Aliya Soul Evolution

My ALIYA Soul Evolution courses offer a comprehensive extension to your own personal spiritual development as well as a framework for learning in a group setting. Ultimately this is about deep awakening, deep liberation, deep truth, inner soul reconnection and evolution into mastery. Through this we also work towards developing awareness of our multidimensionality and our ability to work constructively with this, including working with energy in a variety of ways both within ourselves and outside of us. This is part of our evolution into a new and higher consciousness and a peaceful, free and heart-aligned existence on Earth; this is how we co-create ‘The New Earth’.

ALIYA Soul Evolution begins with a foundation course which all advanced courses build on. After completing the foundation course you are welcome to any of the advanced courses, which include new and pioneering information, techniques and experiences. The foundation course sets you up to be able to receive this and work with it.

The foundation course is divided into three modules:
1. Liberation from the past
2. Transformation for the future
3. Aligning the self for ascension – the evolution of the soul

The higher beings who work with us through ALIYA describe the process through the three modules with this illustration:
“Imagine a young plant that is being smothered by weeds. The liberation process is about removing the weeds and freeing the plant. The transformation process is about the plant being free to stretch up towards the sun and the sky, straighten up and become stronger and more self-supporting, re-aligning its stem and limbs, and the ascension process is about the plant fully thriving, blossoming, growing tall and strong and proud and invincible.”

ALIYA Soul Evolution has been called ‘a mystery school for the modern human being’, and this is a good description. You could say it is a 21st Century reincarnation of the ancient Greek, Persian and Egyptian mystery schools, as well as the European Earth wisdom traditions. However, in contrast to its ancient counterparts, ALIYA is not a secret society, exclusive religious order or sect. It was created for the modern down-to-earth, free-thinking person who wants to explore and learn with an open mind, and follow their own intuition about what resonates with them individually.

For more information please click on the picture below to go to the ALIYA website.

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