End of old cycles

Dear friends
As you may remember from my July update I talked about how there are many changes happening within and between soul groups, how people are moving into new soul groups and leaving others, sometimes through physical death, sometimes through relationship breakups, sometimes simply through a loosening of emotional ties in friendships and family dynamics. My own experience of this I described as a ‘change of era’, and how I am going with that flow, allowing it to happen, without being able to fully see the landscape or the destination. I think this may resonate with many people. More and more of us have become aware of changes in our lives, changes in our friendships, relationships or family dynamics. We may have felt them coming for months or even years. We may have felt confused, upset and even terrified. On a deeper level we can often feel the inevitable coming and it may feel inexplicable – a sense that something has changed, but what? What went wrong? How did we end up here?

We may not have an awareness of soul groups, soulmates and soul agreements. We may not be aware that our souls choose to work on different ‘projects’ or themes for many lives, often hundreds of lifetimes. Our agreements with other souls in our soul groups help us to progress in this work, to achieve the goals we set ourselves as souls. We meet up in many lifetimes in order to help each other in our progress of learning, experiencing and soul growth. We build strong relationships with our soulmates who walk with us through these cycles, and we inevitably accumulate karma – which is not punishment, but simply the spiritual physics of balancing out, regaining equilibrium, in our experiences. For ultimately everything in the universe is about balance and equilibrium, and our own path of soul growth is ultimately about coming full circle back to equilibrium, balance, wholeness in ourselves; coming back to the natural equilibrium of yin and yang that each soul and each part of creation is ultimately about.

Even if we have the conscious awareness that this is how souls learn and grow, it can be painful to sense the potential loss of someone close, the loss of a friendship, a relationship or a family unit. I have felt this personally too. In the last few years I have had to let go of several of my closest soulmates who I have had many hundreds of lives together with, for thousands of years; people who I have had deep soul connections with during long karmic cycles that are now ending. It has not always been easy. There is so much love between close soul friends, even though we may also have challenged each other, sometimes to the extreme, in this life and others. Those deep soul bonds can be very difficult to sever, even when on a human level a relationship or friendship may inevitably be drawing to a close. Even when you feel that you may have grown apart, those deep bonds from hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes can sit so firmly in the heart that you don’t want to let them go. It can trigger deeply embedded wounds of loss and abandonment from our childhood, from earlier relationships and past lives. We may question if this truly is what was meant to happen, or if we have simply messed up so spectacularly that we have lost our loved ones forever. We may be faced with feelings of deep regret, shame and self-loathing for the choices we have made in the past, whether in this life or others. We may not always realise that we were brought together with those soulmates one final time in this life in order to finalise our karmic cycles, balance out karmic debts, complete our soul agreements and help each other one last time in our soul growth. But this is what many people are experiencing in this lifetime, and when we think about it, what deeper love is there than to support each other in our souls’ growth towards a new equilibrium, enlightenment and conscious reconnection to our inner divinity? Is this not love?

So why are so many soul group changes happening right now? As we all know humanity is going through what is often called ‘The Great Shift’, our ‘ascension’, moving up to a higher dimension in our collective consciousness. This is a process that has been going on for a long time already and will still go on for much longer. As souls many of us have been preparing for this for thousands of lifetimes, working towards this period in the history of humanity for tens of thousands of years. We have been through many karmic cycles, working through many themes, in order to get ourselves and our fellow humans ready for this time. Now that the human collective consciousness is changing so rapidly things can often feel very chaotic both internally and externally. Politically, and in every aspect of our society, we have seen much upheaval and a sense of uncertainty – maybe even a feeling that humanity is ‘in free-fall’. This may also be how many people are feeling in their own lives – in free-fall. At the same time we may look at others who seemingly refuse to evolve in the same way as us, who cling to the old ways of thinking and being. Or we may feel that others take a path forward that does not resonate with our own.  My collective of guides and helpers who work through me have talked about these soul group changes as a ‘diversifying of streams of consciousness’, and I feel this is a helpful way of seeing it. Humans are creatures of habit and when we experience great change, chaos and uncertainty about the future we do not always react to this with ease and grace. Therefore, diversifying of the different streams of consciousness provides a broader range of frequencies within the collective consciousness, which actually serves as a kind of ballast, helping us collectively to keep some sense of stability in the storm. When we have more diversity, more ballast, in our collective consciousness we are able to navigate forwards through choppy waters with more balance and equilibrium overall.

So when we look at the diversifying paths of others, we may see that some people choose to raise their consciousness to a higher vibration very rapidly while others will be a bit slower to change. Some will focus on bringing in new and ‘alien’ ideas, technologies, new energies of all kinds; others will focus on helping humanity remember ancient Earth wisdom, natural healing modalities, understanding our history and providing a link to our past; while others again will focus on all the many different aspects of human nature, embodying all the many different things that being human entails – both light and darkness and all the different shades of grey in between. 

This is one of the reasons why so many of us are experiencing changes both within ourselves and in our external world, as we all diversify by moving within and between soul groups, changing our soul’s focus onto new projects, new alliances, new growth. However, leaving old karmic agreements and finishing old soul mate cycles does not mean we cannot still see each other, be friends or acquaintances, relatives, colleagues and so on. We need not cut each other off completely. We may just have to accept that the bonds may loosen, our relationships may change, and our individual focus may redirect onto our new paths. And ultimately, we are all souls who carry the divine within us; we are all of the divine source, we are all one, we are all of love and we all carry love within us. Part of raising our vibrations as humans – individually and as a global family – is inevitably the acceptance that we are all truly in this together; that we build The New Earth on the foundations of collaboration, solidarity, equality, reciprocity, mutuality and peace. But this can only happen if we underpin those foundations with freedom and trust. We know that we need to be the change we want to see in the world – it all starts with ourselves. Therefore, set yourself free and set others free; trust in your own path and trust others with their own paths. Walk forward in acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, faith, gratitude and worthiness – offer these both to yourself and to others. Trust the divine, and trust your own divinity. This is how we create The New Earth. 

My Collective like to communicate to us humans in many ways. Through me they usually work through language and very specific choice of words, but they also often share with me art and music which carry the vibrations they wish to convey. In connection with the topics I have written about here, they wanted me to share with you this music which may resonate and help us to let go of the past, let go of old karmic cycles, let go of our old self, help us find closure, peace and comfort, and to remember that ultimately there is no such thing as loss. At the end of the day there is only love – love is the ultimate truth.
Róisín Murphy – Through Time
Ziggy Marley – Circle of Peace 

..and finally they wanted to add The Human Heart once again.


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