Happy Samhain! A new, updated Festival of the Heart with the New Tree of Life!


Dear friends

As we approach the Celtic New Year – Samhain – tomorrow, which was celebrated as a transition between the end of the old agricultural year and the beginning of the new, what better time than today to release a new, updated version of The Festival of the Heart:

The Heart of the Earth – The Heart of Me
The New Tree of Life!

This is a series of 8 recordings that you can use to create your own sacred space of celebration, reflection and transformation at home – a festival in the original sense of the word; sacred ceremony, a day of rituals, a celebratory feast.

I have incorporated the New Tree of Life – the creation of new life, and a new world – into this new version of the Festival of the Heart. You even get a meditation to meet and blend with the spirit of the Tree of Life as it goes through its own transformation into the new version of itself.

The Festival of the Heart still contains more than 90 minutes of inspiring, soothing and intriguing conversation with Zac as channelled by Janet Treloar. Zac – or the ascended master Djwal Khul as he is also known – shares with us his immense wisdom and knowledge about the Earth and nature, about the love relationship between the Earth and humanity, and about the heart and all its amazing, healing, creative and transformational abilities.

He talks about the synergy and coherence between the heart, the soul and the environment around us, he talks about humanity changing and transitioning together at this time and he talks about the challenge and the beautiful potential of ‘becoming love’ – just to name a few of the topics he covered in our conversations.
Below you can listen to a few minutes of each track to get a flavour of some of the experiences this Festival of the Heart can offer you.

I have taken the price right down to only £9.99 (+VAT)

to make it as affordable as possible, and for those of you who bought the original Festival of the Heart earlier this year you should receive an email with access to this new, updated version free of charge. If you don’t receive this automatically please let me know.


Yes, I’d like



Please click on the videos below to play a few minutes of each track.










You can also find all these clips at:


If you would like to help spread the word please feel free to share the link above!


It is my hope that The Festival of the Heart may inspire you, support you, surround you with love and hold you in a space of loving nurture – just like the Earth holds the new seeds in the soil.
Not contained only to this time of year, the Festival of the Heart can be enjoyed and worked with at any time. Why not interact with it in your own creative way?

Perhaps let it inspire you to draw, to paint, to write, to play with the elements of nature? You can use it to hold space for you as you delve into your own inner heart exploration, for reflection, for stillness, for inner peace, or you can listen to it whenever you feel you need a boost of inspiration, new energy, or finding a new balance.

Just like your heart, the Festival of the Heart is flexible.
Let it hold you in its heart space.


I am grateful to my friend Julie Reed for – rather magically – sending me the beautiful painting of the Tree of Life, literally while I was writing the meditation in track 4 ‘The New Tree of Life’. Unbeknownst to Julie, I was creating this new Festival of the Heart and had been wanting to find a new picture for it. When I asked her if I might be able to use her beautiful painting for this new version of the festival which is centred around the new Tree of Life, Julie told me she had painted the tree with me in mind. How lucky am I to have such an amazing, generous and very intuitive friend – and the help of the synchronistic universe in the background. Thank you Julie!



Finally, I wish you a very Happy Samhain – happy Celtic new year!
May the next one bring you much joy, happiness and new growth, a new tree of life in your own life and in the world – together we create the New Earth!

And what better way to wish you a happy Samhain than with this channelled message from Happy Earthling – to all of humanity.

The New Time Has Begun

Joy and sparkles!! Do you see the crystals in the air? The bubbles of joy and love? The pink and orange and yellow bubbles floating around in the air, everywhere? Do you feel the excitement of the new, the bright, the shining, the blessed? It is all here now. It is all around you. Step into that layer, that frequency where all the new and wonderful is currently held. It is there for the taking, it is all there for you now. You have reached a level of consciousness where you are able to access this now, to surround yourself with the vibration of the new, the love of the divine on Earth. You can see it, feel it, and join it if you like! Try it! Pick the fruit! Pick the bubbles of joy and love, the pink and orange and yellow bubbles. Pick them and taste it! The new is here!
This is the future. Help us bring it closer to humanity – to the large majority. By embracing it you help to bring it closer. By stepping into that frequency, and being human on Earth at the same time, you help to anchor it into everyday life on Earth. By aligning with it you help to align it into Earth, deep within, completely entrenched into all life on Earth, all humanity. This is the new, the future, the glorious future. It is here now for you to embrace, to step into, to choose! Choose the new, choose the colours, choose the joy and the freedom, the happiness, the peace, the collaboration, the reciprocity, the sharing and the community spirit. Together you are stronger, more creative, more resilient, more happy! Step into the new and find yourself in a community of people of like mind, of like heart, of like ambitions for the Earth. There are more of you than you think!
See the blessings, the glory, the light all around you. It is there. It is so easy to see now! Let it all be easy. Let it all come to you with ease! No more struggle. No more striving. No more battling. No more wading against the currents. Just flow with the joy, with the light and with the happiness that is all around you in the air, in the ether, in nature, in the animals, in your friends!

We are here always, helping, supporting you, and flowing with you. Allow it all to be seen, to be felt, to be visible to you, all around you, always. For the new time has begun and it is glorious to behold!

New Harmonies


Dear friends
I wonder if you can feel the forces of creation accelerating? In the last few weeks there is one word that has come to mind over and over – flux! Flux comes from the latin word for flow, fluxus.

When we align ourselves with the forces that are creating the new world – the new Tree of Life that I have been referring to in earlier newsletters – we are given so much support and forward flow!

We are – I am tempted to say literally – hitching a ride with the forces of the universe that are creating the new world, the New Earth, the new way of life for humanity. These forces are in a flux now, accelerating and building faster and faster, and when we align ourselves with them we are getting so much help to get to where we want to go.

I have been delighted to see the first group of the new incarnation of Aliya Soul Evolution beginning to form (there are still a few spaces left!), and to connect with so many of you who want to come to the Energy Baths! I am happy to say I have added a second Alchemy Energy Bath on the 31st October – Beltane – so there are a few spaces available if you would like to come (see below).

I have also been thrilled – and in some cases astonished – to witness a flux of profoundly liberating transformations that are taking place in individual sessions with clients.

There are also more launches coming up soon
which I am excited to share with you! As my motto is;
“Together We Create The New Earth”! 💛



One of the things that are new to me now is stepping in front of the camera. With the help of my friend Sharon Bentley from Holistic View I filmed an interview where I talk about Aliya Soul Evolution.

(We also had a fabulously timed guest appearance by Sharon’s black cat who came in when we started talking about magical superpowers and alchemy. 😀)



See our conversation in this video where we talk about:

✦ The unusual and surprising back story of how Aliya Soul Evolution was created and brought into the world by the ascended beings in the 26th dimension, spearheaded by the ascended master Djwal Khul, or Zac as he is already known as to many of you.

✦ How these higher beings in spirit – the Aliya collective – are with us every step of the way; during workshops, individual work and in the daily life of each participant to support, help and uplift everyone.

✦ The structure of the courses, the different modules, how Aliya Soul Evolution works, and how it easily blends into your daily life and gives you both the shared sacred space of the group and also the individual support uniquely tailored to you.

✦ What the bigger picture is for Aliya Soul Evolution and world transformation; how it empowers us to alchemise a new world into being by unlocking, activating and enhancing truly magical superpowers from the higher aspects of your soul self, and bring into human form your soul’s abilities to create and transform beyond anything you could imagine as a human being.

✦ Some examples of how we will put into practice what we learn in each workshop in ways that are fun, enjoyable and life enriching – activities that support and nurture you in your daily life and give you a steady framework for your progress and learning.

✦ Who Aliya Soul Evolution is for, how it can help you, and how it may sometimes resonate with people who feel drawn to the ‘golden ages’ of innovation and expansion like ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia and Mesopotamia, certain mystery traditions or esoteric wisdom, just to name few examples.

✦ How Aliya Soul Evolution can also be seen as a kind of informal, low-threshold modern mystery school that offers both ancient wisdom and mysticism, and new updated, cutting edge channelled information for the modern age. Everything is taught in a way that is easy to understand, while drawing on both scientific and spiritual insights for innovation, transformation and evolution – both in the world and in our own soul evolution.



I have also created a brief taster meditation of 8 minutes where you can feel mother Earth and the Aliya collective carrying you in their soothing energy.
Take a little time out, find a comfortable chair to sink into, or lie down to relax fully, and let yourself be wrapped in love in this little Flower Meditation.
Click on the picture of the tulip above, follow the link, press play ► and enjoy!
You may find the sound quality best with headphones.

If you are interested in finding out more about Aliya Soul Evolution, the course contents, any practicalities around it, or how it may be of benefit to you, please contact me, and you can also read more on the Aliya website here:


If you know of someone you think may be interested please feel free to forward this to them, or simply share on social media.




Due to popular demand, as they say, I have added a second Alchemy Energy Bath on the day of Beltane, the 31st October. At the time of writing there are currently

◇ 3 spaces available on Saturday 24th Oct 11.00 – 12.00

◇ 1 space available on Saturday 31st Oct 11.00 – 12.00

◇ 2 spaces available on Saturday 31st Oct 12.30 – 13.30 please note new time

If you would like to come to any of these please contact me and I will send you all the details, including how we are able to enjoy these energy baths while staying safe and healthy and following regulations.

£25 per person

All bookings must be confirmed and paid in advance.


Finally, I would like to share with you a beautiful and poignant message that one of my clients heard as they tuned in to spirit one evening, and which they have very kindly allowed me to share here. The message “carried a kind of energy” – which sounds like a beautiful experience.

The theatre is changing and the old ways may no longer exist, but new harmonies lie ahead, and departures from the old were inevitable“.


As I read these words I thought of the quote from Shakespeare:
“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.

The world is changing – the theatre is changing – and we are moving on to a new stage (in both meanings of the word). As we move our play to a new stage we take on new roles; as players in the world we are free to leave our old roles behind and choose new ones.

We are beginning a new play on the world stage and we create it together!
I look forward to the new harmonies – hearing them, creating them, playing them, embodying them. Together we create the New Earth!🧡

I am very grateful to my client for sharing this beautiful piece of poetry with me, and for allowing me to share it with you.

…and who knows, perhaps the message was from the great bard himself!

Happy New Moon, friends!



Divine Masculine Energy Bath Saturday 24th October

Dear friends
It has been so nice to receive such positive response to the Alchemy Energy Baths I announced earlier this week, and I am so looking forward to doing energy work in person again in this way.

Following on from that I am delighted to be able to offer an energy bath particularly for the divine masculine energies – whether you are male, identifying predominantly as male or simply feeling more aligned with the masculine energies within yourself.

The divine masculine energy is so needed in the world at the moment, as part of the creation of a new world. However, we may often feel held back from fully pursuing our purpose or mission with the vigour, zest and drive that can achieve anything!

This Energy Bath is an immersion in the energies that will support strong and focussed growth towards our heart’s and soul’s desire and the embodiment of the masculine aspect of the divine on Earth.


What you can expect


The energy bath takes place in a small and light filled studio in Odstock outside Salisbury. It is limited to 4 participants so we have plenty of space between us. All you have to do is lie down, relax and enjoy the energy surrounding you.
An energy bath is a little bit like a sound bath, but you are immersed in loving energies instead of sound. You may feel these energies clearly floating around you or you may simply feel beautifully relaxed. The energies will work with you for your highest good regardless.

The way this this is possible is that I act as a portal for these higher energies to come into our Earthly dimension, and they flow out from my energy field to fill the whole room. I work with a team of higher beings in spirit – ascended masters, angels and many others – and they have, quite unceremoniously, described me as their ‘multidimensional tuning vibrational tool’!😁
This is more a technical explanation of how they can work through me by ‘tuning’ vibrations or frequencies than it is any kind of spiritual flattery for sure, but they know they can have a bit of a humorous and down-to-earth tone with me.😊

In addition to me channelling energies the team of higher beings also work with each person individually, all in accordance with their higher self and their soul’s highest path.
It may be that I will also play some relaxing background music to support the experience, and place some crystals around the room to act as a grid for energies to anchor into. I may also use a natural, subtle room spray infused with herb essences, gem elixirs and similar.

I will be bringing this Divine Masculine card from an oracle card deck called the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle by LON. The energy of this card will also support the transmission of divine masculine energy from other dimensions and blend beautifully and harmoniously with the energy I channel.


This Divine Masculine Energy Bath takes place Saturday 24th Oct at 11am


The energy bath lasts 1 hour and during this time you can fully relax and just enjoy the energy as you lie down and surrender to the loving universe.

All will take place with safe and comfortable distancing and in accordance with hygiene rules ensuring safety for everyone. For all details and to book please contact me, and please make sure to check your junk mail folder if you don’t receive a reply within a day or two. I look forward to hearing from you and I would be delighted if you would like to join me for this energy bath!

£25 per person

All bookings must be confirmed and paid in advance.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you think may be interested!

Individual work
If you would prefer to receive this divine masculine energy immersion on your own in an individual session this is also available. I work with clients in sessions adapted perfectly to each individual every step of the way. The team of higher beings I work with are also very much a part of my individual work too. You are welcome to contact me to find out more. I look forward to hearing from you.

Finally, a little inspiration from my Instagram below. You can find me on instagram.com/beahappyearthling and follow me there for more regular inspiration, thoughts, channelling and general happiness.


…and with that I wish you all a wonderful weekend full of beautiful, golden autumn colour, and miracles abounding!

Returning Magic to Earth – Alchemy Energy Baths are back!

Dear friends
I am delighted to say that Energy Baths are back!

This is an immersion in loving, channelled multidimensional energy from the higher dimensions, helping to soothe, harmonise and bring peace at this time.

Alchemy energy is a type of modern alchemy – alchemy for the new age – which exists in energetic format and interacts with us energetically and spiritually.
It is a form of energy that can only create betterment, works synergistically with the creative forces of the universe and keeps working with us for days, weeks and even months. It is magical in that it works in ways that go beyond our human logic and understanding, but which operate at a level of universal intelligent creation.
Before your immersion in alchemy energy you can send out an intention to the universe to set your trajectory on the highest possible path for you and then surrender to this path forward. The alchemy energy will then help to activate and accelerate this.


The energy bath takes place in a beautiful, light filled studio in Odstock outside Salisbury, and spaces are limited to 4 people. Therefore, if you would like to take part it is advisable to book now.
The energy bath lasts 1 hour and during this time you can fully relax and let the energy work with you while you lie down and surrender to the loving universe.

All will take place with safe and comfortable distancing and in accordance with hygiene rules ensuring safety for everyone.


The first Alchemy Energy Bath is Saturday 17th October 11am.

This is the morning after the big New Moon Supermoon in Libra and is a great time for new beginnings, new intentions and a new and higher path for the future.


For all details and to book please contact me, and please make sure to check your junk mail folder if you don’t receive a reply within a day or two.

£25 per person

All bookings must be confirmed and paid in advance



The next Alchemy Energy Bath will be on Saturday 31st October 11am.
This is the day of Samhain or All Hallows eve, when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. It is also the day of the end of the old agricultural year and the beginning of the new in the old Celtic tradition. Samhain is traditionally a day of marking the release of what has gone before and allowing the old year to die. It is the time of the year when the seeds for next year are deep in the soil and being nurtured by the Earth, being alchemised for the miracle of germination, birth and growth that is to come.

This Samhain happens to fall on a Full Moon, the full moon in the Earth sign Taurus, a beautiful synchronistic amplification of the symbolism of the seed being alchemised by the Earth. If you wanted to you could utilise the alchemy energy also for the greater good of the Earth. The more love and alchemy the better! There is more than enough to go around for everyone and everything.

If you would like to join me for an Alchemy Energy Bath on Samhain I would be delighted and honoured to share the space with you.

£25 per person

All bookings must be confirmed and paid in advance.





I think now is a good time to share with you this channelled message from the Egyptian goddess Isis – the goddess of love, magic, fertility, the moon and many other domains.

She spoke this message to me in 2015, foretelling the returning of magic to Earth. The magic she spoke of is the Alchemy of the New Age – modern alchemy.

Returning Magic to Earth
There have been many times on Earth when magic has flourished.
Many of you have knowledge of this and it is time to allow the re-awakening. There have been many golden ages of magic; the ancient Egypt was one such period which I myself am very familiar with, of course.

When I say magic I use the term as you humans would. Of course, it is simply a way of working with energy. It consists of focussing your thought and willpower in such a way that you can create energetic realities that are not the predominant state of existence on Earth. It may seem to defy the laws of physics, the laws of nature on Earth, and to an extent this could be said to be true. However, remember that the normal state of physics on Earth is simply a default – it is not the only possibility. So when we talk about magic it is really as simple as working with energy in a way that lies outside of the default ‘normality’ on Earth.

However, we like the word magic. It has a vibration that feels inspirational, wonderful – it carries the promise of something out of the ordinary, something exciting, and excitement and fun and inspiration are always good for lifting the spirit! So we shall use the word magic in the best possible sense.

There have been times when human societies were largely friendly, peaceful, loving and caring. People tended to respect one another and live in harmony.  During such times magic has been more easily accessible on Earth. The higher vibrations were simply more conducive to people’s ability to work with their energy in such a way.

There have, of course, also been others here who are not fully human, rather they had one foot in humanity and one foot in other lineages not from Earth. These others often had greater abilities to work ‘magically’ and also more knowledge of how to do this. They sometimes taught humans about this – how to work with energy in a way that would benefit the planet and her inhabitants, and often these others also took on roles as priests or priestesses, energy workers of many types, where they worked with energy for the benefit of humanity. They were often found in temples and sacred places. They helped humans develop their societies, they helped to stabilise weather systems, they helped increase fertility in the soil and they helped in times of conflict between tribes and peoples. Much of the knowledge of the shamans derived from this.

As I said, these golden ages of magic have largely coincided with times of relative peace and harmony, however there have also been some periods where magic has been accessed widely despite great suffering occurring on Earth. You have heard of black magic of course, and this is the use of such powers for destructive purposes. In your closest history there was a period around the 1300-1400s when magic of both kinds was allowed to flourish.

This was an experiment to see how humans would use their powers in times of great turmoil and suffering, big changes throughout society and with many living in fear, pain and poverty. There was much going on then, both within the religious and governing establishment. There was widespread suppression from both state and church, and people’s lives changed dramatically in the course of a few hundred years. Societies changed, laws changed, demographics changed, belief systems changed, what you call science spread and adapted and got a stronger foothold in many societies. We would not call this a golden age of magic – there was too much suffering for that, but there was certainly widespread use of it, and a strong belief in it. It caused much suffering and destruction and eventually it had to peter out. Of course there were also those who used their powers for good magic, but these were often persecuted, tortured and slain, while those who used it for darker forces often were able to cause much destruction.

We would not like to see a return to those times. It was not desirable to anyone. However, we trust in you humans who are on Earth now; we know that as a society you have learnt much. Your understanding of history and of human nature includes the knowledge of how humans can become destructive.
You have much wisdom in that respect. You have learnt much from the last thousand years of conflicts, wars, political games, human suffering and trauma; your understanding of how a good person can become destructive is comprehensive. Your understanding of the importance of spreading power between several institutions or ‘power bases’ in order to maintain a balance of power means that you are alert to the threats to democracy. You have a determination that ‘never again’ shall the world see such wars as those you went through in the 20th century.

By and large humanity, the great masses, yearn for a more peaceful, harmonious world where poverty no longer exists, where power, wealth and resources are balanced out evenly among the population; where respect, sharing, and community are truly the keystones.

Because of this we believe that you can be entrusted with greater powers to work with energy outside the conventions of earthly physics.

Magic can safely return.

From happy-earthling.org/returning-magic-to-earth/

And with those words from the goddess I wish you a golden, alchemical October full of light, hope, love and a path on your highest and happiest trajectory for the future.



The Festival of The Heart! Digital alchemy for a New Earth



Dear friends
The Festival of the Heart is here, in its new, transformed and alchemised form!
As we enter the new era, reorient our lives and are ready to start new adventures, take on new responsibilities, play new roles, expand our energy into the new Earth, here is my offering to you.

The festival of the Heart has been alchemised into becoming a world in itself, a world I have created for the transition from the old into the new, a world for exploration, transformation, adventure; for helping you set your sails towards the new – on the highest possible path, with the highest possible potential, with the highest possible love, peace and harmony.

Together we create The New Earth – this is true, and as we spread our wings across the world, together we can alchemise the old Earth into the new. 

The World of the Festival of the Heart is a world of the alchemy of love. Just like in your heart, there are many hidden treasures here. The clues will reveal themselves to you when you look and listen with your heart.

There is alchemy for the past and alchemy for the future. There is the alchemy of freedom, the alchemy of harmony and the alchemy of peace.

But more than anything, there is the alchemy of The New Earth.


You can listen to the first track here


In my original description of the Festival of the Heart I wrote:

The heart has the magical, alchemical ability to transform the past into a force for new growth, new directions, new beginnings; to transform challenging experiences into wisdom; and ultimately to transform pain into love. There is no limit to what we can achieve when we set our hearts free, when we allow the heart to work its magic.

Throughout millennia, humanity has celebrated the forces of the heart – renewal, regeneration, rebirth, new life – in many different ways. Just as we are part of the cyclical, regenerating ecosystems of the Earth, so is our heart – both literally and figuratively – from the physical renewal and re-oxygenation of our blood, to the processing, transmutation and new growth of our inner emotional landscape. The transformative alchemy of our heart mirrors the transformative alchemy of nature.

So this year the theme for the Festival of the Heart is
‘The Heart of the Earth – The Heart of Me’

Drawn from the spirit of the ancient Mesopotamian festivals of spring, celebrating their New Year – the end of an old agricultural cycle and the beginning of a new – the Festival of the Heart 2020 is a contemporary celebration of the power of the heart to take the remnants of the past and from that create new life, new inspiration, new joy, new adventures!


This is still true, and in the World of the Festival of the Heart we go back in time to the ancient Levant, to the ancient Mesopotamia, to a past that holds the seeds of potential for the deepest, truest alchemy for the future; through our deep soul remembering we can reconnect to the alchemy of the soul, the alchemy of the heart and the alchemy of the Earth.


The Festival of the Heart consists of 6 tracks:

  1. The World of the Festival of the Heart
  2. The Goddess’s Story
  3. The Gardens
  4. The Ancient Heart Alchemist – Part 1
  5. The Ancient Heart Alchemist – Part 2
  6. The New Earth

    Total running time is 4 hours.

    With me on this journey I have had my good friend Janet Treloar who channelled the Ancient Heart Alchemist himself – Zac (Djwal Khul) in a long, powerful, inspiring and intriguing conversation with me about
    ✧ co-creating with the Earth
    ✧receiving the Earth’s secrets for the future
    ✧how nature perceives itself and humanity
    ✧ about our relationship with nature and its inherent potentials
    ✧ about the powerful transformative abilities of the heart
    ✧  the creative synergy between the heart and the soul
    ✧ the power (and challenge) of becoming love
    ✧ co-creating a New Earth…..
    ….and much more!

I hope you will enjoy entering into The World of The Festival of The Heart!


Even the price has to have an element of alchemy in it – naturally!

The standard price is

but if you enter the magical codeword
in the discount box you get the Festival of the Heart for only



Yes I would like



Finally, I would like to share with you this channelled message I was given a couple of months ago. It speaks of the new era and this new world we are co-creating. 

There is a new world coming. There is a new time coming. It is full of the promise of spring.
There is joy to be found in it. There is peace to be found in it.
There is love to be found in it.

All the hardship of the past will be over.
All the struggle of the past will be over.
All the disappointment of the past will be over.

There is a new dawn coming. A new dawn on humanity, on Earth.
A new dawn forever.
The dawn of life, the dawn of new life.
No more will suffering prevail, no more with hardship prevail, no more will the cycles of trauma prevail.

The pain of the past will be no more.
The loneliness of the past will be no more.
The futility of the past will be no more.
The broken dreams of the past will be no more.

A new dawn is coming.
A new spring is coming.

I look forward to you joining me in The World of The Festival of The Heart! 
Together we will go back in time, and into the future.

Together we Create The New Earth!



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