July update

Dear friends
You may have looked at my blog and thought “She’s gone a bit quiet recently”. Yes I have, and little did I know at the start of the year how the first six months would develop. However, let me reassure you that all is well and I am still progressing in my work – only in a different way.
You may have experienced some big changes yourself recently, and realised that life has taken you to places you didn’t foresee. Well, that has certainly been my experience this year, and that’s why I’ve had to change tack a little, change the way I work, and just listen to my guidance and go with the flow. And what a flow that is! I heartily recommend it!
In hindsight I am quite glad I didn’t see everything coming. Like many people I have lost a dear family member this year, which of course affected my planned work schedule. But the biggest change for me personally has actually been the transformation from one era to the next in my own life. It isn’t even a change of chapter – it’s definitely a new era! I don’t think I could ever have imagined how exhausting a change of era could be but I eventually had to accept that even with my usual firepower and extra energy reserves I had to cut back on commitments and just get some time out and adapt to my new focus and flow. So that’s what I have been doing recently.

As I’m sure you have all heard many times, this is a time of well and truly leaving behind the old and welcoming the new. And I’m sure you have felt this yourself on several levels. Like many others I had been through much of that already in the last five years as part of my personal development and spiritual learning, but this time it was very much at a soul group level. I believe many of us are changing soul groups at this time, or have done in the last year or so. Or rather, soul groups have been splitting up into new groups, and soul alliances have come to an end and new ones have formed (and are still forming). There has been a mighty shift in soul groups globally, where souls are moving beyond their old focus and into new and different streams of consciousness. This is simply part of the evolution of humanity and of course our individual evolution. This can sometimes feel dramatic, sometimes people leave us through death and sometimes people leave our sphere, our lives, to move onto other chapters of their lives. And we move onto our own new chapters.
All this soul group rearranging has a wider purpose, for we are all on our own paths and our own streams of consciousness. For myself, I am certainly continuing my work but it will take different forms, which I am still exploring and developing. In order to find the time and focus to do this I have had to cut back a lot on the day-to-day work with clients, and the talks and energy baths and so on. I plan to be back with more, but at the moment I am in the flow of creation of new and exciting writing that will be evolving and crystallising into more specific, down-to-Earth formats in their own time – ALIYA Soul Evolution is still getting bigger and better, for instance.

In the mean time please take a look at this lovely channelled message from only a couple of days ago. I think it conveys what we all need now in this volcanic fire energy summer, full of global turmoil, and perhaps also on a personal level sometimes.
There are also still more than 60 channelled texts freely available on my old channelling blog Happy Earthling which I encourage you to explore for inspiration, enlightenment and some high vibes, and I’m also regularly on Twitter and Instagram so please do join me there!

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