what our identity (or identities) is based on, what kind of foundations we have built our identity on and what kind of balance we have between our relationship with self and our relationship with others around us. In other words, “who am I in myself?” and “who am I in relation to others?” and how do these identities co-exist? Are they two different personalities? Am I showing others who I really am in myself? If not then why not?

The eclipse pairing between Cancer and Capricorn which started July 2018 is a good follow up to these questions and help us to dig a little deeper into our understanding of ourselves and others. Cancer can be seen as symbolising the mother, or the feminine energy, the yin principle; our vulnerability, our intuition, how we nurture ourselves and others, our ability to transmute the old into creation of the new – the inner cycles of death and rebirth. Capricorn as the polarity to this represents the father, the masculine energy or the yang principle; our boundaries, our power and sovereignty, how we stand up for ourselves and others, and how we align with our own values and principles.

The cosmic dance between these two help us to look at our own inner feminine and masculine, our own yin and yang, how we balance our nurturing, creative, vulnerable sides with our power, self-preservation and independence. Do we have healthy boundaries that allow us to connect with our vulnerability and softness inside? Do we overgive to others while neglecting our own needs? Do we create a safe space for ourselves to explore our inner depths safely, without being exploited, taken advantage of or belittled? How do I use my power? How do I survive, get my needs met? How do I get love and nurture? What feeds me? Do I rely on others for love and nurture? Do I feed from the connection with others? Or do I have self-love and self-nurture?

There are also other aspects to this Cancer – Capricorn dance that help us to go really deep into healing and liberation of our true selves. As representations of the mother and father principles they ask us to continue the questions from Leo and Aquarius and ask ourselves “Who am I as a parent?” and “How have I been shaped by my own parents?” We have all been shaped by our childhood experiences, whether we grew up with our biological parents or other parental role models.

We all learnt something about what it means to be a woman and what it means to be a man, what expectations were placed on us consciously or sub-consciously, and we all carry patterns from our ancestral lines. In what ways have our own parents (and grandparents) influenced us? In what ways do I influence my children or other children who see me as a role model? What am I passing on from my ancestors to my children? And perhaps more importantly from a perspective of healing; how are my own childhood wounds affecting my children? Am I passing on the ancestral patterns of woundedness? What am I teaching my children about what it means to be a man or a woman? What is ‘female’ and what is ‘male’? Do we need to think differently about that?

And then we can also draw a loop back to Aquarius and Leo and ask how are my childhood wounds or ancestral patterns affecting my relationship with myself and my relationships with other people? How are my beliefs about gender influencing me and my relationships? Am I playing roles based on certain beliefs or expectations about gender?


As you can see these two pairs of eclipses are encouraging us to heal at a very deep level. They are helping to make the invisible visible, helping us to see what we might not always want to see. They are helping us to find our own inner strength, nurture and love, our own uniqueness, our own expression in the world.

Change is not always comfortable. Healing is not always comfortable. But healing from the past means freedom. It means we emerge more and more as our true, authentic, resilient, creative, sovereign, happy beings that we have a divine right to be. It means we change our perceptions of ourselves, of others, of the world, of what it means to be human. That is a shift of consciousness, and that is how we contribute to the great shift in the collective human consciousness. That is how we individually can contribute to creating the world that we want to live in, the life we want to live. That is how together we create The New Earth.


This was a little taster of some of the themes that I have been writing about in the last year which will be examined more closely in forthcoming books and as part of my courses. I will also be sharing more in future blog posts, among other things looking more deeply at what I think of as ‘templates’ of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies and the collective healing and balancing of these; reflections around healthy boundaries; ‘growing up’ spiritually; how we use (or misuse) our power; a critical but constructive look at the current focus on ‘empaths and narcissists’ and the very complex issue of co-dependency and abandonment fear. 

If you feel this looks like it’s getting very depressing, fear not – there will also be much more lighthearted and inspiring blog posts coming, as well as a dip into the dimensions, fractal reality, transmutation and alchemy, a bit of sacred geometry perhaps and maybe even some music! We are after all creating a new and better world so watch this space! In the meantime, why not immerse yourself in the divine love and inspiration that is freely available here. I hope you enjoy it!

End of old cycles

Dear friends
As you may remember from my July update I talked about how there are many changes happening within and between soul groups, how people are moving into new soul groups and leaving others, sometimes through physical death, sometimes through relationship breakups, sometimes simply through a loosening of emotional ties in friendships and family dynamics. My own experience of this I described as a ‘change of era’, and how I am going with that flow, allowing it to happen, without being able to fully see the landscape or the destination. I think this may resonate with many people. More and more of us have become aware of changes in our lives, changes in our friendships, relationships or family dynamics. We may have felt them coming for months or even years. We may have felt confused, upset and even terrified. On a deeper level we can often feel the inevitable coming and it may feel inexplicable – a sense that something has changed, but what? What went wrong? How did we end up here?

We may not have an awareness of soul groups, soulmates and soul agreements. We may not be aware that our souls choose to work on different ‘projects’ or themes for many lives, often hundreds of lifetimes. Our agreements with other souls in our soul groups help us to progress in this work, to achieve the goals we set ourselves as souls. We meet up in many lifetimes in order to help each other in our progress of learning, experiencing and soul growth. We build strong relationships with our soulmates who walk with us through these cycles, and we inevitably accumulate karma – which is not punishment, but simply the spiritual physics of balancing out, regaining equilibrium, in our experiences. For ultimately everything in the universe is about balance and equilibrium, and our own path of soul growth is ultimately about coming full circle back to equilibrium, balance, wholeness in ourselves; coming back to the natural equilibrium of yin and yang that each soul and each part of creation is ultimately about.

Even if we have the conscious awareness that this is how souls learn and grow, it can be painful to sense the potential loss of someone close, the loss of a friendship, a relationship or a family unit. I have felt this personally too. In the last few years I have had to let go of several of my closest soulmates who I have had many hundreds of lives together with, for thousands of years; people who I have had deep soul connections with during long karmic cycles that are now ending. It has not always been easy. There is so much love between close soul friends, even though we may also have challenged each other, sometimes to the extreme, in this life and others. Those deep soul bonds can be very difficult to sever, even when on a human level a relationship or friendship may inevitably be drawing to a close. Even when you feel that you may have grown apart, those deep bonds from hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes can sit so firmly in the heart that you don’t want to let them go. It can trigger deeply embedded wounds of loss and abandonment from our childhood, from earlier relationships and past lives. We may question if this truly is what was meant to happen, or if we have simply messed up so spectacularly that we have lost our loved ones forever. We may be faced with feelings of deep regret, shame and self-loathing for the choices we have made in the past, whether in this life or others. We may not always realise that we were brought together with those soulmates one final time in this life in order to finalise our karmic cycles, balance out karmic debts, complete our soul agreements and help each other one last time in our soul growth. But this is what many people are experiencing in this lifetime, and when we think about it, what deeper love is there than to support each other in our souls’ growth towards a new equilibrium, enlightenment and conscious reconnection to our inner divinity? Is this not love?

So why are so many soul group changes happening right now? As we all know humanity is going through what is often called ‘The Great Shift’, our ‘ascension’, moving up to a higher dimension in our collective consciousness. This is a process that has been going on for a long time already and will still go on for much longer. As souls many of us have been preparing for this for thousands of lifetimes, working towards this period in the history of humanity for tens of thousands of years. We have been through many karmic cycles, working through many themes, in order to get ourselves and our fellow humans ready for this time. Now that the human collective consciousness is changing so rapidly things can often feel very chaotic both internally and externally. Politically, and in every aspect of our society, we have seen much upheaval and a sense of uncertainty – maybe even a feeling that humanity is ‘in free-fall’. This may also be how many people are feeling in their own lives – in free-fall. At the same time we may look at others who seemingly refuse to evolve in the same way as us, who cling to the old ways of thinking and being. Or we may feel that others take a path forward that does not resonate with our own.  My collective of guides and helpers who work through me have talked about these soul group changes as a ‘diversifying of streams of consciousness’, and I feel this is a helpful way of seeing it. Humans are creatures of habit and when we experience great change, chaos and uncertainty about the future we do not always react to this with ease and grace. Therefore, diversifying of the different streams of consciousness provides a broader range of frequencies within the collective consciousness, which actually serves as a kind of ballast, helping us collectively to keep some sense of stability in the storm. When we have more diversity, more ballast, in our collective consciousness we are able to navigate forwards through choppy waters with more balance and equilibrium overall.

So when we look at the diversifying paths of others, we may see that some people choose to raise their consciousness to a higher vibration very rapidly while others will be a bit slower to change. Some will focus on bringing in new and ‘alien’ ideas, technologies, new energies of all kinds; others will focus on helping humanity remember ancient Earth wisdom, natural healing modalities, understanding our history and providing a link to our past; while others again will focus on all the many different aspects of human nature, embodying all the many different things that being human entails – both light and darkness and all the different shades of grey in between. 

This is one of the reasons why so many of us are experiencing changes both within ourselves and in our external world, as we all diversify by moving within and between soul groups, changing our soul’s focus onto new projects, new alliances, new growth. However, leaving old karmic agreements and finishing old soul mate cycles does not mean we cannot still see each other, be friends or acquaintances, relatives, colleagues and so on. We need not cut each other off completely. We may just have to accept that the bonds may loosen, our relationships may change, and our individual focus may redirect onto our new paths. And ultimately, we are all souls who carry the divine within us; we are all of the divine source, we are all one, we are all of love and we all carry love within us. Part of raising our vibrations as humans – individually and as a global family – is inevitably the acceptance that we are all truly in this together; that we build The New Earth on the foundations of collaboration, solidarity, equality, reciprocity, mutuality and peace. But this can only happen if we underpin those foundations with freedom and trust. We know that we need to be the change we want to see in the world – it all starts with ourselves. Therefore, set yourself free and set others free; trust in your own path and trust others with their own paths. Walk forward in acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, faith, gratitude and worthiness – offer these both to yourself and to others. Trust the divine, and trust your own divinity. This is how we create The New Earth. 

My Collective like to communicate to us humans in many ways. Through me they usually work through language and very specific choice of words, but they also often share with me art and music which carry the vibrations they wish to convey. In connection with the topics I have written about here, they wanted me to share with you this music which may resonate and help us to let go of the past, let go of old karmic cycles, let go of our old self, help us find closure, peace and comfort, and to remember that ultimately there is no such thing as loss. At the end of the day there is only love – love is the ultimate truth.
Róisín Murphy – Through Time
Ziggy Marley – Circle of Peace 

..and finally they wanted to add The Human Heart once again.


Multidimensional Energy Bath ‘Opening the Heart to Love’

Saturday 27th January 1pm – 2.30pm
Pure Health, Odstock, Salisbury, SP5 4JB

90 minutes of blissful relaxation in a Healing Space energetically attuned for immersion in the loving, peaceful energies surrounding you, offering deep relaxation, rebalancing and inner peace. The room will be filled with beautiful high-vibrational energy from other dimensions. Crystals are perfectly laid out around the room and sound is brought into the experience as meditative background music or channelled sounding. Intuitively chosen, gentle aura sprays are also used.

All you need to do is lie down and relax. Most people fall into a deeply peaceful state. You may experience healing, insights, visions or just bliss. It doesn’t really matter – each person will have their own experience, and the loving energy is there around you.

Each energy bath has its own theme which I am given by the higher beings – my ‘Collective’ – who work through me. This Saturday’s Energy Bath will revolve around the theme of ‘Opening the Heart to Love’. This is what The Collective say about it:
Opening the heart to love, to fun, to enjoyment, bliss, playfulness; to co-creation through playful exploration in love and mutual understanding. These are the foundations for 2018 and the future beyond. This is about people coming together, working together for a shared purpose, collaborating from the heart. By opening the heart you allow intuition to guide you, by opening the heart you allow your life to be built on love, self-love and compassion for all things. 
The Collective will be there with us to help us open our hearts to all these beautiful things for the future, so we can begin to receive them now.

Yoga mats will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own should you prefer this, or if you feel one mat may be too thin. You may wish to bring a cushion or two with you for extra head support. If you like to have a blanket over you please also bring this. It is recommended that you have a light meal a couple of hours before we start rather than arrive on a full stomach. After the energy bath you may like to have a snack and / or water / juice.  For those who have a tendency to feel ungrounded after meditation it is particularly recommended to bring something to eat and drink after the energy bath as this is a good ‘quick grounding’ tool. Please give yourself sufficient time to adjust back to normal before driving.

Spaces are limited to 8 people and the price is is £20 per person.
Edited: Very happy to say I am now able to fit a total of 10 people into the room very comfortably, so the price could be reduced to £20.
For bookings or questions please contact me.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to give yourself time to get ready and settle down for the experience. It is greatly appreciated if you avoid wearing perfume or other strongly fragranced products. Thank you very much for your help.

Please note this energy bath will not be suitable for anyone experiencing psychotic episodes or other severe mental health issues, states of spiritual emergency, fractured energy field or where there is use of illegal drugs. If in doubt please contact me.



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