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Being on a mission to join in the creation of a peaceful, harmonious and healthy planet I have always felt strongly that we all need what I like to call ‘Healing Spaces’. We humans need healing spaces, animals need healing spaces and nature needs healing spaces. These are spaces that offer safety from threats, stress, fear, toxins, undermining and negative influences of all kinds. These could be nature reserves, pesticide-free wildlife areas, or other protected and healthy spaces. As we create more healing spaces we contribute to building peace, harmony and health on Earth for all her creatures.

As human beings in the modern world we need such spaces to withdraw to; safe spaces where we can rebalance, recover, develop freely, think freely, heal, thrive and grow. In my work I see all sides of the human being, the physical, mental / emotional and spiritual, and I believe the best healing spaces accommodate all these aspects of us.

I work in a variety of ways to create healing spaces, depending on the circumstances and the client’s requirements. I draw on my academic background as well as my ability to work with energy in many ways, including channelling energy, so that I can create healing spaces for all the different aspects of us – mind, body and spirit.

Healing Spaces for the body
The House Detox® is my protocol for creating a health-promoting living environment that supports the body’s inherent ability to heal and rebalance. In reduces unhealthy influences from our everyday environment that may undermine these natural processes in the body.

A House Detox® may include

  • Minimising your daily exposure to harmful chemicals, and introducing safe alternatives
  • Reducing hazardous forms of radiation / electromagnetic fields
  • Eradicating mould problems
  • Creating a hypoallergenic environment (if you have allergies)
  • Improving air and water quality

Each House Detox® is tailored to the client’s circumstances, and may include focus on things such as decorating materials, textiles, furniture, mattresses, food storage containers, cooking equipment, air fresheners, water filters, cleaning products and methods, cosmetics, lightbulbs, wireless signals and much more. Everyone benefits from a House Detox®, including our pets, but it may be of particular importance to those with young children, or pre-conception / during pregnancy, as well as anyone with allergies, sensitivities or other ongoing health problems. The environment around us affects our health and wellbeing more than we usually realise. A House Detox®  contributes to creating  a safe space that facilitates healthy growth and natural healing processes, and helps us to thrive, blossom and find our optimal equilibrium.

A House Detox® is also a very good way to help detox our beautiful planet by reducing the amount of chemical and radiation pollution that enters the natural eco-system.

Healing Spaces for the mind & spirit
This offers a wide range of opportunities to create energy spaces for particular purposes. Together we work out what may be most optimal for the client, taking into account any problem areas in the house, their situation in general and what they would like to achieve. Depending on the client’s location, their concerns or particular needs and wishes this may include

  • Space clearing, removing heavy, disruptive or unhelpful energies from a particular part of the building or the whole property
  • Bringing in new, high-vibrational energy optimised for the particular client
  • Improving ‘earth energy’ from the ground below the building and surrounding land
  • Working with energy from nature, such as nearby trees, or with crystals
  • Suggestions to improve colours, light conditions, noise pollution etc; the visual, auditory or spatial experience of the environment

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